10 – Brian Dawkins – S

Dawkins was one of the good coverage safeties who could also knock her head off. The made the pro Bowl 9 times, the All-Pro team 6 times and was a member that the 2000’s All-Decade team. The highlights below tell his story.

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9 – Donovan McNabb – QB

Though the Eagles fell brief of your Super key goal, McNabb consistently had actually the Eagles in beat to success it all. The led his team to the NFC Championship Game 5 times, winning that once. He was a 6-time pro Bowler and also NFC offensive Player that the Year throughout his career. Among the ideal Eagles quarterbacks in the history.

8 – Harold Carmichael – WR

The tallest recipient in NFL background deserves to it is in on this list v his 4 Pro Bowls and is a member that the 1970’s All-Decade Team. Review my write-up on that here.

7 – Wilbert Montgomery – RB

In eight seasons, the broke all of the Eagles’ rushing marks and also was the top rusher in Eagles’ background until an extremely recently as soon as LeSean McCoy broke it. He to be a very versatile ago who was a reliable receiver and also even a return man. In 1978 and also 1979, that made the agree Bowl and was a first-team All-Pro.

6 – Tommy McDonald – WR

McDonald was a really underrated receiver, however he was an essential during the Eagles 1960 season and ultimately in the 1960 NFL Championship game. McDonald to be a 6-time pro Bowler and two-time All-Pro. He to be inducted right into the room of fame in 1998.

5 – Bob Brown – OT

“The Boomer” to be a agree Bowler and All-Pro virtually his entire time with the Eagles indigenous 1964-1968 and was named to the 1960’s All-Decade Team. That was one of the finest offensive tackles in NFL history and to be inducted right into the hall of call in 2004.

4 – Pete Pihos – TE

Pihos is among the forget greats, that led the NFL in receptions 3 times, made the agree Bowl 6 times, was an All-Pro five times, was part of the two Eagles championship groups in 1948 and 1949, was on the 1940’s All-Decade Team, called to the NFL’s 75th Anniversary team, and also was inducted into the hall of call in 1970.

3 – Reggie White – DE/DT

There is an dispute to it is in made that Reggie can be number one top top this list, yet the factor for number three is defined later.

White was remarkable from the start of his career together he was called the protective Rookie that the Year in 1985 and also never stopped being great. 124 the his 198 full sacks came as a member of the Eagles and also who might forget his 18 sacks in 1986 and also 1988 and also his exceptional 21 sacks in the 12-game 1987 season?

As one Eagle, White was named to 7 right Pro Bowls from 1986-1992, to be a an initial Team All-Pro native 1986-1991 and also was the 1987 NFL’s protective Player of the Year. Though he left for environment-friendly Bay in 1993, most of his best seasons were with the Eagles, making him among the very best Eagles in that history.

2 – Steve van Buren – RB

Van Buren will always be remembered as a four-time NFL rushing champion and also the love of the violation that brought earlier to back NFL Championships come Philadelphia in 1948 and also 1949. He rushed because that over 1,000 yards double in 12 game seasons and also was additionally a very an excellent defensive player in the secondary. He was inducted right into the room of reputation in 1965.

1 – Chuck Bednarik – LB/C

“Concrete Charlie” was the last of the 60-minute men and also what’s truly amazing about Bednarik was that he was an All-Pro in ~ both linebacker and center, a feat we’ll never see again. The was among the toughest football player in the background of the NFL and also was crucial in bringing a human being Championship to Philadelphia, favor Steve valve Buren did in the late 1940’s, which needs to elevate them above the rest of the players noted here.

Read Mike Goodpaster’s short article on Bednarik here for lots an ext on his good career.

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Honorable Mentions – Seth Joyner, Eric Allen, Jerome Brown, Brian Westbrook, Randall Cunningham, and also Mike Quick.