Pizza is always there because that you. At her eighth date of birth party v all your friends and that clown, it was there because that you. During your late-night university cram sesh, it was there because that you. After a lengthy day of work, a hot cheesy slice was over there to comfort you — and also maybe a bottle of alcohol too.

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Pizza is a staple of American meals, which method it’s pretty simple to come across. It deserve to sometimes feel choose there is a pizzeria approximately every corner, but there’s just something about a great pizza. Here is wherein to discover the 101 ideal pizzas in America.


Delicious slices and also pies are being cooked up all throughout America, for this reason this ranking takes special care to to mark pizzerias native all parts of the country, and also female- and also Black-owned businesses. While America does love that pizza chains, this perform is concentrated on smaller establishments and local favorites that have uncovered success branching the end to a couple of locations. To uncover them, we used inner expertise, scoured Yelp and other testimonial sites, looked in ~ coverage by neighborhood journalists and gathered suggestions from readers.

Although lock each one-of-a-kind in their very own ways, the adhering to pizzas have countless of the features you’d suppose in one above-standard pie: saucy, cheesy slices that heaven v a doughy-yet-crispy crust and also a pretty flop; in addition to a respectable lot of grease — just sufficient to gain the job done. Some have basic-but-essential ingredients like pepperoni and also house-made sausage, while others endeavor outside the box with creative-yet-functional toppings.


Salt Lake City’s Settebello involved life in 2005 and claims to be one of the an initial pizzerias in the U.S. Come recreate Pizza Napoletana as it has actually been do in Napoli, Italy — the birthplace of pizza — for centuries. Optimal items here encompass a classic Margherita; the Settebello v crushed tomatoes, housemade sausage, pancetta, mushrooms, pine tree nuts, basil and also olio; and also the Diavolo through crushed tomatoes, calabrese, mozzarella, roasted red bell pepper, garlic, basil and also olio.


Wilson Pizza and also Grill is a hidden American gem in Kansas City, Kansas. The old-school restaurant is often really busy, but reviewers uncover these gourmet pizzas room worth the wait. Meat lover should shot the 18th Street Special v pepperoni, sausage, beef, ham, mushrooms, onions, black olives, green peppers and also the house-blend mozzarella.


Adriano’s Brick stove is a family-owned restaurant in Glenwood, Iowa, that makes its dough and sauce in-house. Customize your own pizza v toppings choose pepperoni, mushrooms and also basil or Canadian bacon, pineapple and also jalapenos.


Hungry ~ a job at one of America’s oldest nationwide parks? DeLuca’s Pizzeria Napoletana in hot Springs, Arkansas, has a whole menu page specialized to its brick cooktop pizzas. Two celebrated varieties include The Benny Briggs Pie with pepperoni and Italian sausage; and The Patsy Searcy Pie through spicy soppressata, Calabrian chili oil, peppadews and also honey.

Not just does Alaska have actually amazing see of the northern lights, but an excellent pizza too. Head to Moose’s this in Anchorage because that gourmet pies and also pints. The restaurant — called after a hill peak in the Alaska range — has actually an exhaustive list of pizzas, including a famous Spicy Thai Chicken pie v roasted chicken, red onions, regional bean sprouts, carrot threads, cilantro, mozzarella, provolone and Thai peanut sauce.

Pizza Paradiso in Washington, D.C., provides wood-fired pizza from slow-rise, hand-worked dough topped with extra virgin olive oil and also other vibrant fixings. The Quattro Formaggi is a menu standout special Gorgonzola, pecorino, grana padano, mozzarella, minced garlic and parsley; as is the Margherita, constructed with housemade tomato sauce, basil and buffalo mozzarella.

Staff cuts have been a huge pain point for restaurants during coronavirus, but thankfully, wood Pizza company has not had actually to let a single employee go during coronavirus, co-owner Andrew Dana said The daily Meal in one email. The menu at his D.C. Restaurant is short and sweet with large flavor native the many coveted pie, the Bentley. The pizza features tomato sauce, a provolone and also mozzarella blend, cured chorizo, soppressata, Peruvian sweet peppers and spicy honey.

Cloverleaf Pizza in Eastpointe, Michigan, is the actual deal. Here’s an origin story you could not know: Founder Gus Guerra is credited with creating Detroit-style pizza using his mam Anna Passalacqua’s Sicilian family recipe for thick-crust dough. That’s as soon as the “Motor City Square” was born, and also today, friend can obtain it the same method Guerra made it earlier in the day.

With more than twenty years of endure under his belt, yes sir no shortage that pizza-making skills at Jay Langfelder’s eponymous Jay’s Artisan Pizzeria. The Buffalo, brand-new York, restaurant uses wood-fired, Detroit- and Sicilian-influenced pies, featuring funny flavors choose shishito and also corn through garlic, fresh mozzarella, Calabrian chili cream and grana padano; or caramelized fennel and also onion with a cheese blend and capricho de cabra goat cheese.

Monza Pizza Bar is a casual Italian restaurant in Charleston, south Carolina, and also wood-fired pie is that is forte. Great options abound ~ above this menu, however some pan favorites incorporate the count Louis v tomato sauce, mozzarella, roasted mushrooms and pepperoni; and also the Ronnie Peterson v arugula pesto, ricotta, oven-roasted chicken, artichokes, mozzarella and garlic.

Pizza Stone’d is a mobile women-owned food truck that specializes in brand-new York-style, wood-fired pizzas, stromboli and also pasta, in addition to other goodies born native seven-decades-old family members recipes and imported Italian ingredients. Together it’s always on the move, monitor Pizza Stone’d ~ above Instagram to view where the pops increase next. Then, get ready for a mouthful of smell with options like buffalo chicken, ricotta and meatball or supreme pie with pepperoni, sausage, peppers and also onions.

Micucci grocery store is an Italian grocery keep in Portland, Maine, famed for its thick and fluffy Sicilian slab pizza. Top top each, expect a 50-50 mix of Wisconsin provolone and also mozzarella paired v fresh tomato sauce. Top top your method out the door, you deserve to pick up sauces, oil, pasta and an ext goodies because that the next night’s meal.

Terita’s is a family-owned service in Columbus, Ohio. After an ext than 60 year in the business, the pizzeria still offers its renowned recipe because that homemade Italian sausage, driving client from anywhere the state to swing by because that a taste of the special: a pepperoni, mushroom, sausage, environment-friendly pepper and also onion pie.

Frank & Helen’s is a family members tradition in university City, Missouri, seeing youngsters who thrived up on the pies now lug their kids there come eat, follow to the website. Do your own pizza v a spectacle of customizations such as cauliflower crust, or trust in the residence selections. Frank’s Special, for example, comes with environment-friendly pepper, onion, mushroom, tomato, black color olives, pepperoni, bacon, Canadian bacon, Italian sausage, hamburger, anchovies and also garlic.

Last Dragon Pizza in Queens, brand-new York, is a Black-owned, woman-owned, word-of-mouth pizza company operated by pizzaiola Nicole Russell. Inspired by the ‘80s cult standard film “The last Dragon,” last Dragon Pizza offer spicy new York-style entirety pies and also dishes called after memorable scene from the film. Take the “Kiss Mi’ Converse” pie for example, special spicy jerk chicken, yellow peppers, scallions, white onions and also black olives.

Come come Slab hungry, since this Portland, Maine, restaurant isn’t messing around. One individual-sized part of old-world Sicilian slab pizza is a whopping 1 pound. Friend can get a 4-pound fifty percent slab or 8-pound full-size slab too. An imaginative flavors incorporate spicy meat with red pepper sauce, pepperoni, pepperoncini, mozzarella, provolone and blue cheese; and tomato pesto through tomato sauce, pesto, roasted tomatoes, garlic, tapioca cheese and oregano.

CRUST rectal a 2,600-square-foot arts deco building and also former 1950s home by the scenic Miami flow in Florida. A look in ~ the menu reveals enticing items including a well-known Truffled Pizza v fresh tomato, arugula, shave parmesan, lemon juice and white truffle oil; and also a Surf and also Turf Pizza through shrimp, prosciutto, pepperoni and shaved ham.

Zoli’s was named after a dog, and also the votes room in: this place is pawsome. The food selection at this Addison, Texas, pizzeria attributes innovative starters favor cacio e pepe waffle fries, plus 18 new York-style round and also square pies consisting of a make-your-own option. Gain down through Fat Staxx, featuring dual pepperoni, mushrooms, cherry pepper ricotta and also habanero honey.

This 44-seat pizzeria in Darnestown, Maryland, specifically serves seasonal wood-fired pizza in the format of “canotto,” which translates to “inflatable raft” in Italian. This is a recommendation to the pie’s airy outer ring. A higher water content permits it to puff up and also in some places, bubble and char. The Margherita pizza is well-known here, as is the fig and also smoked prosciutto pie through crescenza, fior di latte and basil.

While eat pizza at the various other Bonci ar in Rome top top an illustration of “The Layover,” Anthony Bourdain said, “You desire it. You want it bad. Your life would be so much better if you had actually this appropriate now. Leave her family. Give up your youngsters ... You understand you desire it.” The offerings in Rome and also Chicago readjust often, sometimes hourly, so over there isn’t a typical menu. Bourdain, though, provided his rubber stamp of approval to a fresh mozzarella, squash blossom and anchovy slice.

Cuts & Slices in Brooklyn, brand-new York, is much from ordinary. This pizzeria goes beyond cheese and pepperoni, offering out-of-the-box items favor the chicken and waffles pie through oven-fried chicken, buttermilk waffles and also mozzarella glazed through savory maple syrup; and the shrimp scampi pizza through garlic butter crust, seasoned shrimp scampi, mozzarella and also garlic pesto drizzle.

Pizza di Joey is a Baltimore Sun’s best 2020 Readers’ choice winner. The spot serves authentic new York-style pizza to diners in Baltimore using fresh, seasonal ingredient from neighborhood farms and markets. This veteran-owned shop is well-known for that 12-inch “monster” slices, and from what we hear, Buffalo chicken is the move.

Pizza Bruno has actually seen the critic’s choice and readers’ choice lists of the Orlando Sentinel Foodie Awards a time or two. “A concealed gem off the beaten route where heritage meets creativity,” Pizza Bruno serves up Neapolitan-style pizzas to the Orlando area. This pizza spot supplies a simple dough that is fermented at cold temperatures for approximately 48 hours. After it’s topped through sauce and also goodies like in your ar sourced Italian sausage, it’s cooked because that 90 secs at 1000 degrees Fahrenheit in the wood-fired oven fed through kiln-dried red oak.

Pizza very delicious was developed by two college roommates and new York natives that bonded end complaining about the lack of local pizzerias in brand-new Orleans. It began as a Sunday night alleyway pop-up, selling simply a couple of pizzas via pay-as-you-go mobile phone, and eventually upgraded come a brick and mortar warehouse to store up v demand. Friend can’t go wrong through a classic cheese or pepperoni slice, but there’s Hawaiian right here too, because that the folks that subscribe to this great food debate.

The food selection at Young Joni contains a diverse array of worldwide influenced wood-fired pizza and also other plates. If friend don’t know what come order, you can’t go wrong v the korean BBQ pie topped through beef quick ribs, mozzarella, scallion, arugula and sesame soybean beans chili vinaigrette. There’s even buzz about the gluten-free crust being the finest in town.

Helmed by two longtime chefs — one a master baker, the other a graduate of the Culinary institute of America — EVO in Charleston, south Carolina, is a must for impassioned pizza fans. The talk of the city is the Pork Trifecta made through red sauce, housemade sausage, pepperoni, bacon, mozzarella and Parmigiano-Reggiano.

Hot brown is iconic to Louisville, Kentucky, and also you deserve to bet Chef’s cut Pizzeria has a version on the menu. This meaty southern staple functions bacon, turkey, tomato and also creamy alfredo sauce, mozzarella and provolone cheese. If girlfriend can’t fairly make it come the Bluegrass State, make your very own version at house with this recipe from Churchill Downs, home of the Kentucky Derby.

O4W Pizza is in Duluth, Georgia, however its roots are in The Garden State. A meal below guarantees classic Jersey-style pizza made from new dough that is topped through house-made sauce, hand-pulled mozzarella, and also sausage and also meatballs acquired from a time-honored family recipe. Grandma-style pies are the upper crust here, featuring new mozzarella, marinara, pecorino romano, extra virgin olive oil, new oregano and basil.

Wood-fired pizza fans come top top down. Family-owned and also -operated TriBecca Allie café in Sardis, Mississippi, has actually been do its current dough cooking recipes for 5 years. Shot the home specialty Magnolia Rosa Insalata with mixed greens and pine nuts tossed in house-made vinaigrette and freshly grated pecorino romano. It to be the runner-up in the American Pizza Championship.

Ken’s Artisan Pizza in Portland, Oregon, slings pizzas made from long-fermented dough, hand-stretched mozzarella and Italian tomatoes, blistered in a wood-fired cooktop to crispiness. A famous item here is the 12-inch fennel sausage pie v tomato sauce, mozzarella, roasted onions, basil and spicy Calabrian chilis.

Zaffiro’s Pizza is a friendly community bar and also pizzeria in Milwaukee known for that thin-crust pie and possible sports celeb sightings. Don’t intend to find squash blossoms, goat cheese or honey drizzles here — just cheese, pepperoni, sausage, anchovies and also other crucial toppings. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.

A favourite of gibbs Jack Nicholson, Perreca’s Bakery in Schenectady has been run by the same family members for much more than 100 years. The Upstate new York landmark supplies a coal-fired oven to roasted a much-desired bread, and also the star that the present — tomato pie — it s okay seasoned red sauce through romano and also parmesan cheeses offered at room temperature.

Food + Drink in Reno, Nevada, commonly serves two species of foods — pizza and also tacos — although during the pandemic, pizza reigns supreme. Pick from next-level pies choose the lauded no-sauce, sweet and also salty “fig + pig” v mozzarella, asiago, fig preservatives, prosciutto, arugula, balsamic glaze and also shaved Parmesan Reggiano.

PizzaLeah in Windsor, California, is named for executive pizza an equipment Leah Scurto, an award-winning pizza chef and also seven-year member the the United claims Pizza Team. Her Old Grey moustache pizza with red sauce, mozzarella, fontina, Italian sausage, Calabrian peppers, warm honey and also orange fervor earned second place in ~ The West coast Pizza Cup in 2019, and lucky because that you, that on the menu at PizzaLeah.

Al Forno in Providence, Rhode Island, makes an easy renditions that food rooted in various regions of Italy. The menu, motivated by brand-new England’s farms and waters, boasts grilled pizza adorned with toppings such as corn, pomodoro, fresh herbs, cheese, prosciutto and also spicy aioli. If girlfriend close her eyes, you might just photo yourself in The Boot.

Emmy Squared has a handful of locations approximately the country, yet its roots are in Brooklyn, new York. In every one of its square-shaped glory, the Detroit-style pie comes fluffy ~ above the inside and crispy on the exterior with trendy toppings. If girlfriend like large flavor, try the angel Pie v ricotta, mushrooms and Truffleist mushroom cream. To add to the hype, the burgers here are few of the finest in America.

Cheese board Pizza involved life when employees in ~ the cheese shop and also bakery down the block combined sourdough baguette dough with their favourite cheeses and also vegetables. ~ selling just one kind of vegetarian pizza every night, the offering became so well-known that they opened a pizzeria two doors down. Using the very same recipe today, Cheese plank Pizza’s rotating choice of always-meatless pies room revered in the Berkeley, California, community.

The food selection at Pizza Den in Princeton, brand-new Jersey, functions four pizzas through tantalizing toppings. This consists of a classic pie through toppings the your picking (arugula, infant kale, chicken, mushrooms, sausage and also more); a Brooklyn pie v fresh mozzarella, tomato sauce, olive oil and also fresh basil; a sauceless pie with mozzarella, ricotta, goat cheese, new basil and garlic; and a tomato pie through tomato sauce, garlic, olive oil and also fresh basil.

Pizza Shackamaxon in philly is a “slice first” shop prioritizing serving as many civilization as feasible instead the a choose few. If you want a whole pie, you can have come wait an hour or more, specifically on weekends, however it’s worth it. With four menu options, there space no bells and also whistles here, just plain, pepperoni, tomato and also the weekly special. Because of COVID-19, over there are only 50 pizzas offered per job though, so obtain one while girlfriend can.

Add this brand-new Orleans food location to your list because that the following time you uncover yourself in Louisiana. The BBQ chicken pizza through bell peppers and also onions is very recommended, together is The huge Easy through pepperoni, Canadian bacon, Italian sausage, bacon, black color olives, mushrooms, onions and also bell peppers. Every little thing you choose, don’t miss out on out ~ above the wings. Some say castle the ideal in the city.

Pizza rock was started by three ideal friends, 2 of whom space nightlife experts, the various other a 13-time world pizza champion. The not-so-traditional ras Vegas pizzeria serves plenty of different layouts of artisan ‘za in an electrical atmosphere — DJ contained — but the brand-new Yorker Pizza is other special. Winner the the finest Traditional Pizza in the people at the las Vegas Pizza Expo, it it s okay sliced mozzarella, tomato sauce, house-made fennel sausage, pepperoni, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, oregano, pecorino romano and ricotta. And it’s close to the Neon Museum, the many underrated tourist spot in the state.

At Seattle’s serious Pie, the dough is hand-crafted v a multiple-day process and tossed in a 600-degree stove for irradiate browning. Toppings choose farm potato, seasonal mushrooms and truffle cheese go beyond what you’d find at your mean pizzeria. Though all items come highly regarded, the pie v sweet fennel sausage and roasted peppers intends to please.

Indianapolis can be the many caring city in Indiana, but you’re going to desire to endeavor to Bloomington because that a piece of this pie. Mom Bear’s Pizza — which has been poll the finest pizza in the city for the previous 10 year by students in ~ Indiana university — offer a popular magnificent Swine v imported pepperoni, ground sausage, Hoosier ham and smoked bacon, among 20 other an innovative pies.

Santillo’s Brick oven Pizza has been feeding Elizabeth, new Jersey, because that 102 years. The family-owned business, pass down 3 generations, still provides the very same recipe Lou Santillo arisen in 1918, which method grandson Al has to shovel 13 tons of coal right into the range twice a day. “If you desire something that good, you have to suffer, and we do,” Al said, according to Santillo’s website. Take it a bite that the past with pie formats from different years, prefer the 1964 16-inch pizza v extra virgin olive oil and also Parmesan cheese.

The civilization of Hazel Park, Michigan, and also its travellers rave about Loui’s Pizza and its deep-dish Detroit-style pie. “We use initial brick ovens no conveyors. It is what separates our pizza from our competitors,” Loui’s Pizza said The everyday Meal. Go for constant cheese or choose from the most well-known toppings in ~ this family-owned establishment: pepperoni and mushroom. And don’t skip out on the crust. Part say it is the best part.

“In crust we trust,” is the motto at residence Slice Pizza in Austin, Texas, and new York-style pie is the surname of the game. This is what come expect: crisp, stone-baked Neapolitan crust and also slices so big you need to fold lock in half to eat. Make your very own masterpiece or go for the “tried and also true” part of the menu. Yes sir Margherita, pepperoni and mushroom, and an aubergine pie that’s essentially eggplant parmesan top top ‘za.

Triple Jay’s Pizza is a highly recommended food truck and also mom-and-pop restaurant in Midtown Atlanta. The food truck has been parked pretty lot all year, with sales under at the very least 95% as result of COVID, but the brick and mortar is slinging pizzas left and right. “I actually started making pizza top top the weekends with my sons together a means to just hang out and bond v them for years, never learning that us would one day make it into a business” owner Jay Terrence called The everyday Meal. The most famous pie? Pepperoni, that course.

Bambino’s prides itself on using homemade hand-stretched dough made from flour milled in Italy, fior di latte mozzarella and also locally get an impressive produce. The finest part? unlimited toppings for $11. If you’re not afraid the a tiny kick, shot The warm Chick v spicy Buffalo sauce, fresh mozzarella, chicken, jalapenos and Gorgonzola; or Unleash The Beast through red sauce, shredded mozzarella, crispy bacon, Italian sausage, pepperoni and also meatballs.

The absent Brick specializes in “creating city dishes on pizzas.” The 21-and-up family-owned Indianapolis restaurant offers an imaginative pies intended to reflect flavorful dishes like lasagna, seafood boils and also BBQ ribs. Take The catch Pizza because that example, v shrimp, crab, mozzarella, a one-of-a-kind Young Bae Spice, fresh parsley, environment-friendly onion and also “O.G. Garlic Herb catch Buttah.” That’s sufficient to do America’s best seafood shacks jealous.

Plant Based Pizzeria is the an initial 100% plant-based pizzeria in Atlanta. Once in Rome — or Georgia, the is — go for the Georgia Peach Pizza with roasted basil pizza sauce, vegan mozzarella cheese, spicy beyond Sausage, roasted peaches, red onions and also jalapenos.

Audrey Jane’s Pizza Garage is a family-run pizza parlor in Boulder, Colorado, where the pies are influenced by san Francisco, brand-new York City and also Italy. Don’t miss the Spicy Pig, featuring hand-crushed tomato sauce, mozzarella, herbal casing pepperoni, Italian sausage, roasted jalapenos, fresh garlic and oregano.

The household behind subway Pizza has actually visited thousands of pizzerias across the country to learn and also gather recipes “to carry our guests a taste of home, wherever home may be.” The Old brand-new York Pizza is a hot item here, one original classic cheese pizza through thick slices the mozzarella and richly simmered Italian tomato sauce. Because that something the end of the ordinary, shot the “stuffed” pizzas.

There’s nothing an intricate at this retro pizzeria, yet it’ll carry you delight nonetheless according to virtual reviewers. Scarr’s is known for its straightforward cheese pizza through the part made indigenous all-natural, 100% stone-milled flour. That a classic brand-new York City slice joint, no ifs, ands or buts about it.

Los Angeles time food critic S. Irene Virbila defines Pizzeria Mozza’s Margherita pie together a “beautiful melding of fresh milky mozzarella” with “light tomato sauce and fresh, fragrant basil pipeline on crust that’s both tender and crackling fresh on the bottom, blistered and smoky indigenous the wood-burning oven.” If that doesn’t offer you, other alternatives include corn with mushrooms, Fresno chiles, fontina and also mozzarella; or Shrimp Aglio e Olio v garlic, mozzarella and also fontina.

If you acquainted with brand-new Haven, Connecticut, pizzeria nightclub BAR, you understand what the people are there for. Yes a perform of 30 optional toppings ranging from pepperoni and also Buffalo chicken come lobster and also fresh littleneck clams, but mashed potato pie is the genuine deal. The specialty starts with a white base and also mozzarella and is topped through hand-mashed potatoes and brick oven-cooked bacon. The residence suggests adding onions or swapping meat for broccoli.

On the 100th anniversary of this cash-only family members business, Vito & Nick’s owner increased Barraco George — nephew of Vito and daughter of Nick — told the Chicago Tribune she still uses grandmother Mary’s cooking recipes to make impossibly thin, crispy pizza with plump sausage, red sauce and also melty cheese. Part say it’s the finest in the city.

The so late Dominic Zuppardi learned his trade in Italy and became a grasp bread-maker in West Haven, Connecticut, before opening his own bakery specializing in artisan Italian breads and also apizza. Today, the family-run organization makes a variety of pies, yet for a taste that history, you’ll desire to order one of the very first pizzas ~ above the menu: the timeless plain pie v a an excellent amount of tomato sauce and pecorino Romano cheese. Agree tip: questioning to include fresh garlic too.

Juliana’s is named after the mommy of Patsy Grimaldi, the much-celebrated pizza proprietor of Grimaldi’s. Funny enough, after offering his Brooklyn legacy, he opened a new one next door. Juliana’s proud prepares coal-fired thin-crust pies adorning house-made, locally and internationally sourced toppings. You can’t go wrong with the Margherita pizza, yet the white pie is timeless too.

In 1935, colony Grill opened up as an Irish-American tavern in Stamford, Connecticut. End the years, it earned a sparkling call for the thin-crust bar pie, ideal served with the signature spicy pepper-infused “hot oil.” This became so popular that eventually, every other menu items were phased out completely, and the require for a grill end to exist.

Inspired by a recipe more than 50 year old passed under by his dad — the founder of Joe & Pat’s in Staten Island — Aj Pappalardo make pizza magic in Manhattan. Rubirosa is a family-run, Italian-American ar restaurant and brand-new York City institution where regulars and also newcomers can enjoy Italian plates and also pizza v cool toppings ranging from standard tomato and also mozzarella come mini meatballs and also Brussels sprouts.

Cane Rosso was born after ~ owner Jay Jerrier had actually a taste of pizza in Italy on his honeymoon. In an effort to replicate it, the trained under grasp pizzaiolos at The True Neapolitan Pizza Association. Thanks to wood-fired favorites favor Delia with bacon marmalade, grape tomatoes, housemade mozzarella and arugula, this Texas pizzeria has a loyal complying with of Dallas-area diners. Jerrier go on to develop a non-profit organization of the same name to assist abandoned dog get embraced too.

Located in the historic town of Tilton, brand-new Hampshire, this riverside restaurant has actually a watch infinite variety of pizzas top top the menu. There room lots of options at Tilton house of Pizza, indigenous chicken and also broccoli alfredo come spinach and also feta, yet you can’t walk wrong through a standard pepperoni pie.

Pizzeria Beddia in philadelph is open seven days a week. It’s finest known because that the No. 1 listing ~ above the menu, a 16-inch pie through tomato sauce, fresh, totality milk mozzarella, Sicilian oregano, olive oil and Old yellow cheese, the facility told The daily Meal. The runner-up because that most renowned is a seasonal corn pizza through corn and black pepper cream, heirloom cherry tomatoes, fresh entirety milk mozzarella and also basil vinaigrette, i m sorry sounds like it would make because that a healthy and balanced salad dressing.

This pizzeria started off together a food van — or a horse and wagon in 1918, to it is in exact. You will do it find continual round pies at L&B Spumoni Gardens’ brick and also mortar in Brooklyn, despite it’s famous for thick Sicilian squares. The landmark family facility sells by the slice, but you can only unlock toppings if friend order a whole pizza. Pick from extra cheese, mushroom, sausage, pepperoni or anchovies.

If you’re searching for a reliable brand-new York City slice, head come The Bronx for a bite at Louie and Ernie’s. The 1,200-square-foot basement pizzeria was freshly inducted into the Pizza room of Fame, and also co-owner Cosimo Tiso said he and brother john “believe in KISS: keep it simple, stupid. We have limited products — only pizzas and calzones — and don’t try to reinvent the wheel.”

Star Tavern is a bustling ar pizzeria in Orange, brand-new Jersey. The family-owned and also -operated restaurant is renowned because that its super thin crust bar-style pie. Go crazy v toppings — this place has actually cup pepperoni — or take it a walk under memory lane with the Old college Everything, special onions, sausage, pepperoni, peppers, mushrooms and anchovies.

There are nine pizzas on the food selection at Supino in Detroit that are made native local and also organic products whenever possible. Some famous pies incorporate the no-sauce Funghi with flat parsley, new basil, mushrooms, mozzarella, smoked Gouda and Parmigiano-Reggiano; and the red-sauce Supino through roasted garlic, black olives, chili oil, ricotta and mozzarella.

DeSano Pizzeria is open seven work a week indigenous 11 a.m. Until the cook runs the end of dough. The highly coveted Nashville clues employs wood-burning ovens to chef authentic Neapolitan pizza, consisting of the residence special mountain Gennaro pie through San Marzano tomato sauce, sausage, peppadews, garlic, caramelized onions, scamorza, mozzarella di bufala and also pecorino Romano.

The Nashville area may be known for incredible fried chicken, yet Angelo’s Picnic Pizza is transforming heads v its pies. Secret family recipes to be passed under to the founder’s 2 sons, who keep the tradition alive with the best quality and also best tasting Brooklyn-style pizza in Antioch, Tennessee. Order the brand-new York Pizza v sun-dried tomato, roasted garlic, feta, spinach and pesto; or the signature Picnic one-of-a-kind featuring spinach, mushrooms, broccoli, sun-dried tomato, roasted garlic, feta and also tomato.

L’industrie Pizzeria in Brooklyn, brand-new York, serves classic and also gourmet pizza. The brand-new Yorker is well-known here — it it s okay tomato sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni, sausage and also ricotta — but cheese connoisseurs room going to desire to shot the signature burrata pizza with tomato sauce, mozzarella and — you guessed that — burrata.

When asked i m sorry pizza is most well-known at nomad Pizza Company, co-owner Tom Grim told The daily Meal, “That is like asking which flavor of ice cream cream is most popular. Vanilla is, and always will be for ice cream cream. For pizza, Margherita will always be No. 1 by far.” This philly restaurant is “open, thriving and hasn’t stopped making good wood-fired pizza,” Grim said.

Pies in ~ Di Fara in Brooklyn, new York, space still handcrafted through owner Domenico De Marco, one Italian immigrant who spent over 53 years perfecting his craft, together with his children. The octogenarian imports many of his ingredient from Italy, and the late Anthony Bourdain is quoted saying it’s “the finest of the best.” make your very own regular, square or white pie, or go for the Chaos Pie through sausage, meatballs, cherry tomatoes, wild onions and fresh garlic.

Tony’s Pizza Napoletana has won finest Pizza Margherita at the world Pizza Cup in Naples, Italy, and Best Pizza Romana at the world Championship the Pizza Makers, so you understand these pies are the real deal. You’ll discover a bunch of styles here, consisting of Neapolitan, new York and Detroit, however you’d carry out yourself a disservice if friend didn’t try the award-winning Margherita. Just 73 space made per day.

Apizza is iconic come Connecticut, however this shop serves it every the way out in Oregon. In ~ Portland’s Apizza Scholls, you can develop your own pie or choose from a perform of specialties. Renowned items include the Apizza Amore — a Margherita with cured pork shoulder — and also the Bacon Bianca featuring entirety milk mozzarella, grana padano, a heaping of fresh garlic, herbs, black pepper, extra virgin olive oil and also house-cured bacon, sans sauce.

Nick Nitti had actually his an initial bite of pizza Napoletana in neapolitan on a expedition to Pompeii, and also it was love at an initial bite. Years later, that trained under one of Napoli’s best pizzaiolos prior to opening Forno Rosso Pizzeria Napoletana in Chicago, wherein he offer expertly do pies. There are 20 of them, to it is in exact, including a brunch-y carbonara pizza through San Marzano tomatoes, fior di latte mozzarella, pancetta, pecorino romano, organic egg, cracked black color pepper and basil.

Enticing pasta plates prefer bucatini cacio e pepe and spaccatelli pomodoro could pique your interest at Roberta’s in Brooklyn, new York, yet pizza is the wave. Check out the punishment Sting with mozzarella, tomato, soppressata, chili, basil and also honey; or the Lil’ Stinker v tomato, mozzarella, parmigiana, pecorino, dual garlic, onion and also pepperoncini.

Galleria Umberto is a cash-only respond to known because that Sicilian-style pizza and also Italian eats just a stone’s litter from Boston publicly Garden. The desire Massachusetts pizzeria specialization in square slices, however cheese is the only kind on offer, and you have the right to only order because that lunch throughout the hours of 10:45 a.m. To 2:30 p.m.

ZuriLee is a destination for pizza-loving locals and also tourists, though its Caribbean-inspired creations set it apart from other joints. You will find classic pies here, despite the cheese pizza levels up native mozzarella to smoked Gouda, havarti and Vermont white cheddar. Don’t miss out ~ above The Jerk Chicken Pizza with mozzarella and also fresh corn, or The Oxtail v mozzarella, grana padano and also oxtail ragu.

The Margherita pizza is the star that the menu at Cibo in Phoenix, however if it’s fire friend desire, Diavola brings the heat. This pie it s okay mozzarella, tomato sauce and also spicy salami. Speak to the chef’s expertise, a representative the the restaurant called The day-to-day Meal that “grew up doing this in Naples. Spent his totality life functioning in restaurants and learning pizza. He was taught by his brother. He is the heart and soul the this restaurant.”

Illinois may be separated when it comes to picking a favorite baseball team, but Lou Malnati’s is undeniably important to the Chicago deep-dish pizza experience. If you’re grounding on what come get, stimulate the Malnati Chicago classic featuring skinny sausage, extra cheese and vine-ripened California tomato sauce top top flaky, buttery crust.

Naples, Italy, native Joe Pozzuoli opened Joe’s pizzeria in 1975, and also he still operates the original ar today. Because that first-time tourists to new York City, a slice from this old-school share is an above street food girlfriend absolutely should try. There room no “string-bean, asparagus covered, wild turkey surprise” pizzas here, simply authentic pies v no-frills toppings available upon request.

Pizzeria Delfina is a farm-to-table ar restaurant in mountain Francisco. The family-owned organization specializes in Neapolitan-inspired pizza, with renowned items including Margherita through tomato, fior di latte mozzarella and also basil; prosciutto with caciocavallo (an Italian cheese), mozzarella, panna and also arugula; and also broccoli rabe v caciocavallo, mozzarella, olives and hot peppers.

Lombardi’s uses a slice of history in brand-new York City. The small Italy gem involved life in 1905 and also could simply be the very first pizzeria in the joined States. It’s likewise credited through developing new York City-style pizza. Just like in the old days, Lombardi’s is beloved because that its smoky, crusted coal-oven pizza topped v purist tomato sauce, fresh totality milk mozzarella and also basil.

While it’s not the oldest restaurant in new York, Patsy’s dates earlier to 1933 and is widely credited as the an initial pizzeria to sell by the slice, and also with popularizing new York’s thin-crust pizza. The historic eastern Harlem point out still renders thin-crust pizza in that coal stove with just three options: old-fashioned square pie, old-school round pie and white pie through your selection of toppings.

If you’re desire pizza and ice cream, Lovely’s Fifty Fifty in Portland, Oregon, is her one-stop shop because that both. The 12-inch pie v house-made fennel sausage, kale, Reggiano and also rosemary is renowned here, together is the summer squash selection peppered with pretty edible flowers. Once your sweet this activates, pick from famous soft serve seasonings or go for an essential pint the malted milk ball, salted caramel, raspberry buttermilk or mint stracciatella.

Modern Apizza in new Haven, Connecticut, has constantly been a family members restaurant. “The trip the owners have been top top is what carried the pizza come what that is now,” an employee shared over the phone v The everyday Meal “A many love goes right into the pizza.” The hot ticket item right here is the Italian Bomb, finish with bacon, sausage, pepperoni, mushroom, onion, pepper and garlic.

Paulie Gee’s menu is lush with an innovative ‘za, featuring 30 wood-fired pizzas, eight that which are vegan. If you prefer it hot, stimulate the Hellboy v fresh mozzarella, Italian tomatoes, Berkshire soppressata piccante, Parmigiano-Reggiano and Mike’s hot Honey. It’s the most famous option on the menu, the restaurant said The everyday Meal. And if you’re no hungry for a entirety pie, Paulie Gee’s slice Shop is just two blocks away. “Both of our pizzerias serve up pizza, music and conversation in equal portions,” owner Paulie Giannone stated over the phone.

Chris Bianco"s Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix, Arizona, has actually been defined as a "mecca because that the pizza obsessed.” searching for a “life-altering experience?” shot the Sonny Boy with tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, salami and also olives.

This Denver restaurant is housed in a 640-square-foot shipping container, wherein you deserve to order wood-fired pies, fresh oysters, prosecco ~ above tap, Italian spritzes, local beer and also craft cocktails. The seashells pizza is a standout here, topped through littleneck clams, pancetta, toasted garlic and panna. Limited quantities are marketed each night, so acquire one while friend can.

Prince Street Pizza is one more much-loved brand-new York City attraction. You can’t go wrong with a cheese slice, yet the Spicy spring is height dog. It comes through fra diavolo sauce — a spicy tomato-based sauce — spicy pepperoni and also mozzarella. If squares aren’t your thing, The an elaborate Prince, the shop’s Margherita pizza, is a must-try house specialty.

Smiling through Hope is a new York-style pizzeria in Reno, Nevada, the trains and employs human being with developmental disabilities, who right now make increase 30% that the staff. The restaurant is modeled after the mom-and-pop shops the the pizzeria’s owner, Walter, thrived up with in brand-new Jersey during the 1960s and also 1970s. He and also Judy, his wife of 40 years, work-related every hour the operation, and Walter handcrafts every pizza. The classic NY v pepperoni is the many popular.

Piece is one award-winning pizzeria specializing in brand-new Haven-style pizza, and beer is brewed ~ above premise. The crème de la crème at this Chicago point out is “red pizza” through tomato sauce, mozzarella, pecorino romano and also pepperoni.

Sally’s Apizza is a tower in the new Haven, Connecticut, pizza scene. Straying from the state’s above white seashells pie, Sally’s sets itself apart with various other specialties including a White Potato selection with potato, onion, mozzarella, imported Parmesan and rosemary.

Famed new York City pizzeria Lucali concerned life so that owner and also pizzaiolo note Iacono might save his regional candy shop. Now, the Brooklyn hotspot is a magnet for celebrities. Ed Sheeran, man Legend, Kylie Jenner and countless rather have eaten here pre-coronavirus, once customers might forgo takeout for table business — if they to be able to acquire a seat. “During this totality pandemic, I’d like to give thanks to customers for your support, and also my staff,” Iacono told The everyday Meal. The most well-known pie? that honor goes to the Margherita.

If you’re looking for pizza in this major sports city, the gotta it is in Santarpio’s. This cash-only Boston restaurant has actually no shortage of choices on the menu, under to also shrimp scampi pizza, however its top-selling slice is classic pepperoni. “We do our an extremely best to please our customers,” one employee called The everyday Meal end the phone.

Detroit might be one of the most underrated cities in America, yet the thrill the Buddy’s Pizza is simply right. This engine City restaurant bring away the No. 6 spot on our list for that swoon-worthy square-shaped pizzas perfected over 5 generations. Make your own with Wisconsin brick cheese, tomato or tomato basil sauce and all the toppings her heart desires, or go for one of 14 signature pies.

Nashville-based Slim & Husky’s Pizza Beeria offer artisan pizzas in “underserved communities and more,” and also features menu items influenced by hip-hop and R&B. Take “Got 5 top top It” for example, featuring standard red sauce, the house cheese blend and fresh mozzarella; or “Cee No Green” with classic red sauce, the home cheese blend, floor beef, pepperoni, hickory-smoked bacon, Canadian bacon and Italian sausage.

Razza Pizza Artigianale offer wood-fired pizza in Jersey City, new Jersey. The shop’s peak seller is a Margherita pizza through the essentials: tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, sea salt, basil and also California extra virgin olive oil. Back it currently impresses in ~ No. 4 ~ above the list, Razza is “trying hard to do the pizza far better today than it to be yesterday,” one employee told The everyday Meal.

John’s that Bleecker Street is a new York City landmark that opened up in 1929 and also has been “doing it the same method ever since.” The family-owned pizzeria is finest known for its pepperoni and also sausage mushroom pizzas, however don’t come right here expecting a slice. Pizza is marketed by the whole pie only.

Pequod’s is identified with Chicago, with a cult complying with of locals and also tourists vying for cast-iron pan-style pie v a caramelized late edge. The most popular item ~ above the food selection is the deep-dish pepperoni and also sausage ‘za through a next of fantastic customer service. “We treat everyone fairly and desire everyone come leave with as large of a laugh as they come in with,” an employee called The daily Meal.

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Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana is a household name because that pizza buffs everywhere. The new Haven-based pizzeria is renowned for its signature coal-fired White clam Pizza featuring new clams, grated pecorino romano, garlic, oregano and olive oil. Obtain a taste at any kind of location in Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and new York. Not only is frank Pepe’s the optimal pizza destination in the country, however it’s also one of the greatest old-school restaurants of all time.