After a lot of thought, I developed this perform of the top 10 ideal NFL receivers ever.

Keep in mind as soon as I produced this list ns didn"t just use numbers and also touchdowns—I offered raw talent linked with the team they to be on, such together the QB they were being thrown to from.

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So below it goes...

1. Jerry Rice

He is without a doubt the best receiver of all time. Just look at his numbers and also the records he holds.

2. Randy Moss

Even though Moss has actually yet to retire, you have to admire what he has done top top the field. He is among the just players with the ability to make any kind of NFL cornerback look prefer a high schooler. There is no one on this list who is together physically dominating.

3. Michael Irvin

Sure, he was the understand of the push-off his whole NFL career, yet there is no saying his numbers. He assisted the cowboys earn 3 Super bowl victories and also become one of the great dynasties in the at an early stage 90s.

4. Marvin Harrison


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Harrison and Peyton Manning an unified to end up being one the the best quarterback-receiver tandems of this generation. His difficult work, examining of game film, and running routes have turned him right into a future hall of Famer.

5. Steve Largent

He wasn"t very fast, however he would constantly find a way to acquire open. He verified that speed and also jumping capacity weren"t a need to for NFL receivers. That was additionally the an initial to ever reach the 100 TD mark.

6. Cris Carter

Hands down the best hands to ever before play in the NFL. He caught everything thrown his way. He will certainly be mental as one of the greatest red zone dangers to ever before play the game.

7. Terrell Owens

His off field antics aside, friend cannot refuse his skill and also talent. Ns would have him greater on this perform if that wasn"t together a drama queen. He doesn"t precisely have the speed, but has come to be a model for today"s physical receivers. If he produces in ~ this level because that the remainder of his career, he will be top five.

8. James Lofton

Produced 1,000-yard seasons choose it to be nothing. The turned out to be among the finest of all time. He had actually a 1,000 yard season when he to be 35, and also retired being at the optimal of his game.

9. Lynn Swann

Many lists would leave Swann out because his number weren"t staggering. However he was one of the most acrobatic receivers to ever before play the game. During his time, he collection an NFL record of receiving yards in a at sight Bowl, with 161 yards.

10. Tim Brown

He right now owns almost every receiving document for the Raiders. Had nine right 1,000+ yard seasons and finished his career through 105 receiving touchdowns and also 15,000 yards. Those numbers speak because that themselves.

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Just missed the cut: Don Huston, Isaac Bruce, Tory Holt, Andre Reed, Jimmy Smith, arts Monk.