We"ll help you pick the best foods to stock up on for a working pantry and also short term emergency food supply.

My favorite grocery store is a fifty percent an hour away, so I perform my ideal to constantly keep pantry staples top top hand.

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Stocking increase The smart Way

First, evaluate your cooking skills, diet preferences, and storage space.

How well have the right to you cook and also bake?

If you"re i was sure in the kitchen, you deserve to stock much more ingredients. If you"re supplied to having someone else do the cooking, all set to eat items are a much better fit.

How carry out you favor to/need to eat?

There are plenty of different eating strategies and also food allergies. The foods items you share up on should be foods items you want to/need come eat.

For instance, if you need to eat gluten free, share up ~ above the rice based dried pasta, not wheat pasta.

If you want to eat low carb, opt because that meat and also vegetables rather of black color beans and rice. Tree based diet? seed butters and also tempeh might be your “go to” storage items.

How lot refrigerator, freezer and pantry an are do girlfriend have?

Buying a 20 lb crate of fresh fruit isn"t a great idea if girlfriend don"t have sufficient cool storage to store it fresh till you complete eating it.

On the flip side, if you have actually a dehydrator and also turn it into dried fruit, you rise the shelf life and save frozen fridge space. Then you have that space available for other foods. (Canning and home freeze drying room also an excellent for shelf stable food storage.)

Frozen food is convenient, especially frozen meals, however if you shed power, you"re in trouble. Non perishable food (food that doesn"t need refrigeration or freezing) remains safe to eat, even when the strength goes out.


Best foodstuffs to stock Up On

Meat and also fish – box or frozen (or vegetable alternatives)Fruits and also vegetables – canned, dehydrated, fresh and frozenFats and oilsBroth or stock, bouillonPeanut butter, nut butters, seed buttersCanned or dried beansEggsCheesesPrepared side dishes, meals and also soups – canned, freeze dried or frozenPasta and also pasta saucesMilk – dried or shelf steady milk for longer storage, plant based milksGrains or serial substitutes, flours, cerealsCoffee, tea and also other beveragesSpices, consisting of salt and also pepperSugar and also other baking suppliesCondimentsNuts and also seedsSnacks – crackers, chips, granola bars, popcorn, etc.Note: If the foods you share up on include canned goods, make certain you have a non-electric can opener.

Meats and also Fish (or vegetables Alternatives)

Protein reduces production of the “hunger hormone”, ghrelin, helping you to feel full.

Canned or pouched tuna or salmon renders a fast base because that a enjoy the meal or snack. Tempeh, tofu and other plant based assets fill a similar function for tree based eaters.

When save on computer chicken, beef and other meats, save in mind the fresh meats spoil more quickly 보다 cooked meats. Ground meat and also poultry spoils much faster than whole cuts prefer steak or roasts. Smoking and also curing rises shelf life.

In general, raw meats have to be provided within 1-2 days, cooking meats room okay for 3-4 days. Luncheon meats might last approximately 2 weeks, unopened.

See the Cold storage Food graph for much more detailed recommendations, use your common sense, and also check expiration dates. If meat smells or looks “off”, don"t usage it.

Our pumpkins and also squash top top shelves in the source cellar

Fruits and Vegetables

I suspect practically every zombie apocalypse movie ever made shows civilization surviving on crate fruits and vegetables, however they don"t last forever. A couple years after the “best by" date your environment-friendly beans will certainly taste more like “can” than beans.

Over a period of time, cans likewise start to corrode, especially those with acidic materials like tomatoes. As foods sit in storage, they additionally lose vitamins and also minerals. Make certain to revolve your stock.

Canned foodstuffs may contain included sugars or salt to an increase flavor and shelf life. Check the brand so you recognize what you"re buying.

In ours home, we can eco-friendly beans indigenous the garden, but freeze, dehydrate, freeze dry or root cellar the other vegetables.

Fresh garlic, onions, potatoes, tomatoes, winter squash, and also sweet potatoes will save for a time in ~ room temperature. (Shelf steady vegetables are several of the easiest foods to share up on.)

Many fruits additionally hold fine at room temperature, choose citrus, apples, stone fruit, pineapple and also melons. In fact, it"s finest not come chill her watermelon until you"re prepared to eat it.

Fats and Oils

Fats add flavor and also make that a whole lot simpler to fry virtually anything. (The air fryer won"t work-related in a power outage, yet you can inspect out emergency cooking choices here.)

Olive oil and most saturated fat (like coconut oil, lard or butter) have a much longer shelf life 보다 unsaturated or polyunsaturated fats. Ghee is shelf stable and also may it is in tolerated through those who are lactose intolerant.

Broth or Stock, Bouillon

Broths, stocks, and also bouillon act as a base for soups and sauces, and add flavor to many different dishes. We usage homemade broth or low sodium bouillon for more flavor there is no a ton of extra salt.

Peanut butter, nut butters, seeds butters

Peanut butter is a classic food to share up on. Because that those v peanut allergies, nut and seed butters provide the same versatility for meals and snacks.

Use her PB in recipes, sandwiches, or for dipping fruits and veggies.

Canned or Dried Beans

Side dish, snack or key dish, bean are spending plan friendly through a an excellent shelf life.

Not certain what to carry out with her beans? check out this bean and lentil recipes, which incorporate everything indigenous soup to dessert.


Here in the U.S.A., most people are provided to seeing egg refrigerated, yet they can be stored at room temp.

We store the eggs from our chickens and also ducks unwashed on the respond to for a week or two with no issues. (Washing eggs removes the protective coating on the exterior of the egg.)

Refrigerated, eggs deserve to last because that weeks, despite the high quality does decrease over time. Together eggs acquire older, you"ll an alert that the yolks break more easily, the whites spread out farther, and the air bag is larger.


Aged tough cheeses have the longest shelf lives, soft cheeses favor cottage cheese the shortest. Cheeses add a ton the flavor to meals and also snacks.

Rule of ignorance – the drier the cheese, the longer the shelf life.

Prepared next dishes, meals and also soups – canned, freeze dried or frozen

Through the miracle of modern food processing, we have actually a ton of ready food options.

Canned foods items are handy due to the fact that you don"t (usually) need to include water prior to serving. In a strength outage, this have the right to stretch her water storage. You likewise don"t need to worry about you food stash thawing out.

For the longest shelf life, watch to freeze dried foods. Make sure to inspect the labels for expiration dates. Part last a year or two, others have the right to last 20 years or more.

It"s also feasible to frozen dry your favorite foodstuffs at house with a Harvest right freeze dryer. Learn much more about home freeze drying here.

Pasta and pasta sauces

Open a jar or can, boil part pasta, and also you have actually a an easy meal. That doesn"t obtain much faster than the for house prepared “fast food”.


Milk – dried or shelf steady milk for much longer storage, plant based milks

Dried milk powder doesn"t fairly taste favor fresh, yet it works quite well in recipes. Canned and also boxed milk and also plant based milks have the right to last for months in the pantry.

Grains or serial substitutes, flours, cereals

Whole grains prefer wheat berries last much longer than ground flour, however you do need a home grain mill to usage them.

I like to share up ~ above bread flour, gluten totally free flour, and also all function flour, add to wheat berry for once we have an ext time come bake.

If girlfriend need basic to follow guide for many usual breads (sandwich bread, tortillas, biscuits, pancakes and more), inspect out my book, never Buy Bread Again.


Corn meal and also oatmeal are an excellent options for a many of different recipes, favor corn bread and also power balls.

Quinoa and also other pseudo-grains favor amaranth administer gluten cost-free options, together with the ever popular rice. Keep in mind that brown rice has a shorter shelf life than white rice.

If you reap cereal, breakfast cereals last because that months in the pantry if no opened.

Coffee, tea and also other beverages

Coffee and also tea room as lot beverages as creates of comfort. Herbal teas can act together medicine. If you"re handling a cold weather strength outage, warm beverages can help you keep up her body heat.

For the non coffee and tea drinkers, take into consideration canned juices or drink mixes. It"s essential to continue to be hydrated, especially throughout emergencies, and also stored water have the right to taste a small “flat”. Adding a drink mix (especially one v vitamins and also minerals or electrolytes) can help boost palatability.

Spices, including salt and also pepper

Every cook is different, yet salt and pepper display up in nearly every type of cuisine.

Some of our other frequently used spices include:

CuminCurry powderCinnamonPaprikaLawry"s seasoningOnion powderGarlic powderDill weedDry mustardNutmegCardamom


Sugar and also other baking supplies

I"ve been baking because I was old sufficient to stand on a chair through the table and assist my momma, therefore baking supplies are on my “must have” list of foodstuffs to share up on.

Along through flours, fats and also spices, we stock:

sweeteners, including sugar and honeybaking powderbaking sodacornstarchyeastchocolate chips and chunksbaking chocolatecocoavinegar


Keep your favorites on hand to add some zip to meals and snacks. Ketchup, mustard, salsa, relish – what go your household like to eat?

Nuts and seeds

As a snack or supplied in recipes, nuts and seeds add crunch, flavor and protein.

Fresh nuts and also seeds are shelf stable in the shell, however once the end of the shell, it"s ideal to keep them in the frozen fridge or freezer. Monitor the “Best Buy” date for canned or jarred nuts and also seeds.

Snacks – crackers, chips, granola bars, popcorn, jerky, etc.

During the early on coronovirus lockdowns, i couldn"t assist but notice that the handle snack food display screens were hit hard.

If that"s your guilty pleasure, so be it, however keep in mind that as soon as you"re emphasize out, an excellent nutrition helps store you going.

Think around snacks prefer jerky or dried fruit and also nut blends for an ext staying power. Opt for chocolate with an ext cocoa and less sugar. Popcorn kernels take up very small pantry room to administer bowls full of fluffy goodness. Homemade crackers are fairly easy to make v a couple of basic pantry ingredients.

Don"t Forget Canning Supplies

I always keep pectin and canning salt top top hand, however especially throughout harvest season. Jars and canning lids critical a long time, so i watch because that sales and also stock up on those, too.

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More Than foods to stock Up On

If you desire to be prepared for every work emergencies, like poor weather or yet an additional lockdown, it makes sense to share up on more than food.

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We"re working on a long term food storage short article that will certainly be all set soon. Hopefully this will aid you gain started stocking her pantry.