It’s no an enig that pretty much everyone loves mexican food. Indigenous delicious taco to perfectly wrapped burritos, mexican cuisine is near and dear to our hearts. V that in mind, we set out to discover the best Mexican restaurants in every state, plus Washington D.C. Few of these restaurants serve dishes you can not know, while others serve the ideal of the basics, yet one point is sure: deliciousness is guaranteed.

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To uncover the finest Mexican restaurant in every state, we scoured virtual reviews, social media posts, regional publications and also word-of-mouth tips until we uncovered the absolute best place in every state.


El Barrio — which translates to district or community — is a hotspot because that Birmingham locals offer up funny cocktails and creative and interesting Mexican-inspired fare. Popular menu choices include the gulf shrimp quesadilla and also the grilled chorizo meatloaf, wherein spinach, cotija mashed potatoes, ranchera sauce, cumin sour cream and, of course, chorizo, incorporate for a delicious concoction.


Owned and operated through the Hurtados family because 1997, El Dorado is Alaska’s top location for good Mexican food. You’ll discover all the requirements here, yet locals’ favorites incorporate the El Jefe — steak asada with cheese enchilada on the side, rice and also beans — and the sizzling fajitas. 


Located in Phoenix, Barrio Café supplies Mexican food that has actually enthralled Arizonans due to the fact that 2002. The cuisine at Barrio coffee shop is so famous that it even made an illustration on “Diners, Drive-Ins and also Dives.” If you want to eat prefer a Food Network star, try the Chiles en Nogada — poblano pepper stuffed v chicken, nuts, dried fruits, apples, pears, almond and also a cream palliation — and if you want to eat choose a local, try the Cochinita Pibil — Barrio’s award-winning 12-hour achiote-sour orange pork spread on corn tortillas v pickled red onions, Yucatan pico de gallo, Sangre del Diablo chile oil, piloncillo carrots, quelite beans, Barrio papas and also spicy ketchup.


When she in Arkansas and also craving delicious, authentic mexico cuisine, look no more than Taquería El Palenque. Located in little Rock, Taquería El Palenque specializes in the basics, however dishes choose enchiladas, carnitas and also gorditas are among the many popular, and tacos are available with seven various meat options.

When immigrant husband and wife Fernando Lopez and also Maria Monterrubio opened up Guelaguetza’s doors in 1994, they presented Los Angeles come Oaxacan cuisine. Referred to as the “best Oaxacan restaurant in the country,” Guelaguetza is most famously recognized for that is mole — the restaurant provides six sports of the flavorful dish — and also its tlayudas — a crispy plate-size tortilla typically smeared v refried beans, meat, cheese and toppings.

Originally a taco truck, Denver hotspot tacos Tequila Whiskey place a contemporary twist on comida de la calle (Mexican street food) and also serves small-batch tequilas. You’ll want to begin with an order of queso fundido, however you can’t go wrong with the award-winning tacos, favor the chipotle-and-beer-battered fish taco.

Founded in 2019, El Charrito could be brand-new on the scene, however that hasn’t quit locals native raving about the delicious meals in ~ this Riverside, Connecticut, establishment. El Charrito prides chin on offer “authentic mexico food, not Tex-Mex,” and also the menu shows it. Shot a torta — it’s served with a meat the your choice and loaded with chipotle mayo, black color beans and Oaxaca cheese. ​​​​​​

El Pique in Wilmington, Delaware, is a tiny establishment that you can not notification when you an initial drive by, yet once you action inside, you may never desire Mexican cooking from anywhere else. At El Pique, girlfriend can’t walk wrong with an stimulate of tacos. There room numerous proteins to select from, consisting of lamb barbacoa, potato, chorizo and also lengua.

Named after the beautiful pottery of Mexico, Florida’s best Mexican restaurant is Talavera in Coral Gables. The menu at Talavera is inspired by a mix of brand-new and old-world Mexico and features renowned Mexican dishes that deserve to be discovered in both timeless street markets and also classic restaurants in Mexico City. Pair an bespeak of tacos through the Los Famosos mole — it’s make from scratch daily with up to 36 different ingredients. Skip out on Disney and also the beach and also stay right here all day. 

The handmade tortillas are a selling allude at El Rey Del Taco in Atlanta. When you avoid by El Rey Del Taco, prepare to load up ~ above tacos, most notably cabeza (cow’s cheek) and chivo (goat). Wash it all down with a cool glass that horchata.

California-born Alejandro Alvarado grew up eating the cuisine of his Salvadorian and also Mexican parents, and his family recipes offer as the structure of the menu at his Kalihi Valley, Hawaii, destination, appropriately dubbed Alejandro’s. Specialties encompass carnitas, beef and also carne asada tacos.

Two sister from Texas lacking tacos from home put your heads together and created believe Roof, among the ideal Mexican restaurants in Boise, Idaho. Believe Roof serves a variety of an imaginative tacos, consisting of the believe Roof (shredded achiote-rubbed pork, pineapple, cilantro and also onion), brisket (slow-roasted beef through queso fresco, cilantro and onion) and fish (grilled or fried, and topped with chipotle crema, red cabbage, and cilantro).

Xoco — express Sho-ko — has actually delicious mexico cuisine v bold flavors. Owned by award-winning chef rick Bayless, this Chicago hotspot honors Mexico’s many beloved street food and also snacks with flaky empanadas, deep-fried churros, Mexican hot chocolate and also flaky tortas. Whatever is precious a try here, but you can not say you’ve dined at Xoco till you’ve had a Xoco churro. 

There’s plenty of an excellent Mexican cooking in Indianapolis, however Indy tacos in Indianapolis is a regional favorite. The basics are served at Indy Tacos, however why no be bolder and try one of the well known specialty tacos choose the mango chicken — grilled chicken and also fajita onion marinated through mango sauce. For a explode of flavor, shot the mole taco — shredded chicken topped off through mole sauce and fresco cheese. 

Originally a taco truck seen rumbling through the streets of Iowa City, La Regia Taqueria is Iowa’s go-to spot because that tasty mexican cuisine. Indigenous quesadillas to tortas, to tostadas and burritos, La Regia Taqueria has actually all the favorites you’d expect from a mexico restaurant, however it’s the tacos that take it the menu to the next level. Shot the beloved fish taco — fried tilapia on a corn tortilla with onions, tomatoes, cilantro, lettuce and ranch dressing — for the complete experience.

Founded virtually a decade ago, Don Antonio’s Carniceria y Taqueria is well-known — together the name indicates — for savory meats and amazing salsa. The menu isn’t comprehensive — tacos, burritos, tortas, quesadillas and also nachos space the only dishes readily available — however the meat options, which encompass buche, carnitas, grilled beef and also more, will spruce up any type of meal.

Kentucky has an ext than wonderful Derby cocktails. In ~ Taco Luchador in Louisville, you’ll discover delicious tacos. Shot the baja fish tacos v a side of chips and also guacamole or elote callejero — every recommended by the chef — once you’re yearn a meal with a kick. The baja fish tacos are made v Mexican beer-battered cod, chipotle aioli, pickled cabbage and cilantro, and also the elote callejero — a timeless dish — is caramelized corn top top the cob smothered v mayo, mexico spices and cotija cheese.

Many factors contribute to the stellar food in ~ El Cabo Verde in Shreveport, Louisiana. The recipes are motivated by cook Gabriel Balderas’ upbringing in Oaxaca, Mexico, wherein he studied his mother’s and also grandmother’s cooking. Every the recipes are made native scratch and also ingredients are taken indigenous an essential garden ~ above the restaurant property. El Cabo Verde is a gem that keeps the locals coming earlier for deliciously crafted dishes favor ceviche, tamales and crispy chicken flautas. 

Portland, Maine, has no shortage of good restaurants, but for tacos, head come Taco Escobarr. Tacos are easily accessible in three varieties: soft corn tortillas, crispy griddle-fried tortillas, or deep-fried puffy tacos. The crispy taco is the winner that the bunch. Try it filled through bistek — slow-braised shredded beef with flavors of roasted poblano peppers and also garlic.

Located in Baltimore, Tortilleria Sinaloa is a regional favorite serving few of the finest Mexican cook in the entire state. Over there aren’t many choices on the menu, yet there’s magic in simplicity. Because that a little bit of Mexican/Maryland fusion, shot the special tilapia tacos v Old just butter sauce. 

Massachusetts may be residence to the Boston cream pie, but thanks come Taqueria Jalisco in Boston, the east shore state have the right to claim an excellent Mexican cuisine, too. The best time to go to Taqueria Jalisco is top top the weekend once they’re serving up the birria tacos. Served on weekends only, the birria tacos space made through tender beef, topped v cilantro and onion, and also served v a broth because that dipping.

Detroit gem El Rey is ideal known because that its marinated grilled chicken, cooked end a lumber charcoal grill and also “crisped to perfection.” A totality chicken, served with rice, beans, tortillas and also salsa, expenses $13, and, together a bonus, you have the right to use the leftovers to make a very delicious meal. Corn shell tacos are only $1.75 and can be filled v your an option of 11 fillings, consisting of pastor, asada, tripe, lengua and also cabeza.

Known together “the ideal kept mystery in town,” Andale Taqueria in Richfield, Minnesota, dishes out street-style mexican food. Everything is make from scratch and ingredients space purchased from the market next door, so whether you’re notified tacos, fajitas or a torta, you’re guaranteed a fresh and satisfying meal. If friend don’t think us, ask guy Fieri — Andale Taqueria to be featured ~ above an episode of “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.”

At Jackson, Mississippi, hotspot green Ghost Tacos, recipes have been passed under for generations and are cooked in little batches every day. Nearly anything mexican cuisine you’re desire — from chimichangas to enchiladas — is on the menu, but try the specialty environment-friendly Ghost taco — three streak or chicken tacos on flour cake topped through melted cheese and also mushrooms and also served with rice and beans.

Located in St. Louis, La Tejana is a restaurant the couples friendly smiles and a warm setting with very delicious food for a joyous experience. The menu is simple, yet invited with standard favorites. As soon as you want to watch what all the exaggeration is about, locals introduce trying the fish and al pastor tacos. 

Since 1997, Taco Del solar in Missoula, Montana, has been a Mission-inspired restaurant serving good eats. Tacos are offered in soft flour, soft corn and also crispy corn shells and also loaded through your selection of meat. Try the fish taco — small Alaskan cod, beans, shredded cheese, new salsa, shredded cabbage, white sauce, hot sauce and also jalapenos.

Rivera’s mexican Food is a family-owned company serving delicious dishes with flavors and spices native Pueblo, Mexico. Located in Omaha, Nebraska, Rivera’s serves whatever from pork enchiladas come grilled shrimp tacos with pico de gallo and a drizzled morita sauce. And just as great as the food in ~ Rivera’s is the tequila — there room over 100 brand available.

It may not have the speed of mexico hotspots on the Strip, but Bonito Michoacan is just one of Nevada’s great neighborhood mexican restaurants. This las Vegas institution has actually all the basics and more, plus comprehensive list of margaritas to complement each meal.

El Rincon Zacatecano Taqueria is a beloved mexican spot in Manchester, brand-new Hampshire, offer authentic cuisine through rich flavors. El Rincon is offer up savory chilaquiles and also standout chef’s specialties. Try the shrimps el rincon — three fried shrimp taco on soft corn tortillas topped with avocado salsa, pico de gallo and shredded cabbage.

By the time you get your order at Pancho’s mexican Taquería in Atlantic City, new Jersey, you’ll be salivating. The food is all set in former of friend — also the tortillas — so great smells companion even better food. The main menu alternatives are tacos v a next of even much more tacos, yet with an ext than 10 different meat choices to pick from, you’ll never get exhausted of coming earlier for more. 

Located in Albuquerque, new Mexico, Cocina Azul is owned by frank L. Barela Sr. And also his mam Evelyn. Together, the two work-related hand in hand to craft initial recipes that have locals coming back for more. Try the Nuévo México Relleno plate — two full stem brand-new Mexico entirety green chiles stuffed with white cheddar and also Monterey Jack cheese, dipped in a frothy whipped egg batter, delicately pan fried and smothered with the dealer’s selection of candid Sr.’s red or environment-friendly chile. 

Casa Enrique is a Michelin-star restaurant led by Cosme Aguilar, a aboriginal of Chiapas, Mexico. Influenced by the classic Chiapas meals offered by his mother, aunts and sisters, Aguilar opened Casa Enrique’s doors in 2012 and continues to carry authentic cook to brand-new Yorkers. Neighborhood favorites encompass the enchiladas de pollo en salsa verde — chicken breast rolled in a corn tortilla topped through tomatillo sauce, lettuce, black color beans, crema fresca, queso fresco and also avocado — and the enchiladas de pollo con mole de piaxtla — chicken breast rolled in a corn tortilla v mole sauce, onion, black color beans, crema fresca, queso fresco and also avocado.

La super Taquería in Durham, phibìc Carolina, is a small establishment with huge flavors. The menu is pretty directly forward — tacos and also tamales dominate the perform — but every order is guarantee to it is in fresh and tasty.

La Carreta has whatever you look because that in a standard Mexican restaurant, and also it’s to be serving hungry Bismarck, phibìc Dakota, locals for much more than 15 years. On the menu, you will do it find an excellent margaritas and top-notch nachos, burritos, enchiladas, fajitas and more. Traditional Mexican dishes favor arroz con mariscos and chilaquiles are likewise available.

Beloved Cleveland hotspot Barrio trusts its guest to build their own ideal taco from a choice of fillings, consisting of Coca-Cola-marinated steak, braised beef, homemade chorizo, traction pork, bacon, jalapeno lime shrimp and also pan-seared portobellos. If you’d rather leave it up to the masters, try one of the El Jefe’s Selecciones. 

If you’re looking for Oklahoma’s best Mexican food, drive till you with Norman and pull right into Tarahumara’s, a charming family-owned cantina. Food selection items room made with high-quality ingredients and recipes source in Chihuahua, Mexico. Make sure you shot the sizzling chicken fajitas.

Tienda Y Panaderia Santa Cruz is renowned because that bringing local, authentic mexican food come Portland, Oregon. The menu consists of items prefer a lengua tacos, burritos and also camarones rancheros, amongst other dishes. Huaraches, one more house specialty, room masa formed in a lengthy oval shape and topped v beans, lettuce, cheese and also meat.

With several locations throughout Pennsylvania, El Limon mexican Taqueria has enthralled locals through authentic, fresh Mexican cuisine. There’s no one timeless dish you won’t be able to find ~ above the menu, but it’s the fish tacos — served with tilapia, onions, cilantro, rice and beans — the locals rave about.

Tallulah’s Taquería in Providence, Rhode Island, is serving standard Mexican fare prepared with care. Tacos, burritos, tortas, bowls and also quesadillas can be filled through your choice of 14 fillings. Don’t miss out on the carnitas tacos: slow-braised pork ship is offered in a corn tortilla through onions, cilantro and salsa.

Originally a company started in a little town in the mexican state of Jalisco, Margaritas mexico Restaurant comes from the psychic of 2 brothers who flourished up prepare moles, salsas and other family recipes. Today, Margaritas mexico Restaurant is a Myrtle Beach, south Carolina, staple where locals stop by because that delicious mexico cuisine and also even far better margaritas. Try the steak fajita quesadilla.

If you find yourself in the mount Rushmore State and also you’re craving mexico cuisine, look no more than Sabor A Mexico in quick City. Scratch-made tamales and also salsas are full crowd-pleasers. 

In 2003, simply two years right into his retirement, Jose “Pepe” Magallanes opened Las Tortugas in Memphis, Tennessee, v his boy Jonathan. Born and raised in Mexico City, Pepe saw a require for authentic mexican food in Memphis and made las Tortugas the go-to spot because that locals. The menu is simple, but the food is not. Whether you’re notified the de pollo — a entirety roasted chicken v tomato, sweet onion and mild pickled jalapeno pepper — or the al minister — shepherd style spicy pork tenderloin through fresh caramelized pineapple — you’re guaranteed a to explode of flavor v every bite.

At Hugo’s in Houston, cook Hugo Ortega — a 2017 James mustache Award-winning cook — cooks food that is light and also fresh, deep and complex and earthy. Ortega specializes in menu choices that selection from staple, top recipes to the complex. Shot the very praised pulpo al carbon — grilled octopus, onions and peppers, chipotle-tomatillo salsa with small tortillas — or the flavorful carne brava — wood-grilled dress steak, poblano peppers, onion, salsa tarasca con cacahuate, guacamole, refritos and also arroz a la Mexicana. 

If you want “killer mexico food” in Utah, you’ll have to go come Red Iguana in Salt Lake City. Opened up in 1985 by Ramon and Maria Cardenas, Red Iguana is currently operated by their daughter, Lucy Cardenas, and also has acquired both local and national recognition for exceptional food, especially the mole.

Located in one of America’s many underrated little towns, Taco Gordo has some that the finest Mexican cooking in the whole state that Vermont. This Burlington taco share keeps locals happy with a basic menu featuring tacos, burritos and even an ext tacos. Pair the brisket taco — dry-rubbed, 16-hour chopped brisket with cilantro and also onion on a corn tortilla — v a next of fresh guacamole. 

Since opening its doors in 1998, El Paso mexico Restaurant has end up being a clip for tasty mexico food in Springfield, Virginia. The restaurant takes proud in moving Springfield inhabitants to Mexico v its long list the tacos, burritos and enchiladas.

When you’re not taking a tour of Seattle’s famous an are Needle, you should be eating at Fogón Cocina Mexicana. Through salsas, tortillas and also tostadas, it’ll be an overwhelming to pick what you must order, but we recommend kicking off your order with a round of carne asada street tacos, topped with onions, cilantro, salsa and also lime with radish top top the side.

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Spanish-born chef and humanitarian José Andrés is a renowned chef committed to the craft of food preparation up great food. In ~ Oyamel in Washington, D.C., Andrés combines Mexico’s rich regional diversity v a vibrant atmosphere. The menu is loaded v an eclectic range of cooking that varieties from spicy come savory, yet whatever you execute order, be sure to incorporate the queso fundido con tequila: melted Clover Hill ranches Monterey Jack cheese flambéed with tequila and also served v fresh hand-made tortillas.

Located in Shepherdstown, West Virginia, Maria’s Taquería is the brainchild of north Virginia native Maria Allen. She opened Maria’s Taquería after ~ graduating from West Virginia’s Shepherd University, and also it ended up being a hotspot virtually immediately. The food here is fresh and tasty, and also there’s one expansive food selection that will certainly make just about anyone happy. The fish taco features crispy fried cod topped through cilantro, jalapeno aioli and spicy cabbage slaw wrapped in a flour tortilla. 

Taquería Guadalajara, situated in Madison, Wisconsin, insurance claims it has actually the “best, many authentic mexican food in Madison,” and based top top reputation, they room not wrong. Every little thing from taco to gorditas space available, yet if you want to put Taquería Guadalajara’s case to the test, try the chimichanga — a deep-fried strictly rolled burrito stuffed through your choice of meat and melted cheese and covered with sour cream. 

In business because 2007, Juan’s home of tacos brings authentic mexican food to the heart of Wyoming. Located in Thayne, Wyoming, Juan’s uses fresh ingredients and also traditional recipes to lug locals’ taste buds to life. Shot the chimichanga for crispy goodness. If she craving mexico cuisine however want come skip the restaurant, try making these favourite Mexican recipes in ~ home. 

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