Americans love your food. Even if it is it is eating in or dining out, people throughout the 50 claims eat well in regards to quantity and variety. According to CNBC, the median American family spends an mean of $3,008 per year dining the end away from house each year.

Food festivals space a an excellent way to find new foods, flavors, and favorites. The United says is house to a variety of food festivals, but only a select few can be called amazing. Right here is a look in ~ the 10 best food festivals in the US.

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Best Food Festivals in the USA

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Chicago hosts a number of huge and tiny food festivals throughout the year. But the Taste of Chicago food festival is the main event champion that the midway.

Taste the Chicago isn’t simply a major Chicago event, however it is just one of the greatest food festivals in the US. An estimated 1.5 million human being attended the 2018 edition.

The occasion stretches for 5 long, food glorious days. The festival takes ar in downtown Chicago v food stalls positioned along the lakefront.

Foodies will find a plethora that pop-up restaurants, food trucks, and also celebrity chief dining experiences.

The festival takes place in mid-July, and also it is perfect because that foodies that want an eclectic array of munchies.

Address: 337 E Randolph Dr, Chicago, IL 60601

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Over 10,000 foodies descend top top the brand-new Orleans wine & Food Experience. It is a mecca of food and society that brings civilization together in the large Easy.

among the great aspects that the food festival is the all proceeds go to support several organizations.

Foodies get an impressive four-day food suffer in brand-new Orleans. The festival no only has actually world-class food and wine top top the menu, but there are likewise cooking great visitors can attend.

Address: 1307 Oretha lock Haley Blvd Suite 303F, new Orleans, LA 70113

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The Eat Drink SF food festival is a decade old, yet it proceeds to introduce new attendees to world-class restaurants.

The festival is perfect for foodies who love a tiny bit that wine with their meals. The Eat Drink SF fest is great due come its selection of well dining options.

Not just is the festival a great destination to undercover impressive foods, but it is additionally located in the middle of the beautiful mountain Francisco bay area. The atmosphere is brilliant for a work out looking the various food stalls.

The 2021 Eat Drink SF food festival will take place in August and is among the best food festivals in the united state to be attended through every food lover.

Address: Festival Pavilion, fort Mason, san Francisco, CA 94109

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The Picklesburgh Festival provides a distinctive taste the Pittsburgh. Hosted in July, the Picklesburgh Festival revolves approximately the city’s history and love affair with pickles.

The food festival is renowned for families as attendees can participate in games and also various activities along with sampling very delicious pickle-centric foods.

The Picklesburgh Festival is only in its 5th year, yet its popularity continues to thrive as chefs native amateur to expert take part.

Address: Roberto Clemente Bridge, Pittsburgh, PA 15222

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While part food festivals have a separation between food lovers and also ritzy chefs, the LA Food Fest brings cuisine earlier to the masses.

The LA Food Fest is affordable and also offers a range of gastronomic delights, from food van to pop-up food stalls.

The good food fest establish smaller, indie restaurants and also chefs. Fest-goers can also enjoy live music and DJs spinning records throughout the festivities.

Address: Santa Anita Park, Arcadia, CA 91007

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The Barbecue Festival may have a an easy name, but it provides foodies the chance to eat some of the finest BBQ in the world.

situated in Lexington, phibìc Carolina, the Barbecue Festival takes location every October and also draws hundreds of BBQ connoisseurs.

Lexington insurance claims it is the Barbecue capital of the World and also there room plenty the foodies who agree with the statement.

Visitors must come hungry together there is an limitless BBQ line, games, and pig races. It is a perfect day of pork, beef, and chicken in the love of Dixie.

Is there an additional state in the Union the does lobster better than Maine? No, that is why the Maine Lobster Festival is a have to for anyone that calls themselves a seafood lover.

The food festival attracts approximately 30,000 civilization a year that sample regional seafood favorites.

Located in Rockland, the Maine Lobster Festival is all about the bounty of the sea.

even if it is you room a lobster aficionado or brand-new to eating cold-water crustaceans, friend will uncover the finest seafood around at the key Lobster Festival.

Held in new Orleans’ Wolden Park, the nationwide Fried Chicken Fest bring the No. 1 southern food to the masses.

The festival takes location in late September in the large Easy and provides cost-free admission to southern fried foodies.

Whether you desire to sample classic friend chicken or more upscale recipes, friend can discover it all at the food festival.

The two-day outdoor occasion has much more than 35 restaurants, music, food preparation demonstrations, family-friendly activities, and a belt-blowing fried chicken finger eating dispute for fest-goers.

This exceptional food festival in the us is sure to offer you a day full of fun v a lot of finger-licking food.

Despite being created in Hamburg, Germany, there is nothing much more American 보다 the hamburger.

each year, the nationwide Hamburger Festival access time Akron, Ohio and connoisseurs the hamburgers sample several of the world’s greatest meaty meals.

After 12 years of gift an yearly event in downtown Akron, the national Hamburger Festival take it a year turn off in 2018.

It will return in respectable 2021 with an ext hamburger goodness. Attendees better go hungry since there will be lot of of burgers to go around.

Buffalo wings space an iconic American bar food the has become synonymous through the country as apple pie and also baseball.

The national Buffalo wing Festival celebrate the beautiful food in the home of wings, Buffalo, new York, every job Day weekend.

The festival began in 2002 and sees 80,000-plus soup fanatics to visit the weekend-long extravaganza.

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The food festival has a soup eating dispute that sees simply how plenty of wings one individual can ingest. The event also has entertainment for human being of all ages.