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Stock increase on this budget-friendly non-perishable foods for emergency preparedness. Even if it is it’s a herbal disaster favor a hurricane or a pandemic, when disaster strikes, it’s always best to it is in prepared! This food supply list has shelf stable foods items that you can store in her pantry for disaster preparedness. Below are the guidelines for shelf secure food safety and security from Even if friend are simply looking to stockpile or to have actually a master pantry checklist, this list will certainly come in handy.

In a hurricane situation, you potentially won’t have actually power therefore you should stick to the foodstuffs that don’t must be cooking on a stove, microwave or refrigerated. I’ve put a star alongside those items for her convenience.


Dry goods Non-Perishable Foods

pastaspaghettiboxed macaroni and also cheeseramenjarred pasta saucejarred alfredo saucericewhitebrownjasmineyellowquinoalentilsstuffing mixoatscream the wheatdry beansblackwhite (cannellini, navy)kidneygarbanzoflourcornmealsugarbreadcrumbsbaking powder and sodaoil and vinegarhoneyinstant potatoesdehydrated hash brownsbaking mixespancake mixbiscuit mixcornbread mixmuffin mixboxed au gratinhamburger helperpasta salad mix choose Suddenly Saladboxed prepared meals / precooked entreespowdered eggspowdered creamer for coffeeyeastmaple syrupsoy saucepicklestabasco saucecondiment to walk packets (mayo/mustard/relish/ketchup)salsaolivesprocessed cheese product like Velveetacommonly offered herbs and spicessaltpepperItalian seasoningcuminpaprikacurry powderchili powdergarlic powdercocoa powdervanilla extractbouillon cubes

CannedNon-Perishable Foods*

tunameat products (like ham or corned beef)canned pre-made meals favor beef ravioli, spaghetti-Os, chicken and also dumplings, chili, etc.)chickensalmonsoupsstewscorngreen beansmixed vegetablesbeanspeascarrotspotatoesspinachdiced tomatoesfruits (peaches, pears, pineapple, fruit cocktail, pumpkin)beef, chicken and vegetable brothgravynacho cheese

DrinkNon-Perishable Foods


shelf-stable milkevaporated milknondairy milk such together canned coconut milkpowdered milkpowdered warm chocolatejuiceapplecranberryfruit punchgrapevegetable juicelemonadegatoradewatertea bagscoffeepowdered drink mixesflavorings because that watermeal replacement drinks prefer Ensure

Snack Non-Perishable Foods*

granola barsapplesauceprotein bars favor Clifpeanut buttertrail mixbeef jerky (some beef jerky have the right to be an extremely expensive, but I’ve uncovered that the Matador brand is reasonably priced ($3 a bag at Walmart)peanutsalmondscashewscookiescrackerssaltinesbutter crackerssandwich crackersgraham crackersdry cerealrice cakesfruit snackschocolatevanilla wafersfruit leatherraisinsenergy bar choose LARABARdried fruits (ALDI has an excellent prices ~ above these contrasted to other places (at the very least in mine area))dried cranberriesdried bananasdried applesdried pineappledried mangodried apricotspretzels / chipsfruit barsdried sausagetuna pouchespopcorn


What foodstuffs Can it is in Frozen?

Keep in mind that if you have the freezer space, you can freeze numerous perishable items as well.

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It’s absolutely worth obtaining a chest freezer, not just for emergency preparedness however for buying sale items and also freezing them because that future use. You deserve to save thousands of dollars just by doing that!

ButterBreadCheeseTortillasDoughs and also BattersBroths, Pestos and Tomato SaucesHerbs (freeze in little ice cube trays with olive oil)Eggs (cracked right into ice cube trays)Meats (cooked and raw including bacon and also lunch meat)Fruits &Vegetables

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