Recenly, Forbes reduce their perform of The World"s Highest-Paid actors. This year, many of the top ten-earning gibbs have been payment by the Netflix.

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Topping the list, Dwayne Johnson ranked first with one earning of $87.5 million in a year followed by Ryan Reynolds.

Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnsontakes thetop slot ~ above the perform of the world’s highest-paid male actors for a 2nd straight year. The rock took the top location after obtaining a chequeof $23.5 million indigenous Netflix for upcoming movie "Red Notice".


Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds is top top number two,thanks come Netflix. The"Deadpool" actorearned an superior $ 71.5 million in 2020from Netflix"Six Underground"and "Red Notice".


note Wahlberg

mark Wahlberg grossed the fifth position in the star-studded perform by earning $30million.Mark action-comedy "Spenser Confidential" earned that millions, which ended up being Netflix’s third-most-watched original film ~ its debut on the streamer.


Ben Affleck

This year, Ben Affleck take away the 4rthposition with $55 million. After ~ a brief break, the actorreturned to the huge screen v "The means Back" and Netflix’s "The critical Toshing he Wanted", this year.



mark Sinclair Vincent is what this macho personality used to it is in called prior to Vin Diesel, and also those action-packed "Fast & Furious" movies, got famous. The story goes as this: ago in the day, when he provided to work-related as a bouncer at night clubs, Diesel was trying to find a tougher name fitting his profession. So, he cleared up for... You know what!


Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumaris the just Indian gibbs to feature inForbesannual list of best-paid actors. This year, "Baby" actordropped from the fourthposition to sixth, as he raked in $48.5million in the previous year.


Lin Manuel Miranda

This year Lin Manuel Miranda makeshis debut come the peak 10 actors. This come after, Disney got worldwiderightsof theoriginal Broadway production of "Hamilton"for $75 million.


will certainly Smith

will certainly Smith is onthe 3rdposition andhe’s supposedly receiving $40 million for his "King Richard".


Adam Sandler

Adam Sandlerdropped down from the sixthposition come ninth. The Italian actor signed another address Netlfix,to produce four an ext movies for the platform.Sandler"Murder Mystery" is just one of the streamer’s most-popular movies of every time.

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Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan is the 2nd Asian actor, that make it up to the peak 10 list. The 66-year-old martial artist is reduce from 5th position come the 10th, by earning $50 million in a year.