“Let me settle this once and also for all,” tweeted Dave Portnoy, the founder of Barstool Sports and a pizza aficionado. “The pizza resources of the United states is new Haven CT.” Portnoy’s tweet set of a cable of comebacks indigenous followers everywhere the country. Part agreed through Portnoy, while rather fired back with your <…>
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“Let me resolve this once and for all,” tweeted Dave Portnoy, the founder of Barstool Sports and also a pizza aficionado. “The pizza capital of the United states is new Haven CT.”

Portnoy’s tweet collection of a cable of comebacks indigenous followers all over the country. Part agreed v Portnoy, while others fired earlier with their own opinions about the finest places in America to discover pizza. The online debate ongoing as lawmakers in Connecticut presented a invoice to do pizza the main state food. The bill was authorized by the state residence of to represent on mary 12, 2021 and now awaits a Senate vote.

Pizza is a big deal in Connecticut, but to Connecticut locals and pizza aficionados across the country, the state’s obsession v pizza is old news.

For decades, new Haven has actually been well-known as among America’s peak cities for pizza. The area also has the own format of pizza, new Haven-style pizza, that originated in ~ Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana in brand-new Haven, Connecticut. Open minded Pepe, one Italian immigrant, first began offer thin-crusted, wood-fired pizzas to local inhabitants in 1925. Years later, pizzerias in brand-new Haven and neighboring cities throughout Connecticut proceed to serve the local layout of pizza and also countless various other versions of the famed pie.

New Haven-Style Pizza

New Haven-style apizza native Connecticut

Pizza in Connecticut is much more of a cultural phenomenon than a enjoy the meal option. That a bit puzzling because that those unfamiliar with Connecticut or brand-new Haven-style pizza. If you were to ask any local, they will tell you the “apizza” and pizza space two fully different things. But what specifically is “apizza” and also what makes it for this reason special?

This distinctive style the pizza, express “ah-beets”, is known for that thin, chewy, and also charred crust. Just just how much char the crust has varies between establishments, together does the ratio of sauce come cheese. However there space several components of new Haven-style pizza, or apizza, that make it various from other styles of pizza. 

The many notable properties of every apizza is its crust. Apizzas are made in one intensely warm brick oven and are cooked for longer to produce the signature char ~ above the crust. Part would consider the late burnt, but in new Haven, the tardy is charred. 

New Haven-style pizza also uses dough that ferments for much longer than the of new York-style pizza. The dough is left come proof much more slowly while refrigerated and is then permitted to involved room temperature before it is shaped and baked. This outcomes in a crust through more facility flavors and a chewier texture. 

Also unique to new Haven-style pizzas and apizzas in Connecticut is “mootz” – the entirety milk aged mozzarella is taken into consideration a topping, so friend will should state even if it is you desire your pizza v “mootz” or “no mootz.” At most Connecticut pizzerias, if you don’t particularly ask for “mootz,” you won’t gain it on your pizza. 

The best Pizza areas in Connecticut

We go ahead and also asked a couple of locals from Connecticut about their favorite spots in Connecticut.

Sandra Blair, a Connecticut resident and the owner that CoffeeShan says:

My favourite location to have pizza in Connecticut is ‘Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana, brand-new Haven’.

It’s signature pizza i beg your pardon is coal-fried White clam Pizza is to dice for. It features fresh clams, grated pecorino romano, garlic, oregano and also olive oil giving it a healthy and balanced touch. The ar is likewise lively and comfortable. You have the right to sit their for hours and enjoy pizza while feeling that you room in the comfort of your house. The employee is also very nice and helpful. They talk politely to the customers while offering quality service.

Alicia Richards from Travels through the Crew says:

Connecticut pizza is few of the finest the US. Ns live in brand-new Haven and also we space so lucky to have actually the holy Trinity the Pizza in ours backyard: Pepe’s, Sally’s, and also Modern. My family and also I freshly did a blind taste off of all the large New Haven Pizzas and modern won! Modern is the ideal pizza in CT because the tardy is chewy and charred, the toppings are much an ext plentiful that various other spots and also the sauce isn’t as well acidic. 

Yet one more local, Kami Evans says

Our favorite pizza is in Westport Connecticut and it’s amazing. The the Cauliflower based pizza in ~ Organic Krush in Westport CT. Topped through anything you want yet I choose the Veggies abs it’s simply simply good. I have lived in CT many of my life and also Organic Krush is my walk to place to eat pizza.

There space three restaurants in brand-new Haven that room best-known for apizzas: Pepe’s, Sally’s, and Modern. They stand far above the remainder in regards to popularity and most locals space intensely loyal to one. In fact, locals have actually been known to communicate in fierce arguments over which restaurant deserves to be recognized as the best place to discover a apizza.

Pepe’s Pizza Neapoletana in CT

In 2021, Food & Wine named Connecticut together the country’s #2 pizza state; new Jersey take it the peak spot. Author David Landsel credited the traditional pizzas in ~ Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana and also Sally’s Apizza in new Haven for serving some of the finest pies one can find in the unified States. 

Pepe’s and also Sally’s are situated in the tiny Italy of brand-new Haven, Wooster Square. Contemporary is top top State Street. At any of the three restaurants, it’s common to see human being lined up at every times that the day, wait to sink your teeth right into the very delicious pizza. Each of the three restaurants has maintained the success regardless of a very limited menu. To save up through the massive variety of orders they obtain daily, each restaurant only serves pizza and also salad. 

With pizzas as good as those on the menu at Pepe’s, Sally’s, and Modern, there’s no need for added offerings. Pepe’s specialties incorporate a white seashells pie or a new tomato apizza. Modern-day is recognized for that “Italian Bomb” – a pizza topped with pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, peppers, onion, and garlic. The 2 specialty apizzas in ~ Sally’s room the tomato sauce and white potato pies.

Pepe’s, Sally’s, and modern-day are quickly the most famous pizzerias in Connecticut, but there are several other restaurants serving brand-new Haven-style apizza that room worth mentioning. Ernie’s and also BAR are located in new Haven, Zuppardi’s is in West Haven, and also Roseland, nestled in Derby. Zuppardi’s tomato pie, a pizza topped just with grated Pecorino Romano and fresh garlic, also caught the fist of David Landsel, the author of the previously mentioned Food & alcohol article.

Colony Grill in Stamford is a an excellent place come visit because that surprisingly slim yet chewy bar pizzas. Swarm Grill has been offer Italian pies since the end of the good Depression. Every pizza is served with a warm pepper in the middle, well-known locally together a stinger. If you a fan of heat, shot ordering her pizza through a drizzle of hot oil. It adds an additional layer the flavor come an already incredibly delicious pizza.

Da Legna at Nolo in new Haven is a wood-fired pizza location where cook Daniel Parillo crafts sourdough pizzas with imported Italian pizza ovens. The menu has numerous artisanal pizzas as well as traditional pies that have the right to be customized with a an option of standard toppings. 

In addition to locally-owned pizzerias, Connecticut is residence to restaurant chain that routinely serve impressively very delicious pizzas. Papa Gino’s is based in Massachusetts, however with dozens of areas in Connecticut, the a favorite amongst locals and visitors alike. Papa Gino’s has been roughly for 60 years and also has a food selection that has everything from classic Italian pies to family-sized pasta dishes. And also according come this article, they seem to have actually won the battle versus the pandemic shutdowns.

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Tarry Lodge is a tiny restaurant chain founded by Mario Batali and also Joe Bastianich. With areas in Westport, harbor Chester, and new Haven, Tarry Lodge serves modern-day Italian food, consisting of wood-fired, thin-crust pizzas. Customers rave around the Margherita and also Burrata pizzas, also as an ext unique pies like the goat cheese through pistachios, red onion, and also truffle honey. 

For anyone looking to action away from a classic restaurant setup without sacrifice the chance to reap Italian cuisine, think about visiting Nica’s Market. Nica’s industry in brand-new Haven is a sector with shelves stocked full of Italian favorites and a deli the serves delicious Italian favourite daily. From salads and grinders come pastries and also gelato, Nica’s Market has actually something because that everyone. However what really put Nica’s market on the map is its pizza. You deserve to enjoy a thick part of Sicilian or thin-crust pizza or take home an entire pie. Every pizza is made to order and can be customized to your liking, or you have the right to order among their specialty pizzas. The Sorrentina has fresh tomato, eggplant, ricotta, basil, and mozzarella. 

Connecticut has plenty to offer pizza lovers looking for traditional classics or unique, specialty pies. New Haven has earned a reputation together the ar to it is in at enjoy the meal time, but with pizzerias, restaurant chains, and open-air sectors crafting standard Italian pies daily, she minutes away from a delicious enjoy the meal no matter where in the state girlfriend are. Come truly suffer what Connecticut needs to offer pizza aficionados, take a step outside of your comfort ar and try a pizza girlfriend can’t discover in her hometown.