Keeping your kids hydrated is important, yet some youngsters struggle come drink sufficient water. If that is the case, juice can be a good way to store them hydrated. Juice tastes good and is a good source the vitamin C.

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When some parents think around juice, castle worry around the sugar. Rightfully so, you want to save the sugar short for healthy and balanced teeth and metabolism. Happy for you, us have discovered that few of the finest juices space low in sugar but still taste great.

Best Juice because that KidsHonest kids Organic Juice DrinkApple & night FruitablesCapri sunlight Pacific CoolerCapri sun 100% Juice Fruit PunchBest short Sugar Juice for KidsApple & eve Fruitablesgood2grow Strawberry Kiwi and also Tropical Fruit MedleyBest essential Juice for KidsApple & eve Sesame Street Organics Juice BoxBest apple Juice because that KidsHonest kids Appley ever before AfterMotts for TotsApple & night 100% Juice variety Packgood2grow 100% to apologize JuiceJuicy Juice variety PackMotts for TotsBest Orange Juice because that KidsTropicana Orange Juice, 10 ounce (Pack of 24)Comparing the ideal Juice for KidsHow us Selected Juice because that KidsSugar contentTasteChoice the flavorsSizeType that containerFAQs - Juice because that KidsHow lot juice should my kid drink?Will juice damage my child"s teeth?What is the ideal drink for a child?Is juice an excellent for kids?Can juice help relieve constipation?Is juice a great substitute for fruit?What kind of juice is healthiest?

Best Juice for Kids

Honest children Organic Juice Drink comes in 4 flavors of fruit combinations; whereas Apple & night Fruitables add veggies to their juice which gives a linked serving of both fruit and vegetables.

Honest kids Organic Juice Drink


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The Honest kids Organic Juice Drink is our in its entirety favorite choice of juice because that kids. This juice only has 9 grams the sugar, which is about fifty percent of what most other kids’ juices have. The street is all-natural from the juice, an interpretation there is no included sugar.

This juice is technically is a mix the juice and also water i m sorry is why it has such short sugar content, but this does no take away too much from the sweet flavor. That is good because your children will have the ability to get that sweet taste and also the benefits of vitamin C without all the sugar.

This product consists of four seasonings (Berry Lemonade, Grape, Fruit Punch, and also Apple) and also comes in 6oz basic to hold, recyclable boxes v straws.

Why us Love ItNo added sugarOnly 9 grams of organic sugar (about 1/2 the most kids juices)USDA Certified OrganicFour an excellent tasting flavors70% day-to-day value that vitamin CComes in a box that is simple to organize for tiny childrenRecyclable boxWhat’s MissingLess flavor than some other juices since of water contentLarger size may not be ideal for children ages 1-3

Apple & night Fruitables



Apple & night Fruitables is an additional juice selection that includes vegetables. This tasty fruit and also veggie blend come in 6.75oz recyclable juice boxes. It consists of 39% less sugar than its regular fruit blend Apple & night 100% Juice range Pack. With only 12 grams of street in the 6.75oz box, and also no added sugar.

This blend has juices from sweet potatoes, tomatoes, beets, purple carrots, and butternut squash together with fruit, making that a great source the vitamin C, A, and E. Over there is one combined serving of fruits and veggies every juice box.

This juice is a good choice if you space looking to store the sugar contents low and get part veggies in your child’s diet. The only drawback is some civilization feel the the vegetable in the juice take away from offering it the sweet taste you may be trying to find in her juice.

Why we Love ItContains veggiesNo added sugarSource that vitamin C, A, E1 an unified serving that fruits and veggiesLow sugar (12 grams in 6.75oz box)What’s MissingVeggies may take away from the sweet tasteLarger size might not be proper for youngsters ages 1-3

Capri sunlight Pacific Cooler


The Capri sunlight Pacific Cooler is a an extremely tasty juice the comes in 6oz pouches in a good flavor. This juice does have actually less sugar than most other 6oz dimension juices, yet it has added sugar i m sorry is unlike many of our recommended juices.

Its full sugar content is 13 grams in that is 6oz size, and also 11 the the 13 grams are included sugar. Included sugar is not as healthy for youngsters as natural sugar is. Also, since this juice is only 10% juice, it is no a resource of vitamin C, unequal some other juices. In spite of what the is missing, this juice might be among the best tasting juices on our list.

Why us Love ItTastes greatLess sugar than many other 6oz juices, even though the is added sugarEasy to store pouchWhat’s MissingContains included sugarNot a source of vitamin COnly 10% juiceLarger size may not be proper for kids ages 1-3

Capri sunlight 100% Juice Fruit Punch


Capri sunlight 100% Juice Fruit punch is another yummy 100% juice option. This famous brand has developed a 100% juice variation of their classic fruit punch, an interpretation it has no included sugar. This juice come in 6oz pouches v each bag containing 20 grams the sugar.

This quantity of sugar is much more than most of our various other recommended 6oz juice pouches, yet there space no complaints around taste with this choice. Although that does contain some potassium, it is not a resource of vitamin C, unlike most other 100% juice choices on ours list.

Why us Love ItTastes greatEasy to save pouch100% juiceNo added sugarWhat’s MissingNot a resource of vitamin CMore sugar than many other brands (20 grams of sugar in 6oz pouch)Larger size might not be ideal for kids ages 1-3

Best short Sugar Juice for Kids

Apple & eve Fruitables has only 1 gram of organic sugar which is low because of the fact that they include water to the mix, making the taste more like flavored water, if good2grow Strawberry Kiwi and also Tropical Fruit Medley is a mix that fruit and also veggies with 13 grams of organic sugar.

Apple & eve Fruitables


The Rethink kids Juice Splash is a distinct juice that only has 1 gram that sugar. Comparable to our favorite Honest children Organic Juice Drink the is water combined with juice, however this one has also less juice, meaning less sugar. This drink comes in 6.75oz recyclable boxes with straws and offers fun and unique spices such as kiwi strawberry, fruit punch, strawberry lemonade, and also watermelon.

This is ours lowest street recommendation, but because of the lower sugar, the taste might be affected. The does no taste as sweet as various other juices, therefore if your kid is provided to a sweeter juice, they may refuse this one. Top top the various other hand, due to the fact that water is the recommended beverage because that kids, it’s a an excellent way to get them to remain hydrated through water yet with a tiny added flavor. If you room just starting out presenting juice in your children’s diet, this is a great place to begin as castle won’t be accustomed come the extra sweet odor of some juices.

Why we Love ItOnly 1 g that sugarNo added sugarUSDA organicComes in a recyclable boxComes in distinct flavors such together kiwi strawberry, fruit punch, strawberry lemonade, and also watermelonWhat’s MissingIt is much more like a flavored water than a juice, so it does no taste as sweet as many juices.Not a resource of vitamin c or various other nutrients due to the fact that of short juice content

good2grow Strawberry Kiwi and Tropical Fruit Medley

The good2grow Strawberry Kiwi and Tropical Fruit Medley is a an excellent refill selection for the good2grow brand that we recommend. Once you have your character tops, you can obtain refill party of any good2grow brand juice.

What to adjust this juice apart from others, is the it is a fruit and veggie blend. These flavors incorporate carrot, beet, and apple juices for a tasty juice that has veggies. Some youngsters have a hard time eating vegetables, for this reason the idea of gift able to gain some veggies in with juice is appealing.

With the added veggies, this juice i do not care a source of vitamin A and also E together with the usual vitamin C. It is 1 merged serving that fruits and also veggies. No added sugar is in this juice, and it has just 13 grams of organic sugar in the 6oz size, which is much less than its fruit only apple flavor.

Why we Love ItContains veggiesNo included sugarSource the vitamin C, A, E1 an unified serving that fruits and veggiesBottle is refillable, recyclable, and also BPA freeMeant come be used with spill-proof fun character topsCombines carrot, beet, and apple juices for a good flavorWhat’s MissingLarger than boxes or pouches, may not be as easy to load away or storeNeed to have actually character tops in order to use refill packs through a strawLarger size may not be suitable for children ages 1-3

Best essential Juice for Kids

Apple & night Sesame Street Organics Juice Box

The to apologize & night Sesame Street Organics Juice box is another good juice choice. This is a great juice an option for toddlers since it come in small 4.23oz recyclable boxes with fun Sesame Street characters on them. That has an ext sugar 보다 the moral brand, however again it is all-natural sugar, no added sugar. The reality that the is 100% juice, no water, does provide it a sweeter taste than part others. This product comes in 3 tasty flavors, apple, fruit punch, and also berry.

This juice is a good source the vitamin C and also contains 1.5 servings of non-GMO fruit. That is likewise USDA certified organic. If your boy doesn’t love to eat fruit, this can help provide some the those lacking nutrients. To apologize & night pride us on making use of all peanut-free machinery, therefore no need to worry if your child has actually an allergy.

Some buyers don’t love the small size of the juice box, however the AAP recommends that juice intake should be minimal to 4oz day-to-day for kids ages 1-3, for this reason it’s the perfect size for kids that age.

Why us Love ItNo added sugarUSDA Certified Organic100% JuiceComes in a recyclable box that is simple to hold for little children70% everyday value of vitamin CFun sesame street characters1.5 servings that non-GMO fruitThree tasty flavors, apple, fruit punch, berryComes in a smaller 4oz crate (appropriate amount for toddlers)What’s MissingSmaller than other juice box (could it is in a agree or a con)More sugar 보다 some various other brands (13 grams of sugar every box)

Best to apologize Juice because that Kids

The Honest youngsters Appley ever After 6.75 oz juice box has 70% of daily Vitamin C through 9 grams of natural sugar, however, the Mott’s for Tots 6.75 oz juice includes 100% of Vitamin C, and Vitamin A & E, v 12 grams of natural sugar.

Honest kids Appley ever After

The Honest kids Appley ever before After is the exact same brand as our favorite Honest children Organic Juice Drink

Motts because that Tots

but this product is different because it come in a little bit bigger 6.75oz pouches. It has actually all the exact same benefits together the other honest product, consisting of low street but great taste, yet it come in simple to save pouch. Part parents prefer pouches far better because they space flatter, easier to store, and also contain more juice. This apple smell is the most famous of Honest’s flavors.

Why us Love ItNo included sugarOnly 9 grams herbal of street (about 1/2 that most kids juices)USDA Certified OrganicTastes great70% day-to-day value the vitamin CEasy to store pouchWhat’s MissingLess flavor than some various other juices because of water contentSome speak the hole beat is difficultLarger size might not be appropriate for youngsters ages 1-3

Apple & eve 100% Juice variety Pack

The apologize & eve 100% Juice variety Pack is the exact same brand together our recommended Apple & night Sesame Street Organics Juice Box yet is geared in the direction of older children. That does not have the personalities on it and also comes in a larger 6.75oz size. This juice offers the same great taste in the very same apple, berry, and also fruit beat flavors.

Just like the brand’s other product, it come in a recyclable juice box v a straw and also provides 1.5 servings of non-GMO fruit. The sugar content is a bit higher at 20 grams the sugar, but that is due to its larger size. No included sugar is in this juice, and also it gives a an excellent source the vitamin C.

The only element that makes it different from the to apologize & night Sesame Street Organics Juice Box as well as its size, is the it is no organic, for this reason that might be other to think about if essential is crucial to you.

Why us Love ItNo included sugar100% JuiceComes in a recyclable box70% day-to-day value that vitamin C1.5 servings of non-GMO fruitThree tasty flavors, apple, fruit punch, berryWhat’s MissingMore sugar than other brands (20 grams the sugar every box)Larger size might not be proper for youngsters ages 1-3

good2grow 100% to apologize Juice

The good2grow 100% apologize Juice is an additional juice that us love. This juice is special because it comes through reusable spill-proof character tops. This product mirrors Paw Patrol characters, yet the good2grow brand offers countless character caps come collect including Disney and Marvelcharacters.

This cap is not just fun for her children, however also an excellent for the environment because it is reusable. Juice boxes and also pouches come with plastic straws that must be thrown out after each use. It likewise comes in a plastic party that is recyclable and can it is in refilled.

The spill-proof cap is a favorite for parents since they don’t need to worry around juice spilling if provided on the go. If girlfriend are searching for a spill-proof sippy cup for milk or water, check out our referrals here.

This is an additional juice that has actually no included sugar. There space 18 grams of herbal sugar in the 6oz size, which is equivalent or much less than some other juice brands with 6oz sizes.

It gives 60% that the daily value of vitamin C, i beg your pardon is a tad smaller sized than other brands, and also 3/4 cup of fruit per serving, which is great but likewise less than the to apologize & eve 100% Juice range Pack. This apple smell is a favorite and also tastes very good.

Why we Love ItSpill-proof, recycle paw patrol character topsNo included sugar60% day-to-day value of vitamin C3/4 cup of fruit per servingBottle is refillable, recyclable, and also BPA free100% juiceTasty apple flavorWhat’s MissingLarger 보다 boxes or pouches, may not be as straightforward to load away or storeMore sugar 보다 some other brands (18 grams in 6oz)Larger size may not be appropriate for kids ages 1-3Comes in smaller amounts (only 6 in a pack)

Juicy Juice range Pack

The Juicy Juice selection 32-Pack is a an excellent option indigenous the classic Juicy Juice brand. This pack has Apple, Grape, Fruit Punch, and also Orange-Tangerine. These 4 delicious spices come in 4.23oz dimension recyclable boxes with straws that room the perfect size and amount because that young children.

There are 14 grams of included sugar in the 4.23oz size box, i m sorry is a bit an ext than some various other brands, yet the juice is tho 100% juice with no included sugar.

This product is similar to the apologize & night Sesame Street Organics Juice Box since it also comes in a little size box that is good for toddlers. It is not organic choose the apologize & night brand, and also it has a tad more sugar and also a bit much less vitamin C, yet it come in four flavors fairly than three.

Similar come the apple & night brand, part buyers don’t love the small size but as stated before, the AAP recommends the juice intake should be limited to 4oz dailyfor kids ages 1-3, for this reason it’s the perfect dimension for the age.

Why we Love ItFour different flavors (apple, grape, fruit punch, and also orange-tangerine)Comes in a recyclable box100% JuiceNo added sugar60% daily value that vitamin CComes in a smaller sized 4oz crate (appropriate amount because that toddlers)What’s MissingMore sugar than some various other brands (14 grams of sugar in 4oz box)Smaller than other juice boxes (could be a agree or a con)

Motts because that Tots

Mott’s for Tots is a good another an excellent choice that is made especially for kids. The best component about this juice is the it contains 100% of the everyday value of vitamin C and also is also a resource of vitamin A and also E. This juice comes in 6.75oz boxes and contains 12 grams of sugar, i beg your pardon is a lot less sugar than most other juice boxes of this size.

Motts does not specify whether over there is included sugar in the juice, but it does not have added artificial sweeteners. Comparable to countless of our various other favorites, the is a mix the water and juice which allows for the lower sugar content yet may take far from a sweeter taste.

Why us Love It100% everyday value of vitamin CAlso has vitamin A and EComes in a recyclable boxLess sugar than various other juice boxes its size (12 grams in 6.75oz box)What’s MissingMay contain added sugar (Motts does not specify)Less flavor than some other juices as result of water contentComes in a tiny package, just 8 every packLarger size might not be suitable for children ages 1-3

Best Orange Juice because that Kids

Tropicana Orange Juice, 10 ounce (Pack that 24)

The Tropicana Orange Juice, 10 ounce (Pack that 24) is the just orange juice on the list. This orange juice is a good source that vitamin C and also potassium. Tropicana is a brand that many adults drink, however Tropicana orange juice is also great for kids.

It is 100% juice and contains no added sugar. There room 28 grams of sugar in a 10oz bottle. This seems favor a lot, however it is similar to most of our various other 100% juice recommendations when you take into consideration the larger size.

You can likewise buy this Tropicana juice in various other flavors such as cranberry and grapefruit, i beg your pardon are varieties of juices the our other favorite brands carry out not offer. This juice is marketed in bigger size bottles, which means that you might want to to water it into a cup for your child. (Check the end our favorite sippy cup here.)

You can select from 10 oz size bottles together pictured, or a bigger 15.2oz bottle and also even a 32oz size. With these larger sizes, you can also share with your child or break-up it between two kids. This recyclable and also reusable bottles are also a more sustainable option.

Why we Love ItTastes greatDifferent seasonings such together orange, grapefruit, and cranberryShareable size100% juiceNo added sugarRecyclable and reusable bottle70% day-to-day value that vitamin CGood source of potassiumWhat’s MissingMore sugar 보다 some other brands (28 grams of sugar in 10oz bottle)Does no come in little sizesBottle is no kid-friendly or basic to store

Comparing the ideal Juice for Kids

The table listed below compares just the recommended assets on this page. A short or high Price means it is short or high contrasted to the other products listed. The Popularity Score reflects how regularly readers click on and also buy the product. The Quality Score is our evaluate of the in its entirety performance and satisfaction v the product contrasted to others in the table.

Apple & night Sesame Street Organics Juice Box$$$$8.6 9.4
Honest kids Appley ever before After$$$$9.9 9.0
Apple & night 100% Juice variety Pack$$$$9.9 9.4
good2grow Strawberry Kiwi and Tropical Fruit Medley$$$$9.6 9.6
Apple & eve Fruitables$$$$9.4 9.4
Capri sunlight Pacific Cooler$$$$9.0 9.6
Capri sunlight 100% Juice Fruit Punch$$8.3 9.6
Honest kids Organic Juice Drink$$9.8 9.2
Tropicana Orange Juice, 10 ounce (Pack of 24)$$9.9 9.2
Motts because that Tots7.4 9.4
Apple & night Fruitables4.0 8.6
good2grow 100% apologize Juice3.9 9.4
Juicy Juice selection Pack6.8 9.0

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How we Selected Juice because that Kids

When looking into the ideal juices because that kids, we looked at a variety of criteria. Street content is one of the biggest problems for parents once it pertains to juice, so us made certain to watch into just how much sugar the juice had. Juice tends to vary a many in dimension and form of container offered, so the was an additional aspect us considered. Last, we had actually to keep in psychic the taste and flavors since many world look because that taste when it involves juice.

Sugar content

The quantity of street is more than likely the aspect of juice the is many discussed. Many parents decide not to market juice to their children due to the fact that of its sugar content. That is recommended by the AAP that youngsters have no added sugar prior to age 2, and it is recommended because that it come be limited after that. Luckily, almost all of our finest juices have 0 grams of added sugar, and also many room low in organic sugar together well.

Juices that have more sugar tend to taste better, and also tend to have an ext vitamin C since of the natural juice. Over there are additionally juices that space juice combined with water in order to save the sugar content down, but these may taste much more like flavored water 보다 juice. Our favorite Honest youngsters Organic Juice Drink is good because it has actually low sugar (only 9 grams), still includes vitamin C, and its taste is no compromised.


Taste is something that is usually an individual decision, yet we tried our finest to keep the taste in psychic when picking the finest juices. Although all of the juices us recommended room tasty, some may have much more flavor than others. This is sometimes based on sugar content, together we discussed above.

Lower street drinks are usually a mix that juice and also water, for this reason the juice might taste an ext watered down and have less flavor. On the various other hand, some children may enjoy less sweet juice, therefore it’s yes, really a an individual decision.

Choice the flavors

Juice deserve to come in a variety of different flavors. Apple appears to be the most famous flavor, complied with by fruit punch. Some of our favourite juices come in a selection pack where you deserve to pick from 3 to four various flavors.

Having a range to choose from have the right to be an excellent because you have the right to have various flavors on different days, or if you discover out friend don’t yes, really love one of the flavors, you don’t garbage a entirety pack top top it. We additionally found juices that come in just one great flavor, in situation you just want come stick v a favorite. Sometimes also if the juice doesn’t come in a range pack, Amazon will offer various other flavors to choose from because that a solitary flavor pack.


Juice for children tends come come in 2 various sizes, roughly 4oz and also around 6oz. We have actually recommended juices of both 4oz and also 6oz sizes, and also even uncovered the apologize & night brand the comes in both sizes. Many juices come in 6oz, but a 4oz size have the right to be good for toddlers or younger children since the AAP recommends the juice intake must be minimal to 4oz everyday for children ages 1-3 and 4oz-6oz per day for eras 4-6.

Type that container

When girlfriend think about juice, friend might snapshot a juice box, but juice comes in a variety of different containers nowadays. Most of the recommended juices come in box or pouches, yet the good2grow 100% to apologize Juice brand comes in a recycle plastic bottle v a recycle spill-proof personality straw top.

We thought about the container when it pertained to our recommendations since it have the right to make a difference. Boxes and bottles are recyclable, while the pouches space not. If recycling is essential to you, this may influence your choice.

Boxes tend to be easier to host for younger children, so if you space buying because that a toddler, you can want come go through a box. Pouches room thin and also easy come store, therefore if you are in search of something that packs far easily, you might want to go v a pouch.

The very nice one of the container that the good2grow 100% apple Juice is something that puts it high up on ours list. The fun spill-proof recycle character straws space a one-of-a-kind touch that various other juices execute not have.

FAQs – Juice for Kids

How lot juice must my child drink?

Juice is no recommended for children under period 1. For youngsters ages 1-3, the recommended limit is 4oz per day. That moves approximately 4oz-6oz per day from eras 4-6, and from periods 7-18, 8oz is the recommended limit. These references are based on the quantity of street that countless juices contain.

Will juice ruin my child’s teeth?

Too much sugar can cause tooth decay, but if girlfriend are picking a lower sugar juice and also limiting the amount, your child’s teeth need to be fine. Another method to prevent degeneration is to offer the juice all at once instead that sips throughout the day, to reduce the teeth’s exposure come the sugar. Also, the is not recommended to serve juice at bedtime.

What is the ideal drink for a child?

The best drink for youngsters is water and milk. Juice can likewise be a good drink if they consume in ~ the recommended amount and avoid included sugar. Juice is a much far better choice than various other sugary drink such together soda.

Is juice great for kids?

Juice deserve to be a healthy part of a child’s well-balanced diet if castle consume the encourage amount and also avoid added sugar. Most juices save vitamin C which is a healthy nutrient.

Can juice help relieve constipation?

Yes, juices that contain sorbitol can help relieve constipation. Apple, prune, and pear juices save on computer the many sorbitol and also might be the many effective. Countless doctors recommend offer a small amount of among these varieties of juice to your kid if they are struggling with constipation.

Is juice a good substitute because that fruit?

Although there are some nutrient from the fruit that deserve to be passed right into the juice, the is not a instead of for entirety fruit.

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What type of juice is healthiest?

In regards to nutrients and how they can aid your body, the healthiest juices are cranberry, tomato, beet, apple, and also prune juice. Generally, apple is among the most preferred flavors. This is might be why apple has tendency to be among the an ext popular seasonings in juices on ours list.