Founded in 1978, Napa sink Aloft is just one of the original warm air balloon service providers of Napa Valley and currently the only company flying end Yountville’s iconic landscape. Also raising Aloft above the rest is that our hot air balloon procedure is positioned at historic Yountville Estate, neighboring award-winning hotels, and also restaurants located in the city of Yountville. In addition, we have an ext hot wait balloon beginning site alternatives in Napa Valley, and also we provide hot wait balloon baskets that lug fewer passengers 보다 competitors, whichgives our passenger an open environment feel to gain the stunning see on your balloonride.

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Our FAA certified warm air balloon pilots are among the many experienced in the civilization with comprehensive knowledge that ballooning over Napa Valley. Your knowledge and passion for warm air ballooning provides them the perfect captain to take it yourballoonadventure to an excellent heights. Continue to be for brunchafter her balloon rideto add an extra lift to your day!Elevateyour Napa valley balloon ride experience by picking Napa valley Aloft!

We welcome you come look v our website forinformation on warm air balloons,hot air balloon flightswith our proficient staff, and also check the end ourhot waiting balloon take trip package dealsby visiting our warm Deals page. Forhot wait balloon Napa bookings, please visit call us or book online. Us look front to acquisition you on one unforgettable warm air balloon ride over Napa Valley.

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All agree Operator’s safety records reflect impeccable piloting & decision making.All agree Operators space fully license is granted & insured; all pro Operator pilots space FAA certified.

Yountville’s iconic flight is our primary launch choice & rural phibìc Napa sink (Video top top Left) together a second launch option. *weather dictates the location.


Under loaded 8-12 passenger warm air balloon baskets, uneven 16-24 through competitors. This offers a safer open atmosphere riding experience.


Easy to find and comfortable check-in. Meeting place at the luxurious heritage Yountville which is close come Bouchon Bakery, world-famous restaurants, and top-rated lodging.


Enjoy a high-quality mimosa brunch v your fellow aeronauts and also pilot in ~ celebrity chef Michael Chiarello’s Ottimo eatery, situated at conference location.

We sell a variety of flight alternatives and packages come fit your needs. Right here are few of our most famous options

adventure aloft

Communal basket (8-12 passengers)

Average 1 hour trip time +|- 15 minutes

Youth discounted pricing available

exclusive flight

Private balloon/s (2 up to 60 passengers)

Average 1 hour trip time +|- 15 minutes

In-flight special arrangements

post flight brunch

$28 every adult consists of Champagne Mimosas

Enjoy with other aeronauts and pilot

additional 1 hour to adventure


The views and also reviews speak because that themselves. Examine out what people and also the media room saying about Napa sink Aloft.



“Even in winter, it’s well worth doing. Floating tenderness up in the waiting withNapa valley Aloft, the landscape morphs indigenous a gentle, fog-covered blanket to lush vineyards, Napa’s renowned valley cradled by mountain ranges and rolling eco-friendly hills…”



“The Kimball Family and also Napa sink Aloft to be floating people above the Napa sink long before it came to be a world-famous food and winedestination…Soar over green rolling hills and tiny and large family vineyards.”



“They are the just balloon agency allowed come ride in Pope valley which means when over there is a weather issue you room not top to Davis, California favor the various other competitors, rather you room still floating end vineyards.”

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Frequently Asked

Learn more about what come expect throughout your hot air balloon Napa valley adventure.

Where carry out we fly and what carry out we see?

On most days, we launch native the historical grounds that theV Marketplace, Vintage 1870, in the heart of Yountville–a strange rural village near the mid-point the the Napa Valley. Together we rise over the valley floor, panoramic views open up up the the Napa sink Wine farming region. Come the north the majestic Mt. St. Helena, to the west the Mayacamas Mt. Range, and the east the sculptured terrain the the Vaca Range. V favorable winds aloft the balloons have the right to climb to higher altitudes whereby we may catch a glimpse of the mountain Francisco skyline and even the majestic Sierras come the east.On Foggy mornings in Yountville, we have exclusive launch alternatives located in Pope Valley, and also Paradisa Valley.
Because there room so numerous variables in ballooning, we can only offer you an estimate of how much time you want to plan on spending v us. Generally, no counting any kind of shuttle company we administer from her lodging, you should count ~ above being through us for around 3-½ to 4 hours. This has check-in, balloon inflation, the flight, pack-up, transportation back from the landing site, and also a leisurely sit-down breakfast offered in a restaurant setting in Yountville. Us hope the our passengers will be may be to set aside sufficient time to totally enjoy the magnificent experience of ballooning hot air balloon paris without emotion rushed.
Napa warm air balloon rides (and pretty much every one of Northern California) are always an at an early stage morning sport. Us launch just after dawn once the winds room at your calmest and the temperatures space the coolest. We hope that the lovely irradiate of the at an early stage morning and the unique sounds that have the right to only be heard before the remainder of the civilization is awake do it precious it to our passengers to join us on this at an early stage morning adventure.

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Napa hot air balloon rides (and pretty much all of Northern California) are always an early on morning sport. Us launch just after dawn once the winds are at their calmest and also the temperatures are the coolest. We hope that the lovely light of the at an early stage morning and the distinct sounds that deserve to only be heard prior to the remainder of the human being is awake make it precious it to our passengers to sign up with us ~ above this early morning adventure. Napa Valley’s soil floor is the major launch area for all warm air balloon companies. Fog (40% the mornings fog June – September month *2014)forces warm air balloon providers to launch external of Napa Valley due to the fact that of low visibility making flying unsafe. However, Napa sink Aloft has actually exclusive civil liberties to a viable alternate flight corridor in Napa Valley’s wine region Pope Valley, situated Northeast that St. Helena. Pope valley experiences a low percent of fog since of its high elevation on the eastern base the Howell Mountain. Napa valley Aloft Balloon Rides supplies a beautiful trip launching indigenous historicalPope valley Winery.If Napa valley iscompletely fogged in we market (notmandatory) a trip from Paradisa valley 1 hour (shuttled ride) away located in Putah CreekWildlife Area.