leaving It come Beaver: 10 Jokes that Aged rather Poorly given the age of the program, we"d expect few of the jokes featured in leave It to Beaver to have aged poorly, and, well, they absolutely have.

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Leave it to Beaver is among those reflects that countless adults flourished up with. Part parents have displayed it to their youngsters through the ages. Mr. Feeny also showed it come Cory and Shawn"s course on Boy Meets World. The Cleaver family members is known for their great clean fun, clean house, clean-cut appearance... And also that"s a lot of clean. They"re likewise funny and also easy come watch.

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Even despite the sitcom is nice great, the is still a product of its time. The display was on native 1957 to 1963, so it is for sure to say the some things have adjusted since then. Leave it to Beaver is great for part laughs, yet it additionally has a couple of jokes that just aren"t fairly right anymore.

The lost episode of Leave it come Beaver is complimentary on Amazon Prime. The is 16 minutes long and was intended together an education film promoting to save bonds. Prime"s review of the episode says it was developed "in collaboration with the U.S. Treasury Department." 

In it, Beaver learn a an important lesson about taking care of his money. When Ward Cleaver gets Beaver a to save bond, Wally share his business economics teacher"s wisdom with Beaver: "Every time girlfriend buy a bond, you"re to buy a re-superstructure in America." Beaver answers, "You mean, I very own a hunk of the country I deserve to go sit on?" Beaver"s unintended joke is cute and also childlike, but the premise of the story doesn"t resonate v a huge portion of modern-day viewers.

9 Wally"s practical Joke (Season 6, illustration 35)

helpful jokes aren"t constantly so practical. When Lumpy Rutherford puts cherry bombs in Eddie Haskell and Wally Cleaver"s cars, Eddie wants revenge. Eddie is often a poor influence ~ above Wally, and also this is one of those times where Wally goes together with Eddie"s scheme.

The girlfriend chain Lumpy"s vehicle to a tree, attract him out of his house by having Eddie ~ pretend to it is in his like on the phone, and then watch from the bushes as the body of the auto falls off. Nobody of these young guys should have been joking about with the others" cars. Such tricks aren"t obtained well this days. At the very least the boys need to fix your mess and repair Lumpy"s car—and Lumpy gets caught for his prank, too.

In a season 2 episode called "Wally"s brand-new Suit," the family is having burgers for dinner. In in between the talk of Wally"s impending purchase, Beaver is ravenous. Ward says, “Eh, Beaver, nothing eat therefore fast. Chew her food.” Beaver retorts, “gee, dad, this is hamburger. The butcher already chewed that in the machine.”

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Beaver"s small quip is not great dinner table talk, and, v a greater sensitivity to alternate diets and also animal rights, this is not a hoax for everyone.

7 Chuckie"s new Shoes (Season 4, illustration 11)

Wally is supposed to take his small neighbor, Chuckie Murdock, the end to purchase some brand-new shoes. He wants to cave out through Eddie, therefore he overcome his job off to Beaver. Beaver is no fit for this job, and Wally shouldn"t have shirked his responsibility.

After Mrs. Murdock is finished pointing out the debacle through the Cleavers, she starts come leave through Chuckie. Mrs. Murdock asks Chuckie why that is still crying. The says, "I"m fear you"re going come hit me." Mrs. Murdock asks her son, "now, when did mommy ever hit you for no reason?" "All the time," answers Chuckie. The Cleavers don"t laugh, yet plenty that laughter is quiet heard in the background. This joke is heinous, and also it"s saddening come think the something like this ever got laughs.

In the first season, Beaver has a crush on his teacher, miss Canfield. He constantly wants to carry out nice points for her. The other youngsters tease Beaver and also call him a teacher"s pet. He says he is no a teacher"s pet, however the children want him come prove that by placing an old "snake in a tube" prank in miss out on Canfield"s desk.

Beaver puts the feather snake in the desk, and, together the children leave, he immediately regrets it, yet it"s too late. Miss out on Canfield is coming back into the room. She doesn"t open up her workdesk drawer at the end of the day, so Beaver agonizes over his prank every night. He and Wally effort to sneak right into school to remove the fake snake, but they"re not successful. Beaver safety the following school work trying to keep miss out on Canfield from opening her desk, but she has known around the prank the entirety time. Unfortunately, many teachers are disrespected on television in also worse methods today.

5 The Blind date Committee (Season 3, illustration 1)

Wally is chairman the the Blind date Committee and also must find dates for girls who don"t have escorts to the college dance. Jill Bartlett is the only girl who requirements a date. Beaver pipes up, "Well, I"ll gambling she"s a genuine ugly girl, through warts every over and gray hair." It"s unbelievable the such a line simply flies by. Wally provides Jill a call, and also when her mom answers, Wally asks how much Jill weighs! Wally will call back if he "can find somebody that"ll take it her." Ward think it"s time to try to "line up a date" now that Wally knows "a little about her."

Wally has trouble finding an additional suitor, so he asks Jill come go v him. Eddie Haskell teases Wally about his date. When Wally asks if Eddie has ever before seen Jill, Eddie responds, "Sure, I saw her in the hall with a pair of other gophers." Wally asks, "You typical she"s not an excellent lookin"?" Eddie meanly answers, "Sure, if you happen to choose gophers." Ward tries to console Wally by informing him a story about having to take it a "wet blanket" to prom ago in his day. There is so lot wrong with this episode, and also these median jokes walk by left and right.

The cringe-worthy joke in this illustration is right at the beginning. Beaver: "Hey, Wally, once you acquire married, space you gonna have your wife execute the dishes?" Wally: "Well, sure. That"s what a girl"s claimed to do, all the housework and also the dishes and also all that kind of stuff." Beaver: "Boy, when I prosper up, I"m not gonna marry a girl." Wally: "Oh, you"re not?" Beaver: "Uh-uh, I"m gonna have paper plates instead." This one speaks because that itself.

3 It"s a small World (Pilot)

The pilot illustration of Leave It to Beaver featured two various actors, together pilots periodically do. Ward Cleaver to be played through Max Showalter (credited together Casey Adams), and also Wally to be played by Paul Sullivan.

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Ward provides a frighten remark once reasoning through Mr. Baxter: “Mr. Baxter, you do it sound favor those 2 boys stuck a pistol in her stomach and also said, your money or your bicycle.” also if to plan sarcastically, pistol violence is never something to hoax about.

Wally desires to litter a Friday night residence party. June Cleaver is fine through the idea, but she wants to discuss it v Ward. This will certainly be a boy-girl party, and when the parents agree ~ above it, June speak Ward, "You know the critical time Wally had actually boys and girls come a party was on his twelfth birthday? boys all stayed in the kitchen and the girl all stayed in the life room." Ward quips, "Yeah, that"s once Wally to be young and bashful and also shy, and smart." June says in a tone of warning, "Wa-ard." Still, Ward it s okay away with one more joke relating to gender roles.

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1 Captain Jack (Season 1, episode 2)

This is just one of the many bizarre sitcom episodes ever. Beaver and also Wally send away because that an yes, really alligator. When their infant Florida alligator arrives, castle must find a location to put it. Beaver says, "I fill the bath tub so it"d be ready for our alligator." Wally answers, "Beaver, if we keep him in there, us won"t have the ability to take a bath." Beaver finishes the hoax with, "Yeah, it"s real great having one alligator." regardless of the absurdity that this episode, it to be the first to display a toilet ~ above television.