Nothing claims summer prefer beach trips, burgers ~ above the grill — and also mosquito bites.

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When these pests "bite," a tiny bit of your saliva is deposited into your skin. Proteins in mosquito saliva spark a mild allergy reaction from your immune system, which leads to inflammation and also itching, according to new York-based medical and also cosmetic dermatologist Sapna Westley, M.D.

You’re probably tempted to scratch your mosquito bites, however scratching the itch deserve to actually do you itchier. Once you scratch, her immune mechanism releases compounds that create even an ext swelling and also itching, Westley says.

Not to point out the virus lurking under her fingernails could reason a gross bacterial infection.

Unfortunately, there is no miracle cure to remove mosquito bites, however the great news is they generally heal top top their very own after a few days.

In the meantime, you deserve to make them an ext bearable v these eight easy remedies for mosquito bites.

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4. Ice
“The cold is vasoconstricting, so that reduces the lot of blood flowing to the bite area to alleviate swelling and also itching,” Westley says.

Like calamine lotion, you deserve to use that to get extra relief in in between other therapies such as hydrocortisone cream, she says.

How to use it: to fill a zip-top bag with ice, wrap the bag in a kitchen towel or cloth, and apply come the affected area because that 10 come 15 minutes. Repeat together needed, increase to once an hour.


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5. Cold tea bag
Like ice, a tea bag soaked in cold water will alleviate blood flow to the surface ar of her skin come take under swelling and also ease itchiness. Depending on the variety, tea may likewise contain compounds called tannins, i m sorry helps minimize swelling.

Westley recommends making use of black tea, because it includes the most tannins.

How to usage it: Dunk a tea bag in an extremely cold water till the bag is fully soaked through.

Gently squeeze the tea bag to eliminate excess liquid, and also apply come the affected area because that 10 to 15 minutes. Repeat together needed.

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6. Oatmeal bathtub
Oatmeal consists of calming properties that moisturize skin and also lower pH level come soothe irritation and also reduce itching, says Westley.

How to use it: shot this on its own, or if you’re waiting for your antihistamine to absent in.

Finely grind one cup of rolled oatmeal in a blender or food processor to make a flour-like powder, and sprinkle in a lukewarm bath. (Grinding the oats makes it easier for the calm compounds to pass through your skin.)

Or, gain a premade alternative at the drugstore, like Aveeno soothing Bath Treatment.

Soak in the bath for 10 minutes.

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7. Aspirin
Since Aspirin is one anti-inflammatory, her go-to because that headaches could also help relieve several of the ede in your an insect bite.

Dr. Joshua Zeichner, director of cosmetic and also clinical study in dermatology at mountain Sinai Hospital in brand-new York City, called Allure the the best means to usage this typical home medicine is by do a paste and applying the topically. How to use it: Crush increase an Aspirin and dissolve through a little bit of water to turn into paste. Apply topically to bite.

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8. Aloe Vera gel
It may be much better known because that soothing your skin once it’s had too much sun, yet this tree can help with an insect bites, too. Aloe vera works because it has actually anti-inflammatory properties the can help heal boy wounds.

Purchase pure aloe vera gel or to express the gel straight from the plant. Keep your gel in the refrigerator as the cold temperature can assist with itchiness.

How to use it: reduced open the plant and apply the gel directly to her bite. Repeat together needed.

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9. Pramoxine
This compound is a object anesthetic, which means it numbs the emotion of the bite and may carry out temporary relief. It’s usual in lotions, creams, and also sprays labeled together “anti-itch” products. When you feel an itch in her skin, it’stransfer to the spinal cord, i m sorry takes the signal to her brain. A local anesthetic, the course, helps stop that whole communication pathway.

How to use it: Apply end the itchy area together directed ~ above the package. Many products containing pramoxine likewise contain various other calming ingredients, for this reason look prior to you layer products to be certain you’re no overdoing any kind of individual compounds.

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10. Mentholated creams
These come in numerous forms—even your sore muscle relief cream or spray could be put to usage here, if it has some kind of menthol (that’s the stuff the creates that tingly feeling after it’s applied). The cooling emotion it provides can combat the itch.

Instead the buying secondary product, you could just store other products you’re using for the mosquito bite itching in the refrigerator. “The very same nerves that transmit itch likewise transmit temperature,” claims Shawn Kwatra, M.D., assistant professor that dermatology at Johns Hopkins Medicine. Occasionally a cold temperature deserve to confuse the nerves that send the itch sensation to the mind and block the signal.

How to usage it: Apply menthol creams together directed; generally for an area as tiny as a mosquito bite, you’ll simply want to dab them onto the impacted spots. You deserve to go overboard with these, so review package directions.

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love husband
Honey has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, i beg your pardon can provide relief for your bites. However, it can be messy, yet is a good alternative if girlfriend don"t have anything else.

How to use it: use honey to the infected area. Prevent leaving the home after using honey as you may just attract an ext bugs.

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