Our respiratory device is the most crucial, yet most abused organ mechanism in our body. Various outside stressful factors such as polluted air, weather changes, unhealthy food intake, erratic schedules, improper lifestyle etc. Play havoc on our immunity, and also the respiratory tract organs bear the brunt. Yet most civilization tend to disregard respiratory well-being.

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A well-balanced diet dram a an essential role in protecting our body from respiratory tract infections. Including various nutrient in ours meals ~ above a continuous basis can help strengthen our respiratory tract system, and keep infections at bay. Here are five such foods items that we must encompass in our diet this season.


Protein is necessary for tissue growth and also adequate intake helps repair any kind of internal damage that infections may cause. Milk deserve to be a an excellent source; but milk have the right to sometimes rise mucus formation and also consumption is therefore specific to each individual, depending on whether or not their human body accepts it.

Recommendation: Protein can be included into daily diet with pulses & lentil soup, boiled eggs, chicken soup or grilled fish.

Fruits & Vegetables

Antioxidants existing in fruits and vegetables pat a an essential role in defense as they aid fight complimentary radicals. They improve immunity and also reduce the impact of exterior pollutants on ours body"s organs. Consisting of a many of colorful fruits and vegetables such as red & yellow bell peppers, tomatoes, beetroot, carrot, papaya, and also pomegranates offers multiple vitamins and also minerals and increases in its entirety immunity. Vitamin C rich sources such as Kiwi, orange, sweet lime, green leafy vegetables, broccoli etc. Are esepcially helpful in increase the respiratory tract system. This are additionally rich in magnesium which help in clearing the respiratory pathway. Onions room anti-inflammatory, and also beneficial in dealing with respiratory infections.

Recommendation: Fruits and also vegetables can be added into our diet as soups, subzis, and salads or just as life snacks.

Herbs & Spices

Spices & herbs save anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory link that an increase immunity and also fight infections. Roots such together ginger helps in detoxifying the lungs, while turmeric has anti-bacterial properties. Various fresh leaves prefer basil, mint, and coriander likewise can be used to detox and also have a quiet effect.

Recommendation: Herbs and spices have the right to be infused and consumed as organic concoctions or teas.

Nuts, seed & oils

Nuts and also seeds are nutrient dense, affluent in mineral & omega 3/6 fat acids and also contain Vitamin E which is really important come repair cell damaged because of infections. Entry of fish oil, flax particle powder and also chia seeds are also beneficial.

Recommendation: incorporate 5-6 nuts daily as snacks and munch on seed such together watermelon seeds, pumpkin seed or sunflower seed to rise immunity.


A healthy gut promotes overall health. Healthy and balanced bacteria in probiotics, such together curd and buttermilk, assist in reduce inflammation and strengthening the immune system. As lengthy as consumed fresh, and also at room temperature and during the day time, curd is a healthy and balanced inclusion towards a strong respiratory system.

Recommendation: Probiotics have the right to be consumed together fresh collection curd, yogurts, cottage cheese and also raw cheese.


About the author

Ranjani Raman is the Founder that Nutrilife. A dietitian by profession through an experience of counselling end 2000+ clients end the past 6 years, she has secondary specialization together a Pediatric Nutritionist and a Certified Diabetes Educator. An extremely passionate about health and also happiness, she loves to aid people achieve their wellness purposes through healthy eating habits and lifestyle modifications.

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