One the the biggest sporting events of the year is the at sight Bowl. If football fans approximately the civilization watch come see just how the NFL season will certainly conclude, millions of civilization tune in to watch the Super key halftime show. For 15 minute the world"s biggest entertainers solidify your legacy throughout the halftime performance. 

For plenty of years the halftime display was quite basic. It would simply function a university marching tape or two. In 1960, the first Super key Halftime show consisted of the Liberty Bell the was performed by the university of Arizona Symphonic Marching Band. But that all readjusted in 1993 -- the year THE Michael Jackson rotate the Super bowl halftime show into must-watch television. Today"s performances call for as much preparation as the Oscars or Grammys.

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The Super key LVI halftime show has already been revealed and also the star-filled power will function Eminem, mary J. Blige, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg and also Kendrick Lamar. It will be a jam-packed phase in February 2022, this is a look ago at some other memorable Super bowl halftime performances.

15. Stevie Wonder, Gloria Estefan and large Bad Voodoo daddy (1999)

This power is probably the most unbalanced in the list. These three artists together may not it is in your very first choice, but in the 90"s they to be individually some of the biggest stars at the time. Gloria Estefan was a superstar that led the "Latin invasion" era and also co-headlining v Stevie Wonder in 1999 was significant for bridging generations and genres. Including in big Bad Voodoo dad may have thrown the mix off however it produced a memorable moment among the 90"s greats.

14. Justin Timberlake (2018)

Former NSYNC leader Justin Timberlake required to the Super key halftime phase 14 year after the Janet Jackson debacle. Timberlake made decision not to do some that his biggest hits yet used this power to encourage his brand-new album "Man of the Woods." numerous said it to be a bland performance, but it to be Timberlake"s rise from the halftime show ashes.

13. The roll Stones (2006)

There are two memorable things around Mick Jagger and also the roll Stones’ Super key performance: The legendary team performed top top a stage shaped after your logo, and they just performed 3 songs -- correctly! THREE. Castle kicked the off v “Start Me Up,” “Satisfaction” and rounded the out with “Rough Justice.”

12. Lady Gaga (2017)

Lady Gaga is one of the most eclectic artists in history and anyone tuned in to watch what she halftime performance would unveil. Native her stage costume to her track selections, countless wondered what exactly Gaga would carry out at the super Bowl. Gaga determined to walk “safe” and also performed some of her uncontroversial hits, starting with an arrangement of the Star Bangled Banner, but was sure to encompass her queer-positive anthem, “Born This Way.”

11. Maroon 5 (2019)

No one want anything to do with the halftime show stage in 2019 after ~ the outrage over the NFL’s blacklisting of Colin Kaepernick. Stars such together Cardi B and also Rihanna flatout rotate the performance opportunity down, but Maroon 5 made decision to expropriate the challenge. The controversial performance had cameos from Travis Scott and huge Boi.

10. The Weeknd (2021)

The 2021 Super bowl halftime power was storage of a music video stuck within a haunted residence of mirrors. The halftime present mainly took location in the top pavilion that Raymond James stadion in Tampa, Florida. The Weeknd go not appear on the field until the performed "Blinding Lights."

9. Bruno Mars (2014)

The highlight of Bruno Mars’ job at the moment was his power at Super key XLVIII in new York City’s first-ever Super key at MetLife Stadium. Plenty of doubted that the Hawaiian indigenous would have enough of a magazine for together an honor, however he outdid himself. It began with small children holding hands in front of American flags and also ended through soldiers dedicating “Just the way You Are” to your families. The lighthearted and also fun performance even featured the Red hot Chilli Peppers and also a drum solo from Mars himself.

8. Jennifer Lopez and also Shakira (2020)

While Jennifer Lopez and Shakira no the an initial Latinas to absent the halftime stage, they definitely did get loud in 2020. Through Colin Kaepernick’s blacklisting, it was tough finding a performer for the show, but the Colombian goddess and also the new York Puerto Rican hustler took the stage. Shakira play the guitar and J. Lo talk in top top a stripper pole. The performance additionally included a cameo native Lopez’s daughter, Emme, who sang Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the U.S.A.” 

7. U2 (2002)

U2 had one the the biggest live-TV absent & role moments once they performed at Super key XXXVI. The power took place just a few months ~ 9/11 and the irish rock band uncovered a way to do this power strong, however emotional. Castle kicked turn off the present with “Beautiful Day,” climate played “MLK” while the surname of those who passed far scrolled top top a giant screen. It was an unforgettable minute that ended with “Where the Streets have actually No Name.”

6. Madonna (2012)

Madonna graced the phase at Super bowl XLVI in Indianapolis and arrived as a Greek goddess brought by Spartan soldiers. She lugged some the the most talented and also expressive stars to do alongside her. M.I.A provided the center finger throughout "Gimme her Luvin," sung through Nicki Minaj, and Madonna who likewise sang v Cee Lo Green. There was a colorful LMFAO mashup of “Music” through “Party absent Anthem.” The performance was effortless.

5. Katy Perry (2015)

Katy Perry made sure to roar as she performed in ~ Super key XLIX in 2015, getting here on the earlier of a gigantic lion puppet, then was dragged with the skies as she sang “Firework.” The pop spectacle consisted of cameos from Lenny Kravitz and also Missy Elliott, that performed three of her own hits.

4. Janet Jackson (2004)

Unfortunately, the not due to the fact that Tom Brady winner his second championship, however it’s simply since of a mishap the birthed a whole brand-new phrase in the English language: “wardrobe malfunction”. 

While the 2004 performance included Diddy, who performed in a sea that smoke, Nelly that came the end in a gigantic red vehicle to song “Hot in Here,” and also Kid Rock and Jackson that ripped through 10 monitor on top of the matching band interludes, the minute was overshadowed by Justin Timberlake "accidentally" ripping off Janet’s chest covering.

3. Beyoncé & Destinys child (2013)

Beyoncé placed together among the biggest halftime performances in history, placing she rightfully behind the next two epos acts. Yet she didn’t execute it alone. Kelly Rowland, Beyoncé and Michelle Williams came together for a long-awaited reunion the Destiny"s Child during Super bowl XLVII. 

The trio performed several of their greatest hits: "Bootylicious," "Single Ladies," and also "Independent Women.” Beyoncé was likewise sure to sing the Beyhive’s favorites, from “Crazy in Love” to “Baby Boy.”

The 2013 manufacturing was for this reason extravagant that half the lamp at the Superdome go out, developing a 33-minute, 55-second blackout soon after.

2. Michael Jackson (1993)

For a 1993 halftime power to it is in rated so highly in 2021 shows exactly how before-his-time Michael Jackson was. If he no go also deep right into his enormous catalog, the did execute “We room the World” with a children’s choir, climate did “Heal the World” if an huge globe inflated in the center of the stage. He also performed “Billie Jean” and was certain to moonwalk throughout the stage.

While the King the Pop to be the very first star to perform at the Super bowl -- finishing the marching tape era together we know it -- the is without a doubt the many memorable.

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1. Prince (2007)

We’ve do it come No. 1, and also who else would be in this spot than The Artist (Formerly well-known as Prince)?

No one knew how badly we needed to hear Prince donate by a brass marching band till he carried the home down in ~ Super key XLI, place it as the best halftime display of all time. The performance additionally became more famous ~ his fatality in 2016. 

He did mashups the Bob Dylan"s "All follow me the Watchtower," Queen"s "We will Rock You," and Foo Fighters" "Best of You" with his own songs. That closed the performance with the many perfect rendition of violet Rain that had an epic guitar solo in the rain.