We"ve selected just the ideal of the best—the film collection with the many good/great movies and least bad ones.

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If you practicing social distancing or are possibly under self-quarantine, you’re no doubt the town hall a lot of things. After ~ all, yes sir nothing better to take her mind off the news or skepticism than disappearing into a great story. But there are only so plenty of episodes of The Office to watch on Netflix. If you desire a real project, how about a full-on movie marathon?

Franchises have actually been king for decades, however it’s rare to find a movie franchise through a high mean of good-to-great movies. Yes Jaws is a masterpiece, however nobody desires to clock Jaws: The Revenge.

But if you’re stumped top top which room the ideal movies to binge watch, we’ve obtained you covered. We’ve placed together a hefty perform of movie franchises the will get you the many bang for your buck—the most amount that good/great movies, and the the very least amount the stinkers. They likewise vary wildly in tone, so whether you’re in the mood for a rollicking adventure, a thematically affluent trilogy, or a full-on gore fest, there’s yes, really something for everyone here.

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If you really trying to find a long marathon, i cannot recommend the Lord of the Rings trilogy expanded editions enough. Return the the King is a full 51 minutes longer than the theatrical cut, for this reason yeah, this is a commitment. And also while the theatrical cut of these films may technically it is in a an ext concise/better way of telling the story, I uncover that the extended editions are almost like a “living novel” experience. They’re simply so dense, but likewise really sluggish down and take your time with the characters—and uneven The Hobbit trilogy, these characters are actually compelling. Watching all 3 of these in a row is prefer disappearing into Middle-earth for an entire day. What might be far better than that at this specific point in time? – Adam Chitwood

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Mission: Impossible

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lb for pound, Mission: Impossible is the ideal franchise running best now. The level of top quality on these movies is astounding, however it’s the dynamism from film-to-film that really makes them special. The Bond and also Bourne movies type of blur together a bit, however each Mission: Impossible movie is distinct, with filmmakers pass their very own flavor to the spy series. The very first film is a sultry Brian De Palma thriller through-and-through; M:I 2 is over-the-top John Woo action (and is the only “bad” movie in the franchise despite certain redeeming qualities); Mission: difficult 3 is a romantic and also deeply an individual affair thanks to J.J. Abrams (even if the a little similar to Alias); Brad Bird’s Ghost Protocol is virtually cartoonish in the best feasible way; Christopher McQuarrie’s Rogue Nation is a suave 1940s throwback and the director"s Fallout is an epic, Christopher Nolan-y actioner full of stunning set pieces. And also through the all, Tom Cruise just simply never ever quits being the coolest. – Adam Chitwood

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Jason Vorhees is the best physical comedian since the silent film era, and you need look no further than his very first appearance in Friday the 13th component 2 come verify this fact. That wears a goofy burlap sack on his head with a single eyehole, and also at one allude in the movie tries to ambush someone hiding beneath a bed by was standing on a chair and also ends increase crashing through the chair prefer an absolute rube instead. Then he it s okay kicked in the balls v an audible “OOF!” it’s wonderful. The infamous slasher series gradually realizes that Jason is means more funny than scary, many noticeably in Friday the 13th part 6: Jason Lives, a movie in i beg your pardon Jason crease a male in fifty percent like a wardrobe bag and crashes a Winnebego ~ above the highway. Part 8: Jason bring away Manhattan has an all-time cinema moment involving Jason dropkicking a boombox throughout Times Square. He then goes to room and fights Freddy Kruger in that order (to clarify, Freddy Kruger is no in space). Even the 2009 remake is pretty enjoyable, turning Jason right into a backwoods Solid line rigging decision Lake v booby traps to defend his weed farm yard from Jared Padalecki. That’s not a joke. It’s among the many consistently enjoyable horror series just in regards to iconic slasher movie moments, and also the films in which they lean right into playing Jason purely because that comedy are once it important shines. – Tom Reimann

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A personal favorite that mine, you’re either really right into Harry Potter or it’s simply not because that you. My first go-around with this franchise ns hadn’t read the books. I had fun with the movies and enjoyed the readjust in tone and also aesthetic native film-to-film, but my full-on Harry Potter obsession didn’t come until after I had actually acquainted myself through J.K. Rowling’s masterful book series. These films are therefore lovingly crafted and true to the heart of rowling’s books, but additionally take influenced swings. They’re some of the best examples that book-to-film adaptations in history: lock don’t perform a disservice to Harry Potter, but they’re additionally not fear to make transforms that deepen the characters. This is partly because of the truth that four really different directors helmed this series, each with his own point of view on what this story of good vs. Evil, of found family, and also of the amazing power that love expected to them. But also just together a piece of entertainment, the variety of odor you discover from movie to film, and the skill with i m sorry this one lengthy story plays the end in seven various parts, makes it highly watchable in a marathon setting. – Adam Chitwood

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peak to bottom, full stop, the Indiana Jones movies are the grandest adventure you have the right to go on without ever leaving your home. Steven Spielberg took every the best aspects of swashbuckling 1930s and also 40s serials, added his very own supernatural knack because that spectacle, and topped it all off with the many charismatic mommy effer top top the planet, Harrison Ford, as the daring archeologist battling Nazis, death cults, and the wrath of God self to acquire rare artifacts. The basic pulse-pounding nature of these movies will certainly rocket girlfriend through, however there’s also an ext variety in between them than instantly meets the eye. Raiders of the lost Ark has been proven through science* to be the perfect activity movie—to paraphrase Indy himself, the truck chase belongs in a museum—where the genuine treasure is Douglas Slocombe’s cinematography. Temple that Doom it s okay way darker, literally inventing the PG-13 rating with its bloody, below-ground spookiness. The last Crusade is basically the franchise’s Avengers-level occasion film, quadrupling under on every bombastic quirk of the series while doubling the Joneses with the enhancement of Sean Connery’s Henry Jones Sr. And also that’s it! That’s all the Indiana Jones movies!

I’m kidding. Kingdom that the crystal Skull is, rightfully, pertained to as the unnecessary weak clues in an otherwise flawless series. However heck, even that movie has the return that Karen Allen together Marion Ravenwood, an underratedly great motorcycle chase, and also Cate Blanchett wielding a tiny sword. - Vinnie Mancuso

(*citation needed.)

Batman Begins lugged us a new means of looking at superhero cinema. Tim Burton’s original two Batman films to be dark, alright. But they were heavily stylized, fantastical, and otherworldly. Christopher Nolan, coming turn off his indie breakthrough Memento and his studio entrypoint Insomnia, took the world of the caped crusader and also grounded it right into something the felt choose our actual, visceral, tangible world. Christian Bale growling, Heath Ledger asking around these scars, Tom Hardy’s entirety thing -- these have actually all come to be so ubiquitous in our society they border on solely existing as points to it is in parodied. Yet returning come the sources, you’ll be reminded of these films’ thin power, scope, and also filmmaking courage. ~ the moral complications the Begins comes the powerhouse the The Dark Knight, Nolan’s variation of Heat rife v gritty photography and one helluva performance from Ledger. And also after the grittily narrow emphasis of Dark items comes the bigger, broader, sloppier, and also arguably funner The Dark article Rises. Hardy is soon iconic, yes, however my greatest props go to Anne Hathaway, who offers Catwoman a crucial sense that humor and fun the powers the remainder of the action-packed flick. To add -- the scene with Michael Caine making a huge decision will always make me cry. Girlfriend either die a hero, or live long sufficient to forget how an excellent the Dark article trilogy is. Do your an option wisely. - Greg Smith

Paranormal Activity is one of the finest horror film franchises ever created - simply make sure you avoid watching after ~ the third film. Oren Peli’s 2009 initial is an incredible feat the creativity, economically filmmaking and also character development. One might think the late-night recording sessions would prosper old fast but the pairing of smart scares through the growing attachment to the key characters, Katie and also Micah (Katie Featherston and Micah Sloat), not just makes that first film for this reason much more than a spooky shtick, however it additionally successfully build a foundation that would assist support two phenomenal sequels. When Paranormal task 2 arrived in 2010, mine burning question was, how can they maybe pull this turn off again without making it feel like more of the same? Yes, Peli and also the growing team of Paranormal filmmakers do add some new visual tricks, however a huge reason why Paranormal activity 2 is simply as successful as the an initial is due to the fact that it appears character and story came first. Round two put the spotlight on Katie’s sister, Kristi (Sprague Grayden), and then through the third film, the team do a downright genius decision - use what they achieved in the very first two films to bolster a third. Paranormal task 3 goes earlier to 1988 and focuses ~ above a young Katie and Kristi. Not just does that choice continue to make the duo very well occurred anchors because that the trilogy, yet it additionally opens the door wide open to new techniques because that the discovered footage format, and directors Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman really do the most of that opportunity. The an initial three films make for a brilliant trilogy before the main collection essentially crashes and burns, yet if you’re trying to find a tiny bonus the town hall after Paranormal activity 12 and 3, the spin-off film, Paranormal Activity: The significant Ones, deserves way more credit that the gets. - Perri Nemiroff 

it s okay yes, technically there are five Pirates of the Caribbean films. Friend can watch On Stranger Tides and Dead men Tell No Tales if you want to, but I’m here to sing the praises of manager Gore Verbinski’s delightfully insane original trilogy. The first film, The Curse that the black Pearl, is one of the ideal pieces of blockbuster entertainment make in the 21st century. The thrilling and also funny and also adventurous, but also deeply inspired—Johnny Depp’s performance together Jack Sparrow is instantly iconic, and also Verbinski plainly knew the the method he tees increase Depp to go wild. But the complying with two sequels Dead man’s Chest and also At world’s End—which Verbinski shoot back-to-back in a herculean feat the filmmaking—are good, actually. Castle take vast swings through an epic, serialized adventure the plays out throughout the span of 2 movies, all the if digging deeper right into the seedy pirate underworld with a menagerie of colorful characters. Watched in sequence, the first three Pirates the the Caribbean films tell one epically adventurous story of thievery and also love throughout pirates. – Adam Chitwood

room you in require of a franchises that captures the whimsy of her childhood while additionally making elevated jokes that speak to your experiences together an adult? are you a fan of actors prefer Chris PrattElizabeth Banks, and also Will Arnett? carry out you simply wanna escape to the world of LEGO, wherein bricks have actually never looked so dang cool in your entire life? climate you require the LEGO Movie franchise, my friend, and quick.

Beginning with 2014’s The LEGO Movie, the LEGO Movie franchise likewise includes three attribute film installments: 2017’s The LEGO Batman Movie and The LEGO Ninjago Movie as well together 2019The LEGO Movie 2: The 2nd Part. All four LEGO Movie chapters take ar within the civilization of anthropomorphic Lego characters. While each movie plays prefer a usual animated movie aimed squarely at youngsters (hero meet villain, recruits a team of girlfriend to help defeat claimed villain, encounters many of hijinks along the way), each LEGO Movie installment is rife through sharp, meta hoax which do every movie a happiness to watch. Even better, it’s difficult to uncover a duty which has actually been miscast, through literally every actor in every respective actors firing on every cylinders with good voice performances. Honestly, if you don’t feel happiness after the town hall one (or all) of the LEGO Movie movies, climate you require to inspect yourself before you destructive yourself. - Allie Gemmill

Like countless horror franchises worth your weight in blood, a big part of Saw’s appeal originates from the Rube Goldberg-ian means it slices and also dices the characters. But watching all eight movies, native 2004’s Saw come 2017’s Jigsaw, is uniquely fascinating in the way a basic idea straight-up exploded exterior like an atom bomb. The first Saw film—directed by James Wan and written by Leigh Whannell, who also stars—deserves its ar next to genre’s best hits. That a tight, it is too dirty thrill-ride filled through killer scares that manages to store the mass of its activity to a solitary room if still introducing a new horror icon, the Jigsaw Killer (Tobin Bell), a gravel-voiced mastermind that hooks victim up to complicated traps come teach castle the worth of life. Experienced 2 took the ingenious nugget and also expanded top top it, with bigger traps, wilder twists, and much, much an ext gore. Each ensuing movie did the same, until the simplicity that Saw transformed into its own complicated maze that copy-cat killers, surprised flashbacks, twists-within-twists, and also death-traps that moved right previous logic and also reasoning. (A chain that pulls you toward an entire wall surface of buzzsaws is a long means from a rusty witnessed in a plastic bag in ~ the earlier of a toilet.) go that typical all the Saw movies room “good”? certain not, i’m not below for false advertising. Yet I personally determined the Saw franchise as my very first quarantine rewatch and also it has actually been one hell the a an excellent time. - Vinnie Mancuso

The OG “we’re gonna shoot the sequels back-to-back,” Back come the Future is one of the many iconic franchises of all time, and I think the sequels still don’t gain the respect they deserve. Robert Zemeckis’ initial film is a masterpiece the sci-fi filmmaking, yes. Zemeckis equates the idea of “what if you visited high school with her parents?” into a hilarious, inventive time travel romp, and that movie quiet holds up as a stone cold classic. Yet the sequels are fun too! Back to the Future component II is not only a wish-fulfillment idealized variation of what the future could look like, but also a clever twist on the “butterfly effect” idea, showing how Marty McFly’s (Michael J. Fox) action snowball to produce a hellish future in i m sorry Donald Trump Biff Tannen is in power. And while Part III is maybe a little bit of a step down in quality, the still greatly fun to clock Marty and also Doc fumble about the Wild West while Zemeckis continues to play with storytelling echoes indigenous the first two movies. – Adam Chitwood

If friend haven’t viewed the initial RoboCop by now, mine word. It is, the course, a standard genre-bending, muckraking, cyberpunk masterpiece brimming through ultraviolence, bleak comedy, and a how amazing amount of emotional sensitivity about its titular robot cop whose mankind is hiding somewhere in his circuitry. However Paul Verhoeven’s standard ain’t the only snapshot worth the town hall in the initial trilogy. RoboCop 2, from manager Irvin Kershner (who knows his method around a center chapter that a trilogy), contains one that the funniest and also most inspired ideas in the RoboCop mythology -- while i don’t want to spoil it also much, it involves the rewiring of mr Cop, and a entirety bunch the vulgar kids. It likewise contains a really prescient narrative involving horrible, cult of personality leaders and also my hometown that Detroit literally heralding bankruptcy (something my hometown literally walk 23 year later). And while many will tell girlfriend RoboCop 3 is not worth her time, i can’t help but have a soft spot. Correctly there’s a new man under the robotic cop suit, correctly it’s currently PG-13, and also yes director Fred Dekker maybe unnecessarily increases his purview the end to a an ext fantastical post-apocalyptic zone. Yet boy howdy, do I love the production design, mythologically high stakes, chintzy early on ‘90s intuitive effects, and bonkers-ass performance from Rip Torn on this sucker. Every film feels slightly different from the last, however each film will carry out intense thrills, imagination, and also sick ship laughs, do the whole RoboCop trilogy worth her time and thensome. Your move, creep. - Greg Smith

If friend have accessibility to an web connection and also a to work brainstem girlfriend may have heard around Star Wars, the sci-fi adventure franchise that has consumed pop culture like nothing else. Yet what gets shed a lot of in the conversation is the truth that Star Wars is great, has constantly been great, and remains an excellent even when the discourse gets as coarse and also rough as all that dang sand. Twelve movies separated trilogies, an origin story, a spinoff, and an animated adventure—heck, 15 if you have the right to track under the holiday Special and also two Ewok movies—all revolving around the galactic struggle in between a ruthless judgment class and the rebels who defy them. Within that epic structure dreamed increase by George Lucas, some of the many enduring icons of the genre were created. The ultimate hero’s trip in Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill). The blueprint for a charming scoundrel in Han Solo (Harrison Ford). The toughest princess in any type of solar system, Leia Organa (Carrie Fisher). Ewan McGregor’s exasperated, Shakespearean take it on Alec Guinness’ Obi-Wan Kenobi. Rey (Daisy Ridley), a nobody that was in reality a somebody. Outer space’s #1 Sad Boi Kylo Ren (Adam Driver), killing self to live as much as arguably the best movie villain of every time, Darth Vader (James Earl Jones). The list goes on, and the opportunity to spend dozens of hours watching this crew struggle and also triumph is a gift as substantial as space.

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Bonus: when you’ve cycled through the films a couple (hundred) times, there are 208 episodes total of Clone Wars, Rebels, and also The Mandalorian to acquire to. - Vinnie Mancuso

Is that unfair to include three movies that no narratively linked but follow similar themes and have been retroactively connected together together a loose trilogy? Well, if you’re serious steamed around it, I intend you can enact some sort of complex plan of revenge against me. The sickly, primal, all-too-human advertise of “revenge” is in ~ the facility of Park Chan-wook’s “trilogy,” three works that reach nearly operatic heights that melodrama, visually render some extreme imagery in inventive ways, and cut come the main point of mankind with sewage watchability. The very first film, Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance, tells the bitter tale of a father obsessed in finding the deaf-mute guy who accidentally eliminated his daughter. The second and most well-known, Oldboy, bring away its cue from a manga come tell the labyrinthian tale of a guy imprisoned for 15 years, and then exit inexplicably to try and discover who caught him (avoid the Spike Lee remake at every costs). And also the last film, Lady Vengeance, speak what’s most likely the most ethically ambiguous, facility tale the a woman wrongfully imprisoned because that the crime of a child-killer, and also how she plan on finding the actual criminal currently that she’s released (make certain you clock the “Fade to Black and White” version, in which Park subtly desaturates the colour to match his characters’ descent into desperation). All three films make for fascinating, self-contained watches, and all three movies will do you need a shower head after, for both various and similar reasons. - Greg Smith

over there are many horror franchises which was standing the check of time and also the Scream franchise absolutely ranking high among them. No matter which of the four Scream movies you pick to clock , each serves up healthy and balanced portions the gory scares with enjoyably overt meta-commentary top top the horror genre. The franchise starts with 1996’s Scream, which takes the form of a timeless slasher flick together we follow good girl Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell) and her group of friends (played by Rose McGowanSkeet UlrichJamie Kennedy, and Matthew Lillard) together they shot to evade the masking killer known as Ghostface terrorizing their little town. While every installment takes on this simple set-up, v Sidney and also her friend or close allies stalked by Ghostface, the true thrill of each movie is watching as various culprits placed on the mask and shot to do Sidney their prey. Sidney is, the course, a seasoned badass molded in the kind of final girls like Halloween’s Laurie Strode and she take away no prisoners. As the human being of Scream expands v every succeeding movie, the in-universe hoax — like the advancement of the fictional Stab franchise which adapts the horrors Sidney endures into meta-horror movies — do the meta-commentary much more apparent and make because that a more lucrative viewing experience. - Allie Gemmill

Considering Jurassic Park is my favourite movie the all-time, this franchise to be an obvious pick because that me. That 1993 original is the ultimate escape because that anyone who love dinosaurs, desires as large as john Hammond (Richard Attenborough) or simply plain old loves one exceptionally fine crafted adventure. While nobody of the Jurassic sequels ever regulated to complement that first masterpiece, castle all have their merits - yes, even Jurassic Park III. Yes something special around watching each installment in the stimulate of release that really let’s you feeling the strength of the park park or, much more specifically, the soot of the an innovation and scientific research behind it.

There’s John’s awe-inspiring initial vision, the heart pain of the failure, and then the lingering are afraid sparked by the disaster that at some point paves the method to the must take obligation for it. Then, run to the Jurassic World section of the franchise and you obtain human us doing what people do best - repeating the very same mistakes almost everywhere again. Man Hammond’s park officially opens and also if that 1993 version was Disneyland, the park Claire Dearing (Bryce Dallas Howard) is to run is Disney people - an absolutely massive property through a slew of attractions and also innovations. Jurassic World: fallen Kingdom then borrows from The lost World story framework with action on the island and also on the mainland, and also delivering a story that’s an effective mix of action-heavy terror that additionally focuses on particular characters taking responsibility for the strength both the folks in ~ the park attempted and failed come wield. - Perri Nemiroff 

The Final Destination collection is an extremely important come me. City hall a bunch the handsome dummies tumble their method through fancy murder contraptions produced by the intangible force of death itself is conveniently one that my favourite activities. The toes a well line in between horror and comedy, return the movies significantly lean much more into the hilarious side together the series goes on. It’s favor a game of Mousetrap the improbably cut someone in half instead of dropping a cage top top a plastic mouse. Friend can find the first four movies on Netflix at the moment of this writing, but you’ll unfortunately need to rent Final location 5. It’s totally worth the price though, because that one attributes some that the best set pieces in the series, including David Koechner getting cannon-blasted by cook tar in the an initial seven minutes. It’s prefer rewatching The Godfather films and being upset that you have to rent Part II. Simply bite the bullet and also do it. – Tom Reimann

If you really desire to do a project out the a movie marathon, there’s always the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This is serialized TV storytelling ~ above a huge canvas, as Kevin Feige and also Co. Make an all at once story arc told across disparate films. Part work much better than rather (lookin’ at you Thor: The Dark World), and also while there are some an excellent individual movies in Marvel’s early on days, the intertwined storytelling really starts to take it off through Captain America: polite War, i beg your pardon is followed by wonderfully motivated individual entires prefer Thor: Ragnarok and Black Panther. Watch them every in a row and see exactly how much long-range story to plan you can spot. – Adam Chitwood

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