"History v its flickering lamp stumbles follow me the trace of the past, do the efforts to rebuild its scenes, come revive the echoes, and kindle with pale gleams the passion of previous days." --Winston Churchill

Being one of the many successful franchises in the NFL over the past couple of decades, I believed it appropriate to take it a closer look at the glory work (1990s) and also some the the best players in Denver Broncos history.

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I feel that many of the Broncos ~ above this list come native the exact same era—that 1990s run. Ns wish I can have sprinkled in a couple of more oldies, however, in my opinion, many of the Broncos" ideal played because that the team in the 1990s.

So, let us take a look ago at the top ten Broncos of every time, and try to find strength in the fact that - us - at least used to be good.

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(In no specific order...)

Mark Schlereth—Number 69 to be a an effective bodyguard for man Elway as soon as they winner their 2 Super Bowls. Exciting fact about him is the he would certainly piss himself on the field if he had actually to go. "I"m currently miserable, my knee hurt, my ago hurts, I"m no gonna organize it in." (Very slightly paraphrased)

John Lynch—Hard to placed him ~ above the list because of his restricted time in Denver. Plus that will constantly be remembered as more of a Tampa guy. Nevertheless a blast to watch and also a vast momentum changer in ~ the safety position. Personally, among my favorite Broncos of every time.

Tom Jackson—Played 191 games for the Denver Broncos. Member the the famous "Orange to like Defense". What a player...

Louis Wright—A member the the 1970s All-Decade Team, this cornerback to be the definition of a shutdown cornerback. Played because that the Broncos because that 11 years and while a good cover man, light was recognized for his punishing access time on the edge.

Karl Mecklenburg—Amassed 79.5 sacks in his career. A great Bronco from the under appreciated 1980s Denver squad. Also played in 6 Pro-Bowls... Not poor for a 12th round pick out that Minnesota.

Ryan Clady—Only his second year in the NFL yet he is one of the best left tackles in the league and also I job that he will be one of the every time an excellent Broncos if the is no traded.

Bill Romanowski—A good linebacker for the Broncos once they won your two directly Super Bowls. The did have some character issues though.

Elvis Dumervil—An up-and-coming sack artist for the Broncos. Has constantly been talented, but because being moved to his much more natural place of outside linebacker in the 3-4 scheme, he has exploded ~ above the scene with 17 sacks in a solitary season. Might be a stretch to make this list just yet, however the future because that this Hound Dog looks bright.

Rick Upchurch—A reciever and more notably, a return-specialist because that the Broncos. Tape-recorded eight punt returns for touchdowns and also is a member of both the 1970s and 1980s All-Decade Teams.

Howard Griffith—A fullback who came to Denver in 1997 once they to be on the cusp that a Super key season, and he assisted push them over the top with the substantial holes he created Terrell Davis.

Neil Smith—A phenomenal protective end, won two Super Bowls v Denver, yet the bulk of his career was played in ~ Kansas City. Wouldn"t be best to placed him in the top 10.

Dan Reeves—Sure, that was never ever able to obtain it done when it mattered most as the Broncos head coach. And also him and Elway didn"t have the ideal relationship. However, there is no Dan Reeves, possibly Elway never comes to Denver in 1983.

Ed McCaffrey—Think Fred Biletnikoff... This male was the ultimate receiving threat. There is not lot else you need to say about the guy.

This video clip is the only video clip I will certainly embed in this slideshow. The pat 24 secs will forever it is in engraved in mine memory. Ns was eight years old, living in Norway, whereby it was very hard to uncover the Super bowl televised. It to be the first Super bowl I can specifically mental watching, and this play to be the cherry on optimal for me.


He never ever taped up for a game with the Denver Broncos. He never donned a helmet or shoulder pads in Mile High. The does, however, deserve a distinct spot ~ above this list for being the greatest Broncos coach the all-time.

He finished his career through the Broncos at 146-95. That led the Broncos to back-to-back Super key wins.

There is no coach in the NFL that has ever been far better at snagging late-round and cost-free agent talent than Shanahan. (Terrell Davis, stick Smith, Shannon Sharpe, note Schlereth, etc.)

No coach has ever before posted an ext wins in a three-year duration than this man—46 from 1996-1998.

Favorite quote: "You can"t see? it don"t issue we just need girlfriend in there otherwise castle won"t believe we are gonna run it."—Talking come Terrell Davis


A record ten-time agree Bowl corner back with 48 interceptions and also counting. Champ Bailey deserves to be well-known as among Denver"s all-time great defenders.

Champ make an interception top top his an initial ever play together a Denver Bronco... Talk about an immediate impact player.

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He is just one of the most feared corners in the league and is also known because that his tough tackles top top the edge. When his production has dropped in the past couple of years, he will certainly be Canton-bound once he choose to retire.

Favorite quote: "I"m choose the FAA, all flights closed to mine side." (This is mine favorite sporting activities quote of all time. He claimed it right before playing the Patriots in 2008. He came before to hold Randy Moss come 0 catches in the very first half before coming the end of the video game with a hamstring injury.)