Are you in search of “best nancy drew games reddit”? If yes, you are in the appropriate place. In this post, we evaluation the 27 best Nancy attracted games because that Mac, PC, and smartphone users. The Nancy drew games is a video game that deserve to be played virtual or by the surroundings of the application on her device.

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Nancy is a heroic character in a series fiction story created by Edward Stratemeyer in 1930. This series was created by various ghostwriters. Over time, the new series was coming out through some modification that tally through the social reality of each generation.

The Nancy draws character has actually featured in numerous films, television collection and a pair of computer system games.

In all Nancy is seen as a mystery detective fixing the secret without demanding compensation. Over the years the books, movies or video clip games have been motivation to young civilization especially the woman folks. Some an excellent minds prefer Sandra O’Connor and also Hillary Clinton have actually cited Nancy serve as an example of women’s dexterity.

To date, Nancy attracted games online have won no fewer 보다 24 awards by parental to show its general acceptability. Part awards include; family choice award, mom’s choice, brainchild, the national parenting awards, kid screen award, the academic’s choice. In each of the series, you space to act as Nancy drew to solve some mystery that will give you an award.

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27 finest Nancy attracted games in order

Table of Contents

27 finest Nancy drew games in order

1. The silent spy

Thrust into danger as Nancy Drew and also uncover the reality behind the death of her mother, Kate Drew. After properly deactivating a biochemical weapon in Scotland Kate attracted was reported shown dead in one auto clash. That knows what in reality transpired? find out in this game; the silent spy.

This video clip game is rated by everyone, meaning it consists of less violence and also falls under a basic view. In the video, you, as Nancy drew must clear what or just how Agent Kate drew was killed in Scotland, where she saw neutralize a biochemical weapon in the city.

2. The Phantom the Venice

In this an enig game you are invited to sign up with or assist the Italian police in recovering the stolen treasure that Venice by a phantom criminal. Defined by allude and click video game play, mastery adventure genre, strong female protagonist, , detective investigation among others.

This is a mature game for both adult and teens, with a fine demanding riddle.

Features space in contained to; find out the Italian language, choose from junior to senior detective levels and also create a fashion statement.

Looking for an enjoyable and exciting point-and-adventure game? find no more, the Phantom of Venice is the best you deserve to think of.

3. The mystery of the old clock

As Nancy, you space to assist a small girl find the will with her aunty trying to steal she inheritance. The search has actually taken Nancy come France in an old bungalow. And also the search continues.

4. Labyrinth of lies

An interesting and demanding video game it is, you are employed to aid the curator the a museum in organizing the many awaited occasion of the time. Yet objet d’art in the museum to be mysteriously disappearing.

In this video game you space expected to settle this mystery; could the loss of these artefacts be as a an outcome of dysfunctional that the management? Or is the an unknown crook pulling strings behind the scene.

5. The white wolf of Icicle creek: 10 come adult

Nancy invites you to sign up with her in unraveling the unanticipated yet disastrous occurrence the took ar at Chantal’s lodge situated at Icicle of Creek. It occurred that a wolf which was presence at one accidence scene strangely vanished ~ above the come of the police. Even when Nancy made her means into the lodge , a deadly explosion rocked. This is a big challenge Nancy deals with at the moment,

Getting connected in this situation will be fully appreciated.

Features: very first person POV, detective investigation, solitary player game, intriguing, learning choices for beginners, through a brain teasing puzzle.

6. Sea that Darkness

The Heerlykheid delivery disappears with the Captain, Magnus. The secret you are to clear is whether the captain bolted away v the sweetheart or mysteriously disappeared. This is what you are to uncover out as Nancy attracted in the video game.

This is secret game entailing the loss of Magnus the captain of a celebrated ship “Heerlijkheid” i beg your pardon is the emphasis of regional festival of iceland town.

Did the captain make away through a renowned treasure or did that wandered off into a dark and also eerie night by accident or by a villain?

Solve this secret as Nancy Drew.

7. The Ghost that Thornton Hall

Jessalyn disappears at the exit Thornton heritage on a pre-wedding night. Could it be together a an outcome of the deadly kept family‘s mystery or who is playing pranks? search that out. This is one of the scariest Nancy drew games.

The Ghost that Thornton hall is one amazing game to play, intrigue and also suspense filled, with a cozy ambience, daunting puzzles, the features an initial person POV, beautiful environment, wonderful setting, a strong female protagonist and also interactive story line.

8. The captive curse

Aan unidentified creature has been terrorizing on German cities. The creature targets women. After leading to untold hardship and also death, the disappears into thin air. Anyone is terrified of any type of sound in the middle of the night. As Nancy Drew, your duty is to find for this creature.

9. Curse that Blackmoor Manor:

Come in as Nancy attracted to find out the an enig behind Lynda Pennvellyn’s fear, the worry which engulf she made her hide under a special bed curtain. What can make Lynda this scared?

Find out in this adventurous game about the Curse the Blackmoor Manor through Nancy Drew.

It functions the background of English witch, first person POV, demanding riddles and so lot more.

10. . The Phantom that Venice

Your project as Nancy attracted in this series is come track down the Phantom robbers the Venice that the Police force has not been maybe to track down. Deserve to you work with the international police officer to i found it this syndicate?

11. Passport to danger

Nancy Drew and the Hardys space in Mexico come pursue different cases. The Hardy’s intended to track under an artifact that stole the Mayan mask. Carry out the 2 teams have actually anything in common? find that out!

12. Deadly device

This time Nancy drew got right into trouble and accused that bringing down the river elevation town hall. All available evidence pointed to her. You together a player, Nancy drew is come unravel the truth. So put on her seat belt.

13. Secret can kill

Though Nancy attracted intends to uncover the unfettered stealing in Bedford High, now the tide is turning against him. Have the right to you save Nancy?

14. Fatal intent

On the night once Nancy was a component of a musical tape to phase a concert in brand-new York City, the command guitarist disappears. When on an investigation, Nancy discovers this is the handiwork of part gang come wreak destruction in the music industry. Deserve to Nancy break this syndicate?

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15. Warnings in ~ Waverly Academy

You as Nancy drew is charged with the duty of finding the end the human being or points behind series of risks heaped on the head of the valedictorian candidate the this noble school. What can be the reason? Is someone playing planks top top this college student or could the hazards be for real? good out as you deal with this puzzle.

Warning in ~ Waverly Academy is a great adventurous game an excellent for adolescents with a cool and also relevant setting.

The digital variation of this video game is deserve to be downloaded yet the physics parts has been withdrawn.

16. Murder on ice

While Ned and Nancy go on a romantic adventure ~ above the ski resort, they uncovered a dead human body suspected to have been killed. Can you aid Nancy discover the killer before one more person becomes a victim?

17. The secret of the scarlet hand

The just clue obtainable for Nancy attracted is a red fingerprint in ~ the scene of the disappeared Mayan artefacts in coast Hill Museum.

18. Treasure in the imperial tower

It is your job as Nancy Drew, to find a 200-year-old treasure surprise in the imperial tower. Can you aid her to find the treasure?

19. Risk on Deception Island

Your function as Nancy in this video game is to discover the mystery of the vandalized whale watching boat on san Juan Island. Mind girlfriend a stern warning has been offered to Kate, Nancy’s friend about her attention in discovering the truth. Have the right to you uncover out the truth?

Are you a mystery fan?

Try out this game, filled through intrigues, organize of astonishing character through a well-designed graphics. It will certainly teach much about sailing and also whales.

A. Shadow in ~ The Water’s Edge:

Delve right into a Japanese Inn to handle terrified through a vengeful ghost, everyone is to run helter skitter because that safety.

Do friend love adventures? ns think Shadow in ~ the water’s sheet is just the best game because that you.

B. The mystery of shadow Ranch

A well- designed game for kids spiced increase with plenty of lessons. Gain it for her ward because that it is a combination of fun, adventure, mystery, education.

About a ranch holidays took a horrify turn as soon as at the illustration of a ghost at the ranch; a bad luck indeed. That is behind this ranch poor luck? discover out together you beat this game.

20. The wrong medallion

Take a spin with adventure to expose to factor of the cheating in a TV fact competition between Nancy and also Sonny Joon. Her findings will certainly really be appreciation!

21. Tomb of the shed queen

Now that the find team leader is dead, and the team scattered in a mysterious circumstance, deserve to you together Nancy takes over to uncover the lost Queen’s tomb?

22. The Haunted Carousel

This time together Nancy Drew, your function is to uncover out the mystery behind the disappearance of a wooden horse from the Captain Dove’s Amusement park.

Want to sign up with investigating team to expose the unknown calamity at the Captain’s Amusement knows? The steed got absent at first, later the roller coaster lost manage leading come a catastrophic accident.

The attributes of these games are: a strong female protagonist, a challenging riddle, reality setting, detective investigation and immersive control amongst others.

Seriously, this video game has a receptive feeling of urgency and necessity.

You really desire to be challenged, climate tighten her seat belt and also roll up her sleeves, and also get involved in the quest

23. Ransom of the 7 ships

Acting together detective Nancy, you space to certain the relax of Bess, that was walk away on vacation in the Bahamas. This in addition to the sweetheart the kidnappers room demanding for the relax of Bess.

24. A Shadow in ~ the water’s edge

Can you and also Nancy tag to unravel the legendary terrifying ghost top top Kyoto inn in Japan? This will additionally take you to the Ryokan family to dislodge the differences amongst family members tearing apart their service heritage.

Do you love Japanese culture? This game is a certain bet for you, it setup is the Japanese. You will be amazed and also engrossed by the Japanese culture.

A unique and also awesome video game it is; suspense filled and also woven in mystery. This is Nancy attracted scariest video game so far. Come and solve the puzzle in this game as Nancy attracted by recognize the culprit behind the happenings.

25. Last Train come Blue Moon Canyon

You will certainly sure fall in love with this game, it’s not simply fun, it’s interesting and educative. The graphics and also soundtrack room superb.

And the story line? that will certain take you come the an extremely depth of her soul.

Play this game and you will enjoy every bit.

26. . The last scene

When Nancy’s girlfriend Maya was kidnapped moments prior to the Premiere legendary prior to the demolition that the theater mystery is set in motion. Exactly how do girlfriend join forces with Nancy come prove come the authority your friend is still in the building?

27. The legend the the crystal skull

This is one of the newest Nancy drew game. A catastrophe is about to befall Henry, a nephew to Bruno. The legendary crystal skull trust in protecting civilization from all misfortune other than is missing. Have the right to you and also Nancy conserve Henry? can you resolve the mystery?

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Though you have actually choices, if you are considering crucial thinking gamings for her children, you can inspect on any type of of the Nancy drew series. At least I have made the job much easier by sharing through you the this 20 optimal Nancy. To gain on v the video game faster, ns recommend obtaining some the the Nancy drew online books. You can additionally find help and support from the community forum.

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