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Hoping to gather "round the TV for a fun household movie night? look no additional than Amazon element Video.

The streaming business is invited with famous titles because that viewers of all ages. Even if it is you"re searching for a superhero origin story for the tweens, longing because that a comedy for the young ones, or in search of a fantasy that"s guranteed to please them all, Prime video has acquired you covered.

Check the end at every the best family-friendly films streaming cost-free with her Prime video clip subscription below.

1. Just how to Train her Dragon (2010)


This stunning fantasy film tells that a fifteen-year-old Viking called Hiccup who hopes to come to be a dragon slayer also though he"s thought about to be as well weak. However, after ~ befriending a secret Night Fury, the starts to concern his tribe’s age-old tradition of dragon hunting.

How to Train your Dragon is beautifully animated, heartfelt, and surprisingly layered. It’s one of those story that will certainly enchant maturation viewers just as easily as it will captivate the kids. And though you’ll need to look elsewhere for the equally lauded movie sequels, you deserve to start the adventure on prime Video.

How come watch: how to Train her Dragon is now included cost-free with element Video.

2. The Avengers (2012)


Just since you don’t have actually Disney+ doesn’t mean you can not stream Marvel’s first big ensemble superhero quit film.

In The Avengers, Iron male (Robert Downey Jr.), Captain America (Chris Evans), Hulk (Mark Ruffalo), black color Widow (Scarlett Johansson), Thor (Chris Hemsworth), and Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) come with each other to loss Loki, the God the Mischief, after that attempts to conquer the world with the power of the Tesseract.

If it’s to be a while due to the fact that you’ve watched the opened Avengers installment, it could time to revisit. It has all the best features of a huge blockbuster movie consisting of showy unique effects, an engaging cast, and a high-stakes story. The the perfect means to end up off her summer the streaming.

How come watch: The Avengers is now included complimentary with element Video.

3. Shrek (2001)


A fairy tales parody the is hilarious native the moment it dram Smash Mouth’s “All Star?” Yes, please.

In case you didn’t prosper up v Shrek yourself, the movie is around an ogre who renders a attend to the angry Lord Farquaad ~ his peaceful existence is bind on by an eccentric group of fairy tales characters; If Shrek can carry Princess Fiona earlier to Farquaad therefore she can end up being his bride, the ruler will send Shrek’s new neighbors out of his swamp. However, many obstacles including a "fierce" dragon, a snarky Robin Hood, and his very own self-doubts lied in the way.

Though Shrek’s visuals were plainly brought come life virtually two years ago, the fast-paced humor and compelling blog post withstand the test of time.

How come watch: Shrek is currently included cost-free with element Video.

4. Troop Zero (2019)


If you’re needing miscellaneous funny and also fresh, take a pilgrimage to this Amazon Studios original movie.

Set in 1977 Georgia, convoy Zero adheres to a girl (Mckenna Grace) who hopes to one day make it to outer space. After learning that the winner of a Birdie reconnaissance talent display will obtain to be taped on NASA"s gold Record — which will certainly be launched right into the skies via Voyager — she gets with each other a group of misfits come strive for the prize.

The comedy-drama film is complete of charm and, despite the story is simple, it"s well-acted. After all, it has actually Viola Davis and also Allison Janney in supporting roles. So who can complain?

How come watch: convoy Zero is now included free with prime Video.

5. Rango (2011)

If one animated west sounds funny to you, Rango is her movie.

It complies with a pet chameleon (Johnny Depp) who, after falling out of his owners" vehicle in Nevada, winds increase in the sleepy town of Dirt. Here, that quits blending in and steps up as the outpost"s newest sheriff.

The film"s voice-work is top-notch, as is the creative premise and also riveting animations. This had actually it scoring lot of awards, including ideal Animated feature at the Oscars.

How to watch: Rango is currently included free with element Video.

6. Shaun the lamb - The Movie (2015)

Is the Shaun the lamb Movie really the good? Yes. Yes, the is. Just ask the film"s 99% rating ~ above Rotten Tomatoes.

The stop-motion adventure comedy watch the titular lamb taking his flock to the city in wishes of bringing their amnesiac farmer earlier to Mossy Bottom Farm.

It"s simple, it"s innocent, and it"s several fun. Shaun the lamb proves the you don"t need heavy dialogue — just charisma — to make an animation film feeling lively.

How to watch: Shaun the sheep - The Movie is currently included cost-free with prime Video.

7. Star Trek beyond (2016)

Need a family film far better suited for tweens and also teens? Don"t look past Star Trek Beyond.

This sci-fi installment has the crew the the USS companies crash-landing on an uncharted planet after being struck by the lizard-like Krall (Idris Elba) and also his swarm. This has Captain Kirk (Chris Pine), Spock (Zachary Quinto), and also their crew members in search of a means to fight versus the aliens and also get away.

Star Trek beyond is well-acted and also directed, visually impressive, and loaded v energy-filled action sequences. This renders it easy to continue to be entertained, also if friend haven"t watched the films that come prior to this one.

How to watch: Star Trek past is currently included complimentary with element Video.

8. The secret of NIMH (1982)

There"s a special sort of warmth come Don Bluth animations — prefer The Land before Time and An American Tail — that leaves them enchanting years after their initial release. And also Bluth"s directorial debut, The secret of NIMH, does no deviate indigenous these familiar feelings.

The dark fantasy has ar mouse Mrs. Brisby seeking assist from a nest of rats after her son drops ill through pneumonia. That is multifaceted themes, creative visuals, and also compelling narrative provides it a stand-out.

How to watch: The secret of NIMH is now included complimentary with prime Video.

9. Captain America: The very first Avenger (2011)

The Avengers isn"t the just Marvel movie camping the end on prime Video. There"s additionally Captain America, which has actually Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) attempting to prevent Red Skull (Hugo Weaving) from people domination best after that buffs up through a dose of "Super-Soldier Serum."

The 1940s setup helps different the movie from other superhero access time of the 2010s, and also its story is engaging because that viewers of all ages.

Also, kris Evans. Kris Evans. Need we to speak more?

How come watch: Captain America: The an initial Avenger is currently included free with prime Video.

10. Ernest and also Celestine (2012)

You most likely haven"t seen Ernest & Celestine. The film was released in France in 2012, and also though it received an English dub in 2014, it to be overshadowed through other animation movies — like Frozen — which to be still speak high turn off of that is success at the time.

However, just because Ernest & Celestine is no a grand CGI computer animation doesn"t average it"s precious skipping over. Because with storybook-like visuals and also a friendship-filled story, the movie offers off the feel of one old-fashioned movie you"ll desire to warm up to.

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The comedy-drama watch a human being in which, be separated by fear, the rodents live underground and the bear live aboveground. However, rather of eating Celestine (Mackenzie Foy) ~ stumbling into her, musician be affected by each other Ernest (Forest Whitaker) teams up with the mouse to finish their varying agendas. Unfortunately, this likewise forces lock to run from the police together.