Have a hangover or a sprained ankle? usage these advice from a drug information skilled to safely pick the exactly pain medication for your symptoms.

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Acetaminophen, ibuprofen, aspirin — or one more option. It can be daunting to know which form of pain medication will best aid what ails you.

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Margo Farber, Pharm.D., director of drug details services in ~ the college of Michigan health System, explains the basics to choose the proper option. First, there space two basic categories once it involves over-the-counter pain drugs for adults: acetaminophen and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).

“Both species of pain medicines are normally safe and also effective when taken at the encourage dosage level for quick time periods,” Farber says. “However, there are some differences in between the two, in terms of what type(s) that pain castle treat.”

Farber explains the main differences in between the most common over-the-counter ache medications, consisting of which pain to treat through what in the table below.


Farber to add it’s important to read the energetic ingredient label on the package to recognize the exact strength of the pains medication, which ingredient are had (especially for mix products) and also to see the precise symptoms the ingredient need to be relieving. In addition, she recommends no relying ~ above the brand names, together they may change, and sometimes, the active ingredients can switch even if the brand name remains the same.

Remember: Consult her pharmacist prior to using any kind of over-the-counter painkillers as soon as taking various other medications. A pharmacist can aid you identify if there space potential medicine interactions, or if you in the clear.

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