For countless visiting las Vegas, the hotel swimming pool is a critical amenity, oftentimes an ext important than the casino, guestrooms, dining options, or bars on site. If many concerned Las las vegas to mainly gamble, others look to relax and also soak in the desert sun. It leaves plenty of wondering, “What hotels have actually the best pools in ras Vegas?”. After all, booking a resort with a tiny, shaded, or low-quality pool might be catastrophic. Although over there isn’t a “best” pool in vegas per se, there space a number that are solid contenders for that distinction.

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Let us provide a home window into pools thought about to be among the best in Vegas, both top top the Strip and also Downtown.

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Best Pools top top The ras Vegas Strip

Mandalay Bay’s Beach

Mandalay Bay’s pool complex has a firmly entrenched place in the top echelon amongst the finest pools in ras Vegas. Why? just how much time perform you have?

Among ours favorite aspects of Mandalay’s swimming pool is the differentiation the offerings. The 11-acre complicated boasts a 1.6 million gallon tide pool that churns out 6-foot tall waves, a actual sand beach, a jogging path, a lazy river, and also 4 swim pools. We can personally verify that floating laps on among the few lazy fivers in vegas is an excellent therapy the morning after ~ a long night. Check out this oasis in the desert below.

Photo Courtesy of MGM Resorts
Photo Courtesy the MGM Resorts

MGM Grand

Like Mandalay Bay, MGM cool ranks amongst the peak pools in ras Vegas due to the diversity that amenities spread out over a sprawling 6.5-acre complex. Included within MGM Grand’s pool deck is a 1,000 foot lengthy lazy river, 3 whirlpools, and 4 pools complete with waterfalls. The setting has a dry feel due to the abundance of palm trees and plant life, which also serve together a privacy obstacle segmenting the swimming pool deck into smaller sections. The best method to gain a feeling for the size and scope of the pool at MGM cool is indigenous above.

Photo Courtesy that MGM Resorts

Caesars Palace Garden the the Gods

The Garden that the Gods swimming pool Oasis at Caesars royal residence spans 5-acres through pools on 3 levels. Consisted of of 8 complete pools spread throughout the complex, you room sure come find an are to stretch out and absorb the Nevada sun. Choose others top top the list of peak pools, caesar earns point out not just for the expansive nature of its pool deck but for the sights her eyes feast on while lounging. Nestled in between hotel towers, Caesars’ go a wonderful job prolonging the resort’s roman theme and also decor to the pool producing a unique and also differentiated experience. An additional aspect we love is the opportunity to beat swim-up blackjack in the shaded Fortuna Pool.

Garden that the god – photo Courtesy of caesars Entertainment
Temple pool – photograph Courtesy of caesars Entertainment


Consistently known as among the top resorts in Vegas, it won’t surprised you that Bellagio’s pool is also highly regarded. Incorporating 5 pools and 4 warm tubs into a Mediterranean-themed swimming pool deck, Bellagio offers a relaxing setting to rest and also rejuvenate prior to tackling the job ahead. Back expansive, the pool deck is divided into several separate courtyards developing a much more intimate vibe.

Bellagio’s Terrace pool – picture Courtesy that MGM Resorts
Bellagio’s main Pool – photograph Courtesy of MGM Resorts

Flamingo‘s GoPool

Another height pool in Vegas with a tropic vibe, GoPool at Flamingo incorporates a waterfall and also lagoons right into a visually appealing facility that exudes a party atmosphere. Among our favorite attributes of Flamingo’s style is the incorporation of palm tree in the middle of the pool. A 21+ experience, guest can check the calendar of events in advancement here.

Flamingo’s GoPool before the chaos


As one of the nicest hotel nature in ras Vegas, a top-tier pool suffer is expected and Cosmopolitan delivers with two distinct pool scenes.

Cosmo’s Boulevard pool is perched top top the rooftop close to the former of the property giving stunning see of the neighboring Las las vegas Strip. Boulevard is billed as being Cosmopolitan’s “upbeat” pool through music and also a festive atmosphere. Adding to the uniqueness the the Boulevard pool is the loungers deserve to be discovered on various levels neighboring the pool, permitting guests to uncover the perfect lot of seclusion, sun, or shade. Complete with a poolside bar, and also jacuzzi big enough to fit about 25 people, Cosmo’s Boulevard pool is among our favorites in Vegas.

Cosmopolitan’s Boulevard pool – photo Courtesy the Cosmopolitan

The Chelsea swimming pool is a different pool experience situated on the south side the the property and is designed to it is in a quiet ar to relax there is no the consistent thumping that bass. “Chill” is the best way to describe Chelsea i m sorry remains open year-round.

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As you would expect, among the many luxurious properties in las Vegas has one of the finest pools ~ above the Strip. While lacking are the tide pools, lazy rivers, and also sand beaches that comprise other peak pools in Vegas, win excels at quiet, relaxing, decadence. Their main pool is shaped like a lengthy barbell surrounded by privacy developing greenery and plant life. Wynn’s pool is in the peak echelon due to the beauty and class the the complicated exudes.




One common characteristic the the best pools in las Vegas re-superstructure is uniqueness. Lock stand out from the load in part way. Mirage accomplishes this by bordering their complex with palm trees and tropical plant life that provides the illusion of being closer to the equator than the desert. Adding to the appeal, Mirage’s 2 pools and also 2 whirlpools space filled with saltwater, permitting guests to avoid that distinctive chlorine smell and eye irritation that come v use of the chemical. The pool’s signature function though is the waterfall the guests can swim under to find reprieve native the desert sun.

Mirage’s swimming pool – photograph Courtesy the MGM Resorts

Venetian & Palazzo

With a combined 7 pools that match the level of quality guests have involved expect in ~ Venetian and also Palazzo, this combined rooftop pool deck is amongst the finest in Vegas. In enhancement to your “run that the mill” pools, Venetian has actually 3 infinity pools and a splash pad, if Palazzo uses a 1-foot deep lounge pool. Both pools sell a variety of hot tubs and also their own bar. With a variety of available seating options, you are destined to uncover the perfect quantity of sun and also privacy.

This’ll do.
Pool in ~ Venetian – early on morning shot which describes the lack of sun… and also people.

Resorts World

The newest will in ras Vegas uses an outstanding pool experience. Perched atop will World’s roof, the swimming pool deck gives spectacular views of resorts to the south favor Wynn, Encore, TI, Palazzo, Venetian, and Mirage. The 5.5-acre facility is comprised of 9 various pools that variety from shallow options designed for families to one infinity pool that overlooks the Strip. Like other top pools in Vegas, will World’s pool area is spread out out and separated through trees and cabanas, giving a an ext private and intimate experience. Distinctive amenities easily accessible to guests encompass yard gamings like cornhole and even hammocks.



Honorable Mention

Paris‘ Soleil swimming pool

While the one rooftop pool won’t punch you away, the Soleil swimming pool deck’s ar on Paris’ rooftop sandwiched between the hotel tower and the replica Eiffel Tower is quite darn unique.

Paris’ Solel swimming pool – photo Courtesy of caesars Entertainment

Best Pools in Downtown ras Vegas

Circa‘s stadium Swim

Circa’s stadion Swim conveniently earns the location of ideal pool on Fremont Street, although sporting activities bettors will certainly likely think about it to it is in the ideal in every one of Vegas due to the 143-foot display screen which screens betting lines and sporting events. Back the screen steals the show, the swimming pool itself is no slouch with 6 different pools, 2 jacuzzis, and 2 swim-up bars. Every one of Circa’s 330+ loungers, 30 cabanas, and also 38 daybeds all allude towards the screen so you’ll never miss out on a minute the the action.

Circa keeps the swimming pool heated to 98 levels all winter long, an interpretation you deserve to take benefit of this haven year-round. Although guest of Circa, The D, and gold Gate have complimentary access to the pool deck, non-guests can access Stadium Swim because that a small cover (typically $10).

Circa’s stadium Swim rooftop pool deck screen

The Tank at Golden Nugget

Although freshly dethroned as the best pool top top Fremont Street by Circa, gold Nugget’s Tank still package a punch. The swimming pool itself is built approximately a 200,000-gallon aquarium that houses range of dry aquatic life to encompass sharks. Jutting through the center of the aquarium is a clear bath tub waterslide that permits riders to get up near and an individual with the sharks.


If booking a hotel with one of the finest pools in ras Vegas is a priority, you will have actually a tough time going wrong with any type of of the above resort options. Have a an excellent time in Vegas, and also enjoy your poolside relaxation!