These are the 11 finest hot dog brands in America according to taste, quality and also legacy.

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Honorable Mention: Uncle Giuseppe’s snappy and tasty warm dogs at their stores in long Island, NY.

Here room America’s top 11!

11. Pearl– This brand was established in Massachusetts in 1947. The juicy thick every beef Franks are offered at Wahlburgers Restaurant locations.

10. Boar’s Head– started in 1905 in Brooklyn. Their snappy all beef Franks room made from the left over trimmings of their premium beef cold cuts.

9. Farmer John’s – This California brand’s naturally smoked Franks are uncovered at countless West shore sports arenas. They manufacture the pork/beef Dodger dogs at Dodgers Stadium.

8. Winter’s L-901 Detroit Coney Wieners– these juicy beef and pork Franks with sheep casing have actually been a clip in Michigan known for offering to Lafayette Coney Island together with mind blow Coney Sauce.

7. Hoffy– these Hollywood natural Casing Beef Franks it is provided their assets to the legendary Pinks warm Dogs which opened up in LA ago in 1939.

6. Hebrew National– Grandma’s favorite all beef Kosher layout Frank. The firm opened top top the Lower eastern Side that Manhattan in 1905.

5. Hofmann– began as a late 19th century retail store. By 1934 castle started developing their snappy German franks renowned in the Syracuse, new York region.

4. Nathan’s Famous– In 1916 Nathan Handwerker left his project at Feltman’s Restaurant in Coney Island to market a garlicky variation of Charles Feltman’s initial 10c hot dog invention. The cheaper 5c hot dogs marketed by Nathan’s was standing were originally made by a massive producing firm called Swift before using Hygrade Food hot dogs for years (now known as sphere Park Franks). Nathan’s famed has really prolonged it’s reach thanks to a licensing attend to the Chinese owned Smithfield/John Morrell. The WH team (formally Shanghui International) based in Luohe, Henan, China with Smithfield currently manufactures, markets and also sells Nathan’s well known branded warm dogs.

3. Vienna Beef– In 1893 throughout the Columbian Exposition world Fair the hot dog lastly arrived in Chicago a mere 26 year after Charles Feltman designed it at Coney Island. Austrian immigrant Emil Reichel and Samuel Ladany offered the Austrian Vienna Sausage instead of Feltman’s Frankfurter. Vienna Beef was born and also so to be the Chicago hot dog. No much more using onions, mustard and also sauerkraut which was popular earlier east in ~ Feltman’s Restaurant. This Vienna Sausage necessary celery salt and pickles and ooops! Ketchup! Vienna Beef tho sells their mild and also thin every beef frankfurters.

2. Thumann’s – The hot dog may have actually been invented at Coney Island, NY but brand-new Jersey is the capital. Thumann’s provides a high quality beef/ pork candid that’s sold to be deep fried in ~ perennial favorite N.J. Warm dog was standing Rutt’s Hut whereby the relish really renders the dog!

The Bestest Hot Dog in America!

#1 Feltman’s that Coney Island

World’s First Hot Dog:

In 1867 German Immigrant Charles Feltman adjusted American cook and society forever when he invented the hot dog native a pie wagon at Coney Island, new York. Post Civil battle America went wild v Feltman’s development which to be originally referred to as the Coney Island Red Hot. He marketed 3,684 red hots that first year. By 1871 Feltman’s eating and entertainment complicated in Coney Island was the biggest restaurant in the world!

Today Feltman’s that Coney Island is the just U.

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S. Veteran owned and also exclusively Brooklyn owned warm dog brand! the the many American story in hot dog history!

The Feltman’s hot dog is make from select lean cuts of top round beef normally smoked in lamb casing (no hydrolyzed corn protein). They have actually a well balanced Old civilization flavorful spice blend. Not garlicky or greasy simply perfect and juicy through that among a type snap! They need to be knowledgeable at least once in a lifetime. Feltman’s warm dogs are safe for children to eat together they are uncured v no nitrates added. What likewise separates Feltman’s native the pack is that they come in complete one pound packs (see below). Constantly check weight of hot dog package you purchase. Under “one pound” pack you’re being ripped off!


Feltman’s hot Dogs

Feltman’s bottled mustard is blended with healthy apple cider vinegar. Feltman’s is absolutely the most sought after warm dog in history! They are uncovered in northeast supermarkets prefer Kings, protect against & Shop. Every Publix supermarkets in Florida and also the Southeast. Brand-new England’s Hannaford Stores. D’Agostino and Gristedes in Manhattan. The Fresh Market on the eastern Coast. In California at Bristol Farms, Nugget and also Raley’s. The best method to buy these historic Franks is come click virtual at