It"s choose the childhood publication taught us—everybody poops, right? yet there"s a large difference in between needing to walk number two and having uncontrollable diarrhea, specifically at inopportune time … like before a huge work meeting, in ~ a wedding, or when you"re ~ above vacation.

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Diarrhea is characterized as pass loose, watery stools, three or an ext times a day. "There can be numerous different causes, however it"s most generally due to food intolerances, particular medications, celiac disease, bacterial or viral infections, or IBS-D," claims Taz Bhatia, MD, an integrative health expert and also founder of CentreSpring MD.

IBS-D, which means irritable bowel syndrome with diarrhea, affects 25 to 45 million civilization in the U.S., and 2 the end of 3 room female. "Patients v IBS-D frequently experience abdominal muscle pain in addition to increased frequency that bowel movements, and also these symptoms—along with others, choose bloating—may pressure them to miss vital social events, school, or expert obligations," states Jonathan Rosenberg, MD, a gastroenterologist in ~ Illinois Gastroenterology Group.

Whatever"s resulting in your repetitive trips to the loo, make sure you drink up: through diarrhea come the serious risk that dehydration. Yet you may likewise need some medication to help settle her stomach.

If you suspect that you have actually IBS, celiac disease, or an additional chronic GI issue, check out your doctor to make sure that you acquire the right help. Yet for most people—including those who only get diarrhea occasionally—one of the adhering to OTC remedies should offer fast relief. Stock your medication cabinet now so you"ll be ready the following time you finish up through the runs.

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Pepto-Bismol original Liquid


If you"ve watched the commercial, you probably understand the jingle around this medicine and what it helps relieve: "Nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea." This pink medicine coats her stomach so friend feel better fast, and it deserve to be extremely helpful after overindulging in some not-so-healthy foods. Plus, the drinkable version is perfect for people who don"t favor swallowing pills. (Psst! here are 6signs her stomachache isn"t normal.)

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Heal minor health difficulties on the go v these purse-sized items:


If you can"t protect against running come the restroom, this medication is right here for you. Pop two pills and let both active ingredients loperamide HCI (which slows activity in your GI tract) and also simethicone (a bloat-buster) begin working best away. It"s perfect during a diarrhea crisis, or you have the right to take it as a preventative measure prior to a large day. But, if you find that celiac condition is the cause of your issues, talk to your doctor before using: Imodium caplets room not certified gluten-free as some ingredients are wheat-derived.