Finding a high payment job with a felony can seem impossible. Let me guess… You have been turned under how numerous times since of her background check? Oh just 37 times…

Let us cut through every the bull $#^& and permit me come teach you how to discover a real, high payment career. In mine mind there is a large difference in between a job and a career. A job will enable you to relocate up and also make more money as time goes on. A project is… well something you acquire through each day to make a little money.

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The best high payment jobs incorporate those that will certainly not run a background inspect or have leniency v those that have actually a criminal record. several of these careers encompass the following.

Self-employmentWeldingWeb DevelopmentCarpentryFreelancingGraphic DesignPlumbingCleaning or Maid ServiceMasonryLandscapingMilitaryOilfieldTruck DriverRoofer

Let’s take it a look at at these felon trusted careers at depth. We will discover where come get totally free or low cost training, that to apply with so your felony background is no an issue and how much you can make.

1) Self-Employment

This may sound crazy, almost impossible, however being self-employed and also running girlfriend own service is the finest career path for felons’ hands down. No, you do not require a bunch of money, yes you should be a self-starter and the possibilities are endless.

Please… Please execute not dismiss this the idea of ending up being self-employed. There space so many low price start up business that you do a the majority of money at it is crazy. One word of fist though! You need to really want to want independence, it is in self-driven and very hard worker to do this work. If the is not you climate I suggest skipping this section.

Let us take a great look at the best and low expense self-employed career courses for felons.

Lawn care (Self Employed)

Can friend mow grass and run a cable trimmer? obtain yourself a used push lawn mower, gas can and also a wire trimmer. Have actually a bunch of cards or flyers published up and go door to door. Girlfriend literally can fit any kind of push mower in the trunk of any car v some imagination.

If you deserve to make $25 dollars per lawn and also can perform eight a day, five days a week her making $1,000 dollars a week, greatly CASH.

You can build off this startup to make it bigger and better. Conserve your money and also get a talk mower for this reason you have the right to mow even much more yards and take on big commercial contracts. This is a genuine “felon friendly” career with endless growth potential. If you live in an area whereby it snows you have the right to switch over to eye removal in the winter.

Owning her business means no elevator check and also your felony conviction will not host you back!

Check out this video clip if girlfriend think a lawn care career may be right for you. Watch the entire video… This details is wherein your career will certainly start and is invaluable!

Housekeeping/House Cleaning job (Self Employed)

This is one more super low expense start up career wherein you can make serious bank! v social media, flyers and also business cards getting clients is less complicated than it ever has been. Appearance is crucial in this career as you will in peoples homes cleaning. This is among the best careers because that felons due to the fact that the earnings potential is huge. Start small and job-related your method up together you obtain references and confidence. Have actually a plan and work your butt off and also you will certainly make it to the top.

The revenue potential for a cleaning skilled can selection from $500 come $3,000 every week.

Check out this video clip and watch all of it if girlfriend think you may be interested in making a job of it. Chalked complete of terrific advice, make this your very first of many steps in an altering your life.

Freelancing career (Internet Based) (Self Employed)

What is a freelancing career? Contract occupational involving computer and/or creative skills to create content for website owners. Example, a website owner requirements an write-up written around “Ten Shopping advice to save You Money.” You would write the article and then get paid for composing it. Freelancing deserve to be an ext than simply writing articles, below is a list of an abilities you deserve to freelance with.

WritingGraphic DesignWeb DesignIT SupportAutocadPhotographyCustomer ServiceAdministrative Work

How execute you find these freelance jobs? There are a variety of websites whereby you can connect with companies and also people that need your aid and skills. These include Upwork, FlexJobs, Fiverr, GURU and Outsourcely. There are no background check so this is a wonderful felon friendly career. Even if you perform not want to build a career about freelancing it deserve to be one awesome means to earn part extra money.

If you have a laptop and a WiFi connection, you’re maybe to gain up and also running together a writer. That’s no to speak it doesn’t call for training and also experience, yet frankly writing is a skill which we can hone v self-study, paying attention to what and also how we review the creating of others, and also practice, practice, practice!

If you have an interest in freelancing listen to this woman’s story. The is chalked full of information, tips and also income potential.

3) Landscaping Jobs

Landscaping providers are a dime a dozen and also most of lock are small businesses with just a pair employees. Many little landscaping service providers will no run a background examine making this a good high payment job.


An benefit of starting a landscaping job is that is miscellaneous you can learn and then end up act yourself. The mean pay for landscapers is about $14.50 per hour or much more with experience.

4) Carpentry Jobs

Carpentry is not simply framing and also building houses. Cabinet makers, furniture shops and also finish carpenters. Even if you carry out not have any experience friend can get some. Many neighborhood colleges have low expense carpentry classes where you have the right to learn the basics.

Do no go looking for a task at a huge construction company, they will run a background check. Go to tiny custom house builders, building and construction companies, room makers and furniture builders. A many these locations will no run a background check or if they do you will be able to talk through the owner in person. If they think you will add value come their agency then they will hire you.

The pay for carpenters can selection from 15.00 – 35.00 dollars every hour.

5) Coding Jobs

This is a career the anyone can learn ~ above their very own if you have a computer and also some time. Coding and also website advance is a large industry the is in demand. You deserve to work native home, execute freelance work, or develop websites because that yourself and also earn money from advertising revenue. There are tons of alternatives and provides this one five the greatest paying tasks for felons.

There are countless places you can learn to code for totally free or small cost. The pay for coders can range greatly indigenous $30,000 to $150,000 per year.

6) Website Developer Jobs

Do girlfriend know how websites do money? Did girlfriend know civilization will salary you a many money to advertise on a website you very own and/or create? over there is major money in website advance and they are really easy come build. You deserve to learn to build a website conveniently with totally free online sources in a matter of hours. Sounds easy right?

The reality is that it takes countless hours of work to produce a website and also there is a learning curve to it. The other truth is that your felony document won’t organize you back.

There is a million complimentary resources on the web that will teach you whatever you must know. You have the right to make a excellent, high paying career in this niche. Below are some great resources around building websites and also making money from websites.

If you have a computer and are ready to work difficult you deserve to make a great career for yourself. This kind of project can selection greatly in pay.

7) Welding Jobs

A job in welding have the right to be a good choice for felons since there space many tiny welding shops located roughly every corner. Friend will should some cultivate though prior to anyone will hire you. Many neighborhood colleges sell low price evening classes. Girlfriend will need to learn how to MIG and also Stick weld and also be maybe to use a plasma cutter and also torch.


Do not use to big welding service providers or construction companies due to the fact that they will certainly run a lift check. Watch for smaller shops that have actually a couple of employees, that is most likely that they will certainly not bother through a background check at all. If they perform then at least you deserve to talk with the owner and explain your previous rather than having someone in a this firm office refuse you automatically.

Welders regularly earn an excellent money also in little welding shops and is thought about to be among the higher paying careers for felons.

Keep in mind the following when trying to find a welding job.

Start applying to small, in your ar owned welding shops. Numerous of them will not operation a background examine on you and will just be interested in the skills you lug to the table.Be all set to take a welding check in order to show your skills.Make sure to mention other related skills you have actually like mechanical, pipeline fitting and other construction an abilities if you have them.

8) van Driver Jobs

You have to use caution here. Some felonies will save you from ending up being a van driver so you should be careful prior to you ever before spend a penny on getting a CDL. the is no an enig that most truck motorists make a kind living and also never need to worry about finding work. I have a variety of articles around truck driving v a felony and I suggest that you review over every little thing if have actually an attention in make this into a career.

Many trucking companies, if not all will pre-hire you, definition that they will certainly agree to hire you if you obtain your CDL. Call them and also talk through a recruiter and also they will work-related with friend to obtain pre-hired. Make sure you tell them around any felony convictions, any convictions actually. This provides you a decent guarantee the you will have a project if you obtain your CDL.

Here is a perform of trucking carriers that will think about hiring felons.

9) Roofing Jobs

Well… This can not it is in the task for everyone however it is a good career because that felons because a most roofing suppliers are tiny and in your ar owned. I have the right to tell you though the roofing is really hard, warm work. If you space not fear of heights or difficult work go and also visit several of your regional roofing companies. Plenty of of them will hire you on the spot as a laborer. If you job-related out they will certainly promote you and also pay girlfriend more. Roofers can make all over from $12.00 per hour on the really low end to $30.00 per hour.


10) stonework Jobs

A task in masonry deserve to pay well and be a lengthy term, life lengthy career for felons. Prefer most construction jobs there space a most smaller companies that do stonework work and also are flexible with felony convictions and/or criminal records. Gift a mason is a broad term. Within stonework you can be a brick class or a rock mason or any variety of other specialties.

The pay ranges greatly and also when you first start you will be a simple laborer. As your skill and also knowledge grows you will move up and also earn more. Being a an excellent mason, v a variety of skills can turn right into a very high paying career. That is possible to gain hired on through no suffer or ahead training.

11) armed forces Career

It is tough to sign up with the armed forces with a felony and also every branch is different. You are going to have a uphill fight the entire method but is feasible in SOME situations. Right here you can discover some information around each branch the the military.

The army is the many lenient once it pertains to considering the nature of the felony. Ultimately, the military is the largest branch and also has the most work that need to be filled. That is important to store in mind the it is possible that the military could refuse you while one more branch that the military can accept you into their ranks.

Like the civilian sector, the army offers a almost endless range of job field options to pick from. There are administration specialists, mechanics, scientists, drivers, pilots, infantry, supply and logical personnel, clinical technicians and doctors, intelligence and also law enforcement troops, you surname it!

If you space passionate around making a career out of the military then talk to a recruiter and also start the process. That won’t cost you anything yet a little bit the time and also patience.

12) Oilfield work – Drilling Rigs, Fracking and Support Services

For the foreseeable future, fossil fuels space going to proceed to be used as the world’s significant energy source. Yes, newer, cleaner technologies proceed to be enhanced upon and also exploited, but large Oil and Gas no going all over anytime soon. For this reason it makes sense because that felons to consider getting a project in the oilfields, because it is an area where oil suppliers will recruit you.

When friend are in search of a project in the oilfields avoid the big companies like Halliburton. Look for smaller drilling companies due to the fact that they are known for overlooking felony convictions.

There are numerous downsides to working in the oilfields. One concern many workers carry out not choose is that drilling rigs have tendency to be located in far areas, away from greatly populated areas. The other difficulty is the it is a an extremely up and also down business. Once it is up carriers hire like crazy and when the is under they lay off.

Salaries range from $33,000 to $73,000 and you deserve to search for oilfield tasks on rigzone.

13) Electrician Jobs

Another good choice for felons that don’t desire to sit in former of a computer all day! Most brand-new electricians will job-related through a type of apprenticeship, till they can work on your own. This is a terrific way to obtain experience, learning directly from a specialist in the field throughout the course of your training, i m sorry will also incorporate in-class lessons. Electricians are categorized as either an Apprentice, Journeyman, or master Electrician.

Since almost everyplace on earth is wired because that electricity, there is accurate an unlimited amount that high paying tasks for qualified electricians. Personal from residence electricians, there are choices for working directly with construction power companies, yet most often tend to job-related in either manufacturing, construction, etc.

The typical Electrician value hovers in the area that $53,000 come $66,000. But be affected by each other in mind the licensing demands for your state can potentially disqualify felons. Execute your homework prior to signing up for a course!

Here’s a sector which proceeds to prosper as more recent technologies begin to replace tradition systems. Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) tools can be discovered in nearly all homes, office buildings, hotels, restaurants, etc. Vehicles of all types, native planes come cars, additionally utilize their very own HVAC systems.

With increasing environmental regulations, technologies need to keep up v the plan trends, and also therefore there’s always something brand-new to learn. However, those older systems will remain in place for years to come, too, so there are methods for work throughout the board.

Because the the breadth that options, it can be difficult to pin under an hourly rate, but around speaking, an median is $13.93 – $30.63 an hour, through overtime obviously kicking the up considerably. Again, store in mind this is a rough range, and also specialization have the right to ensure even far better pay.

Median Aviation HVAC Mechanic i salary range, for instance, is between $37,324 to $51,037. If you have actually a little local HVAC company near you talk to them and see what lock say.

15) graphic Designer Jobs

Another an innovative job which can be excellent either full time or as a freelancer is graphic design. This usually needs a an ext formal style of training than writing, specifically if one is utilizing the recent technology. However, there room no license requirements and no obstacles to get over when gaining into this profession. Felons can easily end up being graphic designers and land great paying jobs if they can demonstrate their skill and proficiency.

As through writing, most businesses rental some kind of visual marketing in their declaring strategy. Magazine covers, social media ads, website imagery, infographics, posters…the perform is reasonably endless and many felons are drawn to the potential to work for themselves and also by themselves. Being me employed can regularly be the highest paying career because that felons and even non-felons. Girlfriend don’t require a degree in graphic architecture to acquire started, and also an entry level worker have the right to reasonably suppose to make about $40,000 a year. As with any type of job, the an ext talent you have, the more you should be able to earn!

Why walk I create this article about ‘high paying’ jobs for felons? because for one, you worthy a good salary, don’t you? for this reason it provides sense the if you room going come spend hrs finding a job, and filling in all those applications, then you must aim for the ideal paid positions!

That said, obviously specific jobs always tend to it is in a bit less complicated to land 보다 others, so use your strategy judgement once deciding what the best choices are. Evaluation the options I have actually outlined in this article and also consider which best match your existing skill set or i m sorry you can want come learn much more about, if you require a little of extra maintain to gain up to rate in the area.

If you don’t have any type of experience in the task you’re looking into, talk to few of the tiny companies in her area. See if they will hire girlfriend anyways or if lock would like to check out you v some official training.I likewise want to suggest out again, particular professions are more accepting of acquisition on felons. The easiest to get and also high paying tasks are in constructionDo not forget about the very first three work I listed, lawn care, cleaning and freelancing. These space self employment options where you deserve to make a ton of money and also not need to worry about your felony charges.

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High paying blue collar tasks tend come require more work v one’s hands, and also are typically speaking much more physical in nature than white collar jobs, which might require one come sit in an office most, if no all, the the day. However, one typical myth is the white collar jobs pay more. That’s simply not true!

I wish you every the ideal in your job search!

The information provided on this website (Help for Felons) walk not, and also is not intended to, constitute legitimate advice; instead, all information, content, and also materials easily accessible on this website are for general informational functions only.