Oscars 1996: 2 finest Pictures Nominees that Didn't worthy It (& 8 far better Replacements) There are a handful of movie the Academy may have actually overlooked and also could have conveniently replaced several of the films that were nominated in 1996.

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The 1996 Academy Awards honored movies released the previous year. 1995 provided audiences films like Clueless, Toy Story, and Before Sunrise, none that which were honored in the Best snapshot category at the 63rd Academy Awards. Instead, the movies that were given the call nomination were Braveheart, which won the award, Apollo 13, Il Postino, Babe, and Sense and also Sensibility.

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At the time, the Academy to be only allowed to nominate five films for ideal Picture, for this reason the Academy voter understandably, may have actually missed a couple of deserving titles. However, there are two nominees that should have actually been replaced with something far better and, arguably, more memorable.

The usual Suspects is a secret thriller, command by Bryan Singer, and also starring Stephen Baldwin, Gabriel Byrne, Benicio del Toro, Kevin Pollak, Chazz Palminteri, Pete Postlethwaite, and also Kevin Spacey, that won the Academy award for finest Supporting Actor for his work-related in this film. The film likewise received a nomination for best Screenplay, yet was left out of the other major categories, many likely due to its mixed crucial reviews, despite being considered a masterpiece in the same organization as The Departed.

Kids is a coming-of-age dramatic function film starring Leo Fitzpatrick, Justin Pierce, Chloë Sevigny, and also Rosario Dawson, who all made your film debut in this feature. ~ above the film"s release, a many of conflict brewed. Harsh critics of the film doubted it"s provocative storylines and also claimed the movie had an ext interest in shock worth than imaginative merit, while doubters like roger Ebert praised the movie for increasing awareness about sex in the adolescent community. Still, the film received tiny to no praise from the Academy or any kind of other awards voters.

Richard Linklater"s Before Sunrise, stars Ethan Hawke and also Julie Delpy as two world who accomplish by opportunity on a train and also travel to Vienna wherein they invest the day talking and also falling in love.

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This elevation love story to be praised for its performances and also holds a 100% approval rating top top Rotten Tomatoes, however had no traction during award season the year it was eligible, i m sorry shocked movie-goers and critics that felt this film was one of the finest of the year.

7 Nominated: Braveheart

This historic fiction war drama was praised upon its release for both that is performances and the execution of the film together a whole. The film, starring Mel Gibson, who additionally directed and also co-produced it, focuses on Gibson"s character, william Wallace, a 13th century Scottish warrior. Given how problem Mel Gibson has end up being over the years, the choice to offer his project so plenty of awards and celebrate his work may not have actually aged an extremely well.

Casino is a crime drama, command by martin Scorsese and also stars Robert DeNiro, Sharon Stone, and also Joe Pesci. The movie is based upon a novel dubbed "Casino: Love and also Honor in ras Vegas", and the book"s author, Nicholas Pileggi, co-wrote the film v Scorsese.

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The film to be both a box office and vital success and was nominated for a grasp of awards, but only received one nomination indigenous the Academy and that was in the best Actress category.

5 Should have Been: Waterworld

At the time of that production, Waterworld was the many expensive movie ever before made. The epos undertaking alone attracted movie-goers come theaters and was praised by critics. The performances may have fell short, but Waterworld together a entirety was s dynamic and visually stunning and unlike anything audiences had ever seen. It"s understandable that it was left the end of most significant categories at the Oscars in the year it was eligible, but it should have received a Best photo nomination because of its significant execution and production as a whole.

This love story is based upon the novel by the very same name through Robert James Waller. The film, directed by and also starring Clint Eastwood, opened up to audiences v a many praise native both critics and also movie-goers.

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The film also stars Meryl Streep, who obtained a finest Actress nomination for her work-related in the film. Come everyone"s surprise, the Academy didn"t nominate one of their favorites, Clint Eastwood in any significant category, including best Picture.

3 Nominated: Babe

At the time of the release, Babe seemed revolutionary in its execution and also story. It was a massive success both at package office and also in critical reviews and gained a lot of attention and traction throughout award season. The pet film about a pig wanting to it is in a sheepdog, received seven Academy award nominations, consisting of one for best Picture. Together this film"s much-less successful sequel proved, the novelty of this movie wore off relatively quickly and developments in technology have made it so a film favor this would probably not be considered for the desire award today.

A little Princess is a family feature film around a young girl required into a life the servitude in brand-new York City after she father is killed in combat. The movie is directed by Academy favorite Alfonso Cuarón, that at the time this film was released, to be still somewhat an unknown manager to American audiences and also Academy voters. Based alone top top what Cuarón has actually gone on to create, this film certainly deserved a nomination in the Best photo category.

1 Should have actually Been: Jumanji

Jumanji set a new bar because that adventure films with it"s incredible execution, challenging production, and also stunning intuitive effects. The film additionally boasts some remarkable talent v performances by the good Robin Williams and a young Kirsten Dunst. The household friendly adventure film was well got by critics and also at package offices, but was snubbed throughout award season, earning zero nominations by the majority of award shows.

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