The gold State warrior are one of the best-run organizations in sports appropriate now since they have presented an eye for talent and also the hunger come strive for greatness. With superstar Stephen Curry together the confront of the franchise, the Warriors are truly a good franchise come follow. Yet is Curry the greatest scorer to ever before play because that the Warriors?

We have accumulated the 10 greatest scorers in warriors history, in PPG, to i found it which players had the most affect when they were v the team. Longevity does not come right into play here, since pure scoring power in the time each player played through the team is the just statistic that will be shown. However, the perform of optimal scorers in Warriors history will also be mutual to show who truly is Mr. Warrior.

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10. Joe Barry Carroll - 20.4 PPG

(7 Seasons, 1981-1988)


The 7’0” Joe Barry Carroll make the All-Rookie Team come represent golden State after ~ he was drafted No. 1 overall in the 1980 Draft. Carroll average 18.9 PPG in his rookie year, before averaging a career-high 24.1 PPG in his third season.

Joe Barry Carroll would actually do his an initial and only All-Star Team v the warrior in the 1987 season by averaging 21.2 PPG and 7.3 RPG, the last complete season through the team. “J.B.” would appear in 14 gamings in his critical season, before getting traded to the Houston Rockets wherein he play 63 games.

9. Rudy LaRusso - 21.3 PPG

(2 Seasons, 1968-1969)


Credit: HoopsHype

The 6’7” forward spent the critical 2 years of his career with the mountain Francisco Warriors, at eras 30 and also 31. In fact, these were the ideal 2 years of his career due to the fact that up till that point, LaRusso only averaged 14.1 PPG v the Minneapolis/Los Angeles Lakers.

Rudy LaRusso blossomed into an offensive force, averaging 21.8 PPG in his first season v the Warriors and also followed the up with 20.7 PPG in his final season in the league. The is strange to check out a player have actually his ideal years in his 30’s, yet LaRusso made certain he made the top-10 scorers in the Warriors history list prior to retiring.

8. Bernard King - 22.5 PPG

(2 Seasons, 1981-1982)


Bernard King is largely remembered for being one of the best scorers to ever before play because that the brand-new York Knicks, yet he was additionally an offensive pressure for the Warriors for 2 seasons in 1981 and 1982. King average 22.5 PPG end his 2 periods with the Warriors, make the All-Star Team in 1982.

The 6’7” little forward was a force in the post, using his body to back defenders under and turning for a lightning-quick jumper. For years, King haunted defenders through his skill and grace together a scorer end his career. ~ a complicated season in 1980 where King only appeared in 19 games, he would certainly kickstart his hall of Fame job again v the Warriors prior to joining the Knicks.

7. Mitch Richmond - 22.7 PPG

(3 Seasons, 1989-1991)


The room of Fame shoot guard invested the an initial 3 seasons of his career v the golden State Warriors, averaging 22.7 PPG over those years. Richmond averaged 22.0 PPG ~ above 46.8% shoot to record Rookie of the Year and also would go on to complete 10 straight periods of averaging end 21 PPG.

Richmond’s scoring prowess from mid-range, deep, and around the rim to be the factor he make the room of Fame. The All-Star scorer kickstarted his power of consistency v the Warriors and is one of their biggest scorers ever in spite of not do his very first All-Star Team till his 5th season.

6. Paul Arizin - 22.8 PPG

(10 Seasons, 1951-1962) *1953, 1954 DNP because of military service


Paul Arizin is just one of the greatest Warriors stars ever due to the fact that he it is long a decade with the team and also made the hall of Fame thanks to his accolades. Arizin made 10 All-Star Teams, 4 All-NBA Teams, and also captured the 1956 NBA championship. The 6’4” tiny forward had actually every offensive device in the box and was a force in his era.

Averaging 17.2 PPG in his rookie season, Arizin won Rookie the the Year. He would lead the NBA in scoring the complying with season (25.4 PPG) by playing a monster 44.5 MPG and also would do it again in 1957 by averaging 25.6 PPG in 71 complete games played.

5. World B. Complimentary - 23.4 PPG

(3 Seasons, 1981-1983)

The high-flying guard v the memorable name, human being B. Complimentary was a dominant scorer in the 162 gamings he played because that the Warriors. The combo guard play 65 games in his very first season with the Warriors, averaging 24.1 PPG and also 5.6 APG, and also followed that up v 22.9 PPG in 78 games the complying with season.

Despite lasting only 19 gamings in his 3rd season through the team, world B. Totally free is ranked together a top-5 scorer in warrior history. His ability to contort his human body in mid-air come score the sphere was impeccable for a 6’2” guard, and few did it better in warriors history.

4. Stephen Curry - 24.2 PPG

(12 Seasons, 2010-2021)

Credit: USA Today

Mr. Gold State and the best shooter ever, Stephen Curry is the guy who no only readjusted the NBA for the foreseeable future but also carries the warriors franchise on his back. Gold State to be a subpar team till Curry became a superstar in 2014, and the suggest guard has not looked back. Nobody expected Curry to blossom into the player he has become, and also his scoring is the factor why.

Standing 6’3” and also weighing 185 lbs, the slender allude guard has dominated the NBA with his three-point shot for the previous 7 year at least. Winning 2 MVPS, 3 titles, and also 2 scoring titles; Curry is widely pertained to as one of the best point guards ever. His 24.2 PPG mean ranks fourth all-time in warrior history, although the ranks 1st in total points scored.

3. Stack Barry - 25.6 PPG

(8 Seasons, 1966-1967, 1973-1978)

One the the many spectacular players of his generation, stack Barry is a first-ballot hall of Famer through an incredible resume that consists of a scoring title, one NBA title, and a Finals MVP v the Warriors. Beginning his career with the mountain Francisco Warriors, Barry won Rookie that the Year through averaging 25.7 PPG and 10.6 RPG.

The complying with season, the tiny forward would certainly lead the NBA in scoring in ~ 35.6 PPG. Barry would certainly go on to play in the ABA, return to the NBA come play because that the gold State Warriors. 2 year after his return, the dominant scorer would success the NBA title and also Finals MVP in 1975. Over there is no surprise Rick Barry finds himself amongst the best scorers to ever play because that the Warriors.

2. Kevin Durant - 25.8 PPG

(3 Seasons, 2017-2019)

One the the greatest perimeter scorers ever, Kevin Durant make his mark with the golden State warriors in the brief time he to be there. He obtained a ton of criticism joining a 73-9 team that beat him one season earlier, but the 4-time scoring champion made his visibility felt anyways by win 2 straight championships and Finals MVPs.

Despite playing through All-Star scorers in Stephen Curry and also Klay Thompson, Durant was the best player and scorer top top the team through a 25.8 PPG mean in 3 seasons. The Slim reaping machine was likewise efficient together ever, nailing 52.4% indigenous the field and also 88.3% indigenous the free-throw line. That course, Durant created the most leading trio in background with Curry and Thompson that will be mental fondly by warrior fans.

1. It must be Chamberlain - 41.5 PPG

(6 Seasons, 1960-1965)

Unsurprisingly, wilt Chamberlain has actually the highest scoring median in gold State Warriors background and it is not also close. It must be averages over 15 PPG over Kevin Durant and also lasted an extra 3 seasons with the franchise. There is merely no comparison come him in any era, and also there never ever will be.

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Chamberlain to be drafted No. 3 as whole by the Warriors, running away through Rookie that the Year averaging 37.6 PPG and also 27.0 RPG. He would make the All-Star season end the next 5 seasons, including the 1962 season whereby Wilt averaged 50.4 PPG and also 25.7 RPG. That course, Chamberlain is famously remembered for dropping 100 clues in a single season. In a nutshell, Wilt was the most leading player to ever before play for the Warriors.

Most points In golden State warriors History

Here are the ten players with the most complete points in gold State warrior history:

1. Stephen Curry - 18,434

2. It must be Chamberlain - 17,783

3. Stack Barry - 16,447

4. Paul Arizin 16,266

5. Chris Mullin - 16,235

6. Nate Thurmond - 13,191

7. Jeff Mullins - 12,547

8. Klay Thompson - 11,995

9. Purvis brief - 11,894

10. Neil Johnston - 10,023


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