Do I need prenatal vitamins? What room the finest ones? below are the best prenatal vitamins because that mom and baby.

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You currently know that great nutrition is important throughout pregnancy.

That’s why her shopping dare looks prefer a rainbow, and you’re act your best to arrangement meals v all the food groups. Yet let’s be honest: it’s hard to recognize if she really getting all the vitamins and also minerals you and your infant need.

That’s wherein prenatal vitamin come in. They don’t change a well balanced diet, however instead act prefer backup—making sure you nothing fall brief on the vital nutrients friend need throughout pregnancy.

We spoke through Dr. Cordelia Nwankwo, a board-certified ob-gyn based in Washington, D.C., around the importance of prenatal vitamins and also how to choose which ones are right for you.

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Do You need Prenatal Vitamins?

“Prenatal vitamin are important before and also during pregnant to assist your body accomplish the demands of pregnancy and aid in your baby’s development,” states Dr. Nwankwo. “Your balanced diet need to be the foundation of her nutritional vitamins. Your body is able come absorb an ext from her diet than from supplements. However, her prenatal will help fill in the gaps.”

A run-of-the-mill multivitamin won’t cut it once you’re pregnant. Prenatal vitamins room specially designed multivitamins that deliver the extra amounts of nutrient needed during various stages of your baby’s development. Because that example, they contain folic acid, which is necessary for baby’s brain development in the faster stages. And also many have vitamin D and also calcium come build solid bones and also teeth during the 3rd trimester of pregnancy.

Plus, prenatal vitamins aid make sure you have sufficient nutrients such as iron, to no only administer to her baby however so your own body doesn’t end up being depleted.

When should I start Taking Prenatal Vitamins?

You need to start taking prenatal vitamin at the very least a month and ideally 3 months before conception and throughout your entire pregnancy from four weeks pregnant to whenever labor and birth starts.

In fact, it’s often best to take a prenatal vitamin every job if yes a possibility you could get pregnant in ~ all, even if you’re no planning for it. It is because vital neurological advance takes place throughout the very first month the pregnancy, when folic acid would market the many protective benefits. (If you space trying come conceive and also think you could be pregnant, examine out our guide to the best pregnancy tests.)

“I recommend starting prenatal vitamin as quickly as you begin thinking of trying to conceive. Ideally 3 months prior to conception,” Dr. Nwankwo says.

If you’re planning ~ above breastfeeding, Dr. Nwankwo proposal you continue to take her prenatal vitamins for a minimum of about six months, if no throughout.

If you’re currently pregnant and also haven’t been acquisition prenatal vitamins, no must worry! just start as quickly as you can.

How perform I pick Prenatal Vitamins?

Prenatal vitamins room readily available over the counter and also a prescription is normally unnecessary. (Note: check with her insurance to check out if lock cover prenatal vitamins. If so, you’ll likely need your doctor to give you a prescription for them.)

If you concerned around which come choose, don’t be. “There’s not lot difference in between over the counter and also prescription prenatals, and both are adequate,” assures Dr. Nwankwo.

“Sometimes prescription prenatals may have actually special formulations—for example, castle may have actually a stool softener included to assist with constipation, or they may have additional iron. The pills may also be smaller and easier come take. But it’s no necessary,” she says. “It additionally doesn’t issue whether you take a tablet or a gummy, just make sure it has the right amount of vitamin you need.”

Every vitamin can differ in the varieties and amounts of nutrient it consists of because specific vitamin ingredients aren’t regulated by the FDA. If the vitamin you choose doesn’t contain the complete recommended day-to-day amount the a nutrient, be sure to eat foods that are high in the vitamin or mineral.

When shopping because that prenatal vitamins look for these 4 primary nutrients that are specifically important during pregnancy, per Dr. Nwankwo and the American university of Obstetricians and also Gynecologists):

Folic acid: 600 mcg (Helps with neural tube advancement and can help prevent neural tube defects choose Spina Bifida.) Iron: 27 mg (Helps avoid anemia, which can influence delivery of oxygen to the infant via red blood cells. Store in mind that most gummies nothing contain iron.) Calcium: 1,000 mg (Helps v bone health. Keep in mind that many prenatal vitamins nothing contain this lot calcium, therefore if you don’t get sufficient from your diet, talk to her doctor around taking a separate calcium supplement.) Vitamin D: 600 IU (Helps support healthy bone development and your immune system.)

The following vitamins are also essential throughout pregnancy, and you may not get sufficient of them through diet alone. Having actually these in her prenatals are beneficial too:

Vitamin A: 770 mcg (Note: The safest form of Vitamin A is beta-carotene or other carotenoids.) Vitamin C: 85 mg Vitamin B6: 1.9 mg Vitamin B12: 2.6 mcg Choline: 450 mg

Consider the a bonus if you uncover a prenatal vitamin that likewise contains omega-3 fat acids. There’s strong evidence indicating the omega-3 fat acids (particularly DHA)–a fat discovered in some species of fish–may play an essential role in the advancement of her baby’s mind and concerned system. The march of Dimes recommends you gain 200 mg of DHA a day with diet or supplementation.

What form of Prenatal vitamin is Best?

Vitamins come in multiple forms: pill, soft-gel capsule and also gummies. For some, swallowing and also holding down a pill deserve to be challenging especially when you’re queasy as result of morning sickness. If that’s your situation, shot a soft-gel capsule or a gummy vitamin. Simply remember the gummy vitamins execute not save on computer iron, therefore you might want one extra iron supplement for that.

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Best Prenatal Vitamins

“The ideal prenatal is the one you’re in reality going to take it consistently,” states Dr. Nwankwo.

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Here are some of the many popular choices to consider when deciding top top the finest prenatal vitamin because that you.