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Monday Night best Bet - Browns vs. Steelers

Week 17 NFL finest Bets

Our vi NFL handicapping specialists have compiled their ideal bets for key matchups in mainly 17.

Los Angeles Rams in ~ Baltimore Ravens (FOX, 1:00 p.m.)Miami dolphins at Tennessee Titans (CBS, 1:00 p.m.)Detroit Lions in ~ Seattle Seahawks (CBS, 4:25 p.m.)Minnesota Vikings at green Bay Packers (NBC, 8:20 p.m.)

Los Angeles Rams at Baltimore Ravens

Best Bet: Ravens +4.5 (-110)

Omicron has actually stalled the Baltimore season the method Joe Manchin did come Joe Biden’s recent spending bill. Though the Ravens had been circling the wagons admirably right into last week, it confirmed too much to overcome vs. Joe Burrow and also the Bengals, who toyed with the depleted Baltimore defense like it to be a summer passing organization en path to 525 YP and also 4 TDP to successfully reduce john Harbaugh’s postseason choices to one AFC wild card...but only if the Ravens can pull the end of their four-game lurch, the longest shedding streak due to the fact that 2015.

critical week the Ravens were under to 3rd QB mock Johnson, and also without their top five CBs, a beginning safety, a top pass-rusher and two starting defensive linemen. However several of them have actually been cleared to return this week, consisting of QB Tyler Huntley, who almostg led the a dramatic comeback vs. The Packers 2 weeks ago, and also a chance and Lamar Jackson (ankle) is available after return to practice. As the Ravens room nearer full-strength, we’re inclined to offer them a look, as Harbaugh to be 10-1 his last 11 together a dog prior to last week’s unfair struggle vs. The Bengals.

The Rams simply locked up a playoff berth critical week (though they have to keep winning to assure the Cards can’t catch them atop the NFC West). Even as LA has been win lately, Matthew Stafford’s recurring mistake (three much more picks last Sunday at Minnesota) space going come prove costly one of these weeks.

Miami dolphins at Tennessee Titans

Best Bet: Under 40 (-110)

The Miami dolphin defense has been remarkable of late. Granted, they haven"t played a challenging schedule of offenses. Still, lock have dominated the offenses put in front of them.

In its existing form, the Tennessee Titans offense isn"t very good. Ryan Tannehill isn"t play with lot confidence, and Derrick Henry is badly missed. The Titans room dead critical in the NFL in 20 plus yard plays. Castle aren"t explosive at all best now.

Miami"s offense isn"t any great either. Tua is inconsistent and also relies ~ above Waddle much too much. The Titans defense ranks optimal ten in the NFL across the board in the past five games.

The weather here could play a duty too. Winds and possible rain combined with snow is intended to come in throughout this game. During the center of the game the sustained winds space expected at around 15 mph v gusts to 25 mph. That will certainly just boost as the video game gets into the fourth quarter.

Miami has actually won 7 straight games. (AP)

The Seahawks are not going to play offs, and also will now be in a emotionally down instance here this mainly vs a rejuvenated Detroit side the will urged to finish their season on a solid note. Note: Seattle more than likely does not deserve a play off spot anyway, considering they have actually lost the stats battles in 12 the 15 games. This seasons ,by an median -82 network ypg.

Seattle is 0-5 ATS in your last five battles against the NFC North. The Lions are 5-1 ATS document in NFC West game and have covered 4 straight vs NFC. Lions room 6-1 ATS in your last 7 gamings as one underdog. Seahawks space 0-5 ATS in their last 5 games in mainly 17. Detroit is 6-0 ATS vs. Bad passing defenses - permitting a comp. Pct. That 61% or worse in the second half of the season this season. DETROIT is 8-2 ATS in gamings played top top turf this season.

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NFL home favorites that 3.5 come 10 point out (SEATTLE) - after a video game where they compelled no turnovers against opponent ~ 2 consecutive video game where they cursed 1 or less turnovers space 15-45 ATS L/10 seasons for a go versus 75% conversion price for bettors.

Minnesota Vikings at eco-friendly Bay Packers

Best Bet: Packers -12.5 (-110)

Aaron Rodgers is making a solid case to repeat as MVP throwing because that 16 TD passes without one interception in his last 5 games. This has a four-touchdown, 385-yard pass game against the Vikings. The Vikings pulled that game out, 34-31, as Kirk Cousins practically matched Rodgers.

Now Cousins is out as result of COVID. The line has actually skyrocketed because of the to where the Packers space laying two TD"s instead of one. Minnesota has played close games every week. However that was through Cousins. The Vikings aren"t walking to have the ability to keep up with Rodgers currently that Sean Mannion will certainly be their quarterback. Minnesota additionally is without its 2nd best receiver, Adam Thielen.

The Vikings" defense has actually been disappointing a 2nd straight season providing up 30.4 points in your last 5 games. The revenge-minded Packers room going to placed up their share of clues here. I think about Mannion a stiff. I don"t view him being able to elevate the Vikings, who have actually morale issues since of Cousins. Mike Zimmer has lost much of his luster, too. He could be top top the method out.

VI NFL Handicappers ideal Bet Tracker (24-13, +990)

Ravens +4.5 (-110)Dolphins/Titans Under 40 (-110)Lions +7 (-110)Packers -12.5 (-110)