Raise her hand if friend love hot dogs! We’ve spanned where to acquire the finest burgers, pizza, and tacos. Now the time to offer some love to everyone’s favorite baseball game, barbecue, and also movie theatre staple. Portable, sharable, and delicious – warm dogs (and their toppings) come in many forms and satisfy countless taste preferences. We’ve rounded increase our list of the ideal dogs in new Orleans!

Dat Dog – What began as a teeny, tiny warm dog stand has actually grown right into a franchise with places on Magazine, Freret, and Frenchmen Streets. The menu is simple: select your sausage, choose your toppings, and also choose your bun. Sausages encompass smoked bratwurst, polishing kielbasa, timeless German wiener, duck, alligator, and also even crawfish. Vegans and vegetarians will love the aubergine sausage with fennel and garlic, and pescatarians deserve to opt because that the beer stop cod dog. The list of toppings is too lengthy to post here yet you should recognize that crawfish étouffée and blackberry sauce are just two of the many, distinctive options. If you desire a hot dog in NOLA, this is a great place come start.

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Dat dog top top Frenchmen Street has all the hot dogs you deserve to dream up. Photo: Rebecca Ratliff

Lucky Dog – Okay, okay, a many of world think much less of a warm dog when it’s offered from a warm dog shaped dare on Bourbon Street. But as a local and hot dog enthusiast, ns am right here to tell you the Lucky Dogs space legit. They’re cheap, big, and also best addressed with onions, chili, and cheese. Reap with a beer, or three.

Diva Dawg – The one and only warm dog food truck in town! Visit Diva Dawg at their permanent spot in ~ Roux Carré ~ above OC Haley, and shot their famed étouffée chili dawg with crawfish, étouffée nachos, or fries. Leaving room because that the bread pudding through praline whiskey sauce afterwards. Everyday specials are available and catering is available.

Company burgess – don’t let the name fool you because the hot dog at company Burger is among the many underrated items on the menu. Nueske’s pork and beef warm dog is griddled and also served in a toasted break-up top bun through pickle relish and onions. And they’ll melt a slice of an excellent old American cheese ~ above there because that you, if her heart for this reason desires. Your two areas are on Freret Street and also downtown top top Girod Street in the South market District.

Company Burger serves up griddled beef and also pork hot dogs.

Alto in ~ the Ace Hotel – Frozen drinks, a rooftop pool, and fancy hot dogs? sign me up! The uber i know well Ace Hotel downtown on Carondelet Street functions a cheddar and mustard stuffed hot dog v a sprinkling that Maldon sea salt, offered on a pretzel bun. Yum!

The Alto rooftop at the Ace Hotel offer a cheddar and mustard stuffed hot dog. (Photo: Fran Parente)

Bayou burger – situated on Bourbon Street and Magazine Street, this sports fan familiar eatery has burgers and also dogs because that everyone’s tastes. Typical hot dog are obtainable at the Uptown location, however if she on Bourbon Street and also looking because that something decadent, go v the Zydeco dog: a beignet battered and fried hot dog through cheese sauce, beer serial mustard, slaw, and spicy ketchup.

Bud’s Broiler offers their specialty hotdog served on a hamburger bun.

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Bud’s Broiler – Our native friends have a special location in your heart because that Bud’s Broiler. The charbroiled burgers and cheese fries room where the at, however I have constantly been a pan of their warm dog. It’s served butterflied on a hamburger bun, and also topped v shredded cheddar cheese and also chili, and/or hickory smoked bbq sauce. The best part is the the location on City Park avenue is open up 24 hrs a day. Hot dogs roughly the clock?! Yes, please.