Parks and also Picnics

If friend are looking for relaxing or perhaps educational places to spend your weekends, parks are a great option to consider in las Vegas. When many human being never notice, las Vegas is house to many parks and also recreation areas in every part of the valley. Numerous showcase beautiful trails and amenities, while others highlight the history of Nevada. Parks permit you to interact with nature, breath in some fresh air, obtain away from overfilled malls and also get some exercise. They are additionally the perfect place for an out meal through friends or family.

Springs Preserve

Springs Preserve has a wonderful mix of both indoor and also outdoor activities to store you entertained because that the whole day. It is owned and also operated by the las Vegas valley Water District. Springs Preserve houses interactive museums and also an award-winning factory garden. If you in search of good education opportunities for children, Springs keep should certainly be at the really top of your list. Take it a leisurely stroll with household or friend on the practically 3.5 mile of it s as beautiful as picture trails. Girlfriend will have actually the chance to check out desert wetlands and cottonwood groves along the way, all while doing some bird watching. Springs keep does not enable outside food or beverages; however, there is one onsite cafe, for this reason you can leave all of your baskets and coolers in ~ home!

Outdoor Trails (Courtesy Springs Preserve)

Simply Charcuterie LV

Grab a charcuterie picnic box prior to you head to her favorite park for a simple yet fabulous picnic meal. Crate from simply Charcuterie LV come with range of accompaniments, your an option of meats and miscellaneous cheeses favor Brie, fresh Mozzarella Balls, Manchego and Merlot Bellavitano. Prices for charcuterie boxes range from $25 because that a selfie crate to $350 because that a grazing table come be mutual with a group. Orders have the right to be put via email or with its Instagram or facebook page.


Floyd Lamb Park is situated in the northwest component of the ras Vegas Valley. This grand park has 4 beautiful ponds, picnic areas, scenic trails and even volleyball courts and also horseshoe pits. Through a Nevada fishing license, you room welcome come fish in the ponds v a limit of three captures per person. For part history, wander v the park over to the historical Tule Springs Ranch, i beg your pardon offers displays of both early on ranch life in Nevada along with fossil stays of extinct pets found ~ above site.


Elevate your outdoor picnic experience with part Japanese-inspired, modern-infused dishes because that takeout from K.ando Sando. Pre-order her boxed meal from Sunday v Wednesday online for pick-up top top Friday or Saturday afternoon. Everything is packaged together a portable experience, and they market package sets for teams of two or four. With assorted Katsu Sandos and also Donburi options, that dishes space perfect because that bringing follow me on your following picnic. Some of its featured items because that June and July include the standard Berkshire Pork Katsu Sando, Forager"s Tempura Don with Soft shell Crab and the Soft shell Crab Sando. 

Rolls at K.ando Sando (Courtesy K.ando Sando)

Sunset Park 

Sunset Park is situated southeast the McCarran worldwide Airport. The park is 324 acres and also has just around everything to save the totality family entertained. The park supplies a dog park, walking and also jogging trails, picnic areas and many recreational fields. You and your household can play through remote-controlled watercrafts in the lake or fish in the pond. There are softball fields, tennis courts or basketball courts because that the more active bunch, and you have the right to even an obstacle the family to a round of bowl golf ~ above the 27-hole course. The park is additionally host to many special events like the Renaissance Festival, Pet-a-Palooza and assorted outdoor concerts. 


Are you emotion fancy? plank & Bordeaux is a custom charcuterie board and grazing table organization in las Vegas and offers a luxurious choice of cheeses and also meats.

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Plank & Bordeaux deserve to curate the fanciest picnic board just for you through boards containing artisan cheeses, meats and fresh fruits! many boards come with a combination of soft cheeses and hard cheeses, and every one of the fruits are cut and added fresh to ensure top-quality charcuterie. Many of the item on the board can be eaten together and make for the perfect picnic presentation! place your order at Boards & Bordeaux or send a post via Instagram or Facebook.