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Who Is the ideal Football Player Ever?

The NFL has been about since 1920. End the years, we have actually witnessed some of the biggest athletes of all time demonstrate the ferocity that the sport of football on the gridiron. There have actually been various styles of play that crossed over several various eras. Today, the passing video game dominates the NFL, however in the past, that was very much a defensive and also run-first offense that led to championships. We've seen gunslingers and also accurate passers, shifty and an effective rushers, towering receivers and shifty small slot receivers, and more. With every one of these differing skills, differences in play style, and also levels that athleticism, skill, and coaching, it's difficult to recognize who the finest player of every time is, especially considering the substantial array of location in the game. Debates can be produced players like Tom Brady, Barry Sanders, Lawrence Taylor, and Jerry Rice, and all could be thought about the best for different reasons. As soon as looking at the whole picture, we should look at stats, accolades, what the era that the NFL was choose at the time, and what strengths and also weaknesses every player had actually in stimulate to determine who was truly the greatest. Most importantly, ns will variable in the an individual dominance the the game and also how the player impacted their team throughout their career. This post will covering my optimal 10 players who I think are the biggest to ever before play.


10. Cock Butkus (The Monster of the Midway)

"I wanna simply let 'em know that they've to be hit. And also when they acquire up castle don't need to look to check out who fight 'em. The shouldn't be any kind of puzzle as soon as they come v they gotta speak 'Well the must have actually been Butkus who acquired me.'" -Dick Butkus

Dick Butkus played middle linebacker for the Chicago bear from 1965–1973. During his time in the NFL, Butkus was among the most ferocious and hard-hitting protective players in the league! the earned the nickname "The Monster that the Midway" and struck are afraid into his opponents. It's stated that he would growl and snarl in ~ opposing players to intimidate them, every while cursing them out and also telling castle he to be going to damage them. Yet Butkus was much more than simply an intimidator. The was rapid to the ball and had the finesse and awareness come be among the best turnover equipments on defense that the league has ever before seen. In only 9 year of play, Butkus forced 49 turnovers, 22 interceptions, and 27 fumble recoveries.

Butkus was named to 5 All-Pro selections and was a agree Bowler in eight straight seasons. When the AP defensive Player of the Year compensation wasn't main until 1971, Butkus was named the protective Player that the Year by the agree Football authors of America in 1970 despite the team only winning a single game. At the time of his retirement, Butkus organized the record for most compelled fumbles in NFL history. To this day, the award because that the best linebacker at assorted levels of play is called the prick Butkus Award.


8x agree Bowl selection5x All-Pro selection1970 protective Player the the YearPro Football room of reputation All-1960's TeamPro Football hall of call All-1970's Team1st Ballot NFL hall of Famer (1979)NFL 100 All-Time TeamThe award for the best linebacker in the nation is called after Butkus


9. Reggie White (The Minister that Defense)

"The thing that ns know, and everyone rather knows, is that no one can ever take my success away. Mine goal together a football player to be to be the best to ever before play my position. I believe I’ve reached my goal.” -Reggie White

What deserve to be said around Reggie White that hasn't been claimed before? The protective end placed together among the greatest careers ~ above the protective side that the round ever. He to be a element member of both the Philadelphia Eagles and also the environment-friendly Bay Packers, amassing remarkable stats transparent his career. White play in 121 gamings with the Eagles and also registered 124 sacks over that time. Once he went to environment-friendly Bay that added an additional 68.5 sacks in his 6 years v the team.

White was among the most dominant linemen to ever play football. In his 15 year career, he created double-digit sack periods 13 times, top the organization twice. He to be a two-time protective Player of the Year recipient and helped success Super bowl XXXI against the new England Patriots by record 3 sacks in the game, which was a Super key record organized only by him in ~ the time and also has since been tied by 3 other players.

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Most impressively, White had arguably the biggest season of every time for a protective player in 1987. In spite of the organization playing just 12 games as result of a strike-shortened season, White had 21 sacks ~ above the year, along with 4 compelled fumbles and a defensive touchdown wherein he strip-sacked a QB and ran the ball back 70 yards. The didn't matter where or as soon as White played, that was always the best pass rusher on the field. In spite of Reggie finishing together the second all-time leader in sacks for his career, that only has actually two much less than Bruce Smith and played four fewer seasons.


13x agree Bowl selection8x First-Team All-Pro selection2x NFL protective Player of the Year (1987, 1998)#2 All-Time job Sack Leader (198)Pro Football room of reputation All-1980's TeamPro Football hall of call All-1990's Team1st Ballot NFL hall of Famer (2006)NFL 100 All-Time Team


8. Walter Payton (Sweetness)

"I was a runner that wouldn't die easy. It's like among those cowboy movies where a guy is coming at em, and also he it s okay shot once and doesn't walk down. He's gets shot again, and again, and again, and he's still walking. Then all of a sudden, a huge explosion go BOOM and also an arm over here, arm over there, a leg over there and also they're quiet trying to gain together. That's the form of jogger I was." -Walter Payton

Walter Payton was selected fourth all at once in the 1975 NFL Draft and also spent his entire career through the Chicago bear from 1975–1987. There are two stories regarding how Walter Payton ended up being known as "Sweetness," one being the sweet way he ran the ball, and also the other being his higher-pitched voice and also sweet demeanor. Nevertheless of why he was called "Sweetness," he was anything but. Payton was not simply an elusive runner prefer his nickname may suggest, yet an extremely powerful runner. The an excellent Jim Brown provided to say Payton was a "warrior" and never ran the end of border to prevent a hit. Regardless of his power running, Payton was extremely durable. ~ an injury in his rookie year, the went on to play in 186 continually games.

Payton would go ~ above to set many records during his career, including coming to be the then-leading job rusher in yards. Payton additionally had a "flu-game" long prior to Michael Jordan ever before did. On November 20, 1977, Payton dealt with off flu-like symptoms and also a 102-degree fever on his means to the climate single-game rushing record with 275 yards versus the Minnesota Vikings. The record organized for 23 years.

Aside from his soccer skills, Payton was likewise an incredible male off the field. Transparent his career, he released a children's proficiency program and many various other charitable organizations. He additionally became a strong advocate for body organ donation before his untimely fatality at the age of 45 to liver disease. Because of his outreach, the NFL named the guy of the Year compensation after Walter Payton in 2000. The compensation goes to one of 32 nominated players; one from every team, that showed an excellent skill top top the field and also excellence turn off the field. The winners are offered $250k come a charity of their choice.


9x agree Bowler5x First-Team All-Pro1977 NFL OPOY1977 NFL MVP1977 Walter Payton male of the Year AwardPro soccer HOF All-1970’s TeamPro soccer HOF All-1980’s TeamHall of reputation (1993)NFL 100 All-Time Team#2 NFL career Rushing Yards (16,726)#5 NFL career Rushing Touchdowns (110)#3 NFL career All-Purpose Yards (21,803)