The CMA Awards, held by Luke Bryan, space broadcasting live native Nashville top top Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET top top ABC



Allen, 36, took house the coveted prize top top Wednesday in Nashville throughout the 2021 CMA Awards, hosted by Luke Bryan.

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The singer started his acceptance speech in tears as he thanked his dad who died in 2019 for "introducing that to country music."

"Five years earlier I invested my last $100 and also came to the CMAs 50th to watch Charley Pride carry out on stage, and also I gained to execute with him critical year. Everyone who voted because that me, say thanks to you. My wife, i love you. My kids, my mother's here. Mine manager Ash Bowers," the said.

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He continued, "Ash found me playing at a writer's ring at Puckett's grocery save in Franklin and signed me after ~ 10 years of gift here, living in mine car, life in a trailer, working every job, this is amazing."

The singer is right now the reigning brand-new male artist of the year in ~ the ACM Awards, and at the CMAs, and also beat out Ingrid Andress, Gabby Barrett, Mickey Guyton and HARDY for the trophy.

Allen, that recently competed on season 30 of Dancing v the Stars, additionally took the CMAs stage to execute "Freedom to be a Highway," his hit track with Brad Paisley.

Following his historic win in ~ the ACM Awards in April — he was the an initial Black musician to victory the prize — Allen told human being he to be unsure if might ever obtain to this place in his career as a black man.

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"Growing increase listening to nation music, ns loved it. It's every my dad listened to," that said. "My dad was like, 'Well, you need to be a nation singer,' and also I to be like, 'Yeah, nah, they're every white. I don't understand if lock let human being like me even sing country music.'"

He continued: "Then he play me a song. It to be 'Kiss one Angel an excellent Morning,' and also I was like, 'I favor this song, it's nice, however what's the difference?' and also he verified me a picture of Charley Pride and that changed my life."

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Allen walk on to express the prominence of representation, and also praised artists like Mickey Guyton, Kane Brown, Darius Rucker and much more for helping pave the way.

"I get messages ~ above Instagram and Twitter indigenous parents that tell me and thank me for getting into nation music due to the fact that their kid or their daughter see me and they say i remind castle of them," he said.

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The CMA Awards, organized by Luke Bryan, room broadcasting live from Nashville on Wednesday in ~ 8 p.m. ET top top ABC.

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