There’s nothing quite prefer riding in a hot air balloon high over the Rocky Mountains. Endure Colorado in a method that couple of others have. Tourism are accessible at a number of scenic locations all approximately the state.

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Hot waiting Balloon tourism in Colorado

Hot wait ballooning is a year-round task at most areas in Colorado, some room summer seasonal. Many tours start every day early in the morning, depending upon the weather, when the breezes are calm. It’s the perfect means to start your day!


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Guide to warm Air Balloons in Colorado

Colorado Balloon standard at night. Photo: Jonathan Reyes

What better way to lid off her Colorado vacation than through a one-of-a-kind birds-eyes check out of the Rocky Mountains. Feeling the cool breeze as you soar high over stunning landscapes will surely be unforgettable.

Most hot air balloon tourism are available year-round, while some are only seasonal throughout summer. They room all-weather depending, relying on patience winds, i beg your pardon are most reliable in the morning. For this reason, practically all advertisement flights take launch at an early stage at dawn.

It’s a perfect the end adventure because that friends, family, and also loved ones. Balloon sizes differ in the basket, v some carrying up come a dozen passengers. Several warm air balloon service providers offer exclusive rides, ensuring you do the most of her romantic journey or group outing.

Afterward, you’re typically treated come a celebratory champagne toast of her accomplishment. Many rides last roughly an hour of trip time, through 3-4 hours complete for the session, including set-up, instruction, deflation, and also celebration. Come experience the Rockies a new means this season, via hot air balloon!

Hot wait balloon in Boulder County. Photo: Let concepts Compete

There are additionally quite a few festivals committed to warm air ballooning in Colorado. This special events offer a chance to watch the magnificent skies lit up with color so vivid. The Telluride Balloon Festival kicks off in the summer every early on June in mountain Miguel County. Then head come the Yampa valley for Steamboat’s warm Air Balloon Rodeo in July.

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Lastly, round out the summer season with Pagosa Springs’ ColorFest wake up every September.