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Movies portraying war and military dispute have been around practically since the really beginning of relocating pictures. From films that honor those that serve their country in battle, to movies that have actually an anti-war stance, you will discover some the the ideal war movies ever made if you authorize up for a Netflix streaming subscription. We have picked our height 10 ideal war movie on Netflix the are currently available. 

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These Netflix war movies are collection in various time periods and also a pair of them also cross-genre lines right into horror and satire.

Editor’s note: us will upgrade this article as new Netflix battle movies are included to the service and also others space removed.

This 2020 movie is based upon real events throughout the US’s army actions in Afghanistan in 2009. The movie centers top top a group of united state soldiers who had to protect a remote outpost versus a big group the Taliban soldiers. It ultimately turned into one the the biggest battles the the whole Afghanistan conflict. There space some great performances here also from Orlando Bloom and Scott Eastwood, amongst others. It’s among the finest war movies on Netflix.


This Netflix battle movie take away place during the war in Iraq, and it’s based upon the real-life experience of screenplay writer chris Roessner. Exclusive Matt Ocre may have joined the military to help pay for college prior to 9/11, however once battle breaks out, he finds self unenthusiastically shipped over to the center East. As soon as his unit is assigned to repair a broken water system in a dangerous component of the country, he comes confront to confront with the fact of managing insurgent forces. The movie addresses the stress and insecurity the young soldiers during the conflict and also rings true through the experiences of guys sent overseas.


It’s one point to see free-willing, grown males in battle, yet kids living battle is a totality other level of heart-wrenching. Beasts the No nation takes you through an emotional roller coaster, complying with Agu’s life during a civil war in West Africa. His family members is separated, and some of it killed. His attempts come escape fail, ~ which that is required to sign up with the battle. The is required to do things no child should ever have to. If a really sad movie, Beasts the No nation is absolutely one that the ideal war movie on Netflix.


This Netflix initial war movie is additionally one that its biggest budgeted films. Exit in 2017, this is a fictional movie, yet it’s based upon the real-life exploits that US army general Stanley McChrystal. Brad Pitt plays general Glen McMahon, who has been asked to try to wrap up the present war in Iraq in 2009. This satirical movie shows basic McMahon trying to get more troops together for one last push to victory the war, yet he is faced with the opposite on numerous military and also political fronts to his plan.

War maker uses feeling to present what the military has to deal with besides fighting the enemy, and also it has actually a huge (some can say over-the-top) power by Pitt.

This 2008 Netflix battle movie depicts the true story of 4 brothers in people War II who helped to defend over 1,000 Jewish refugees from being recorded by the Germans in eastern Europe. Daniel Craig, Jamie Bell, and Liev Schreiber play three of the brothers that risked their lives to defend innocents from the Nazis. That an action-packed, yet still powerful, war movie ~ above Netflix.

Sometimes war movies don’t have to be about the apparent military battles. Sometimes it around battles inside typical soldiers. Spike Lee command this 2020 movie about a group of Vietnam battle veterans who go back to the ar in their existing day. Your goal? To discover a hidden cache of yellow they re-cover in Vietnam, and additionally to honor one of their shed soldiers, played in remind by the late Chadwick Boseman. It’s among the best war movie on Netflix you can watch.

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This movie is based in a lot older era, however it is still around war. It adheres to the story of Hal, likewise known as King Henry V. After ~ trying to escape royal life for most of his life, that is forced to take the throne ~ his dad dies. The rightful heir to the throne should now attend to politics and also everything that comes with ruling. The is also found in the middle of a war his tyrannical dad left behind. The leader requirements to adapt to the brand-new life while the settles personal matters.