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The turquoise waters of the Rio Celeste is a famous site in the Tenorio Volcano nationwide Park in Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

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As Covid-19 cases continue to increase in the U.S. And also other parts of world, the idea that retiring abroad may simply be a pipe dream for now. However with Covid vaccines gift distributed roughly the world, plenty of experts are positive that life could return to some semblance of normalcy by the finish of the year.

So if you are thinking around retiring abroad, these are the world's finest places come retire in 2021, follow to a new report from International Living, a website about living and also retiring overseas.

To command it's annual global Retirement Index, global Living ranks the world's optimal 25 retirement destinations throughout 10 categories, including cost of living, governance, retire benefits, climate and health care.

Here is international Living's annual list the the world's finest places come retire in 2021.

1. Costa Rica

Costa Rica top this year's perform for its low cost of living (around $2,000 a month because that a couple, according to the report), affordable medical care, large real estate alternatives and dry climate.

Since March, Costa Rica has had an ext than 170,000 confirmed instances of Covid-19. Currently, U.S. Citizen are allowed to get in the nation for tourism if they meet specific requirements, and Costa Rica also has residency requirements.

2. Panama

Panama ranked high this year because of its warmth weather, s views, big-city amenities and also affordable costs. One more selling point is the country's hurricane-free environment.

Since March, Panama has actually had much more than 259,000 evidenced Covd-19 cases. U.S. Citizens are allowed to go into Panama v a an adverse Covid test and other requirements for tourism, and also it has actually separate residency and also citizenship requirements.

3. Mexico

Mexico has been a optimal haven for decades, together affordable leas (and low actual estate prices), affordable food, cheap transportation and also low-cost medical care attract numerous retirees.

Since March, Mexico has actually had more than 1.4 million shown Covid-19 cases. U.S. Citizen are permitted to enter Mexico because that tourism if castle meet details requirements, and also it has separate residency requirements.

4. Colombia

Colombia is just a three hour flight from Miami and Fort Lauderdale, which is attractive to retirees. A pair can live in many cities around Colombia for around $2,000 a month or less, follow to global Living's report.

Since March, Colombia has had much more than 1.6 million confirmed Covid-19 cases. U.S. Citizen can enter Colombia because that tourism if lock meet specific requirements, and it has separate residency requirements.

5. Portugal

Portugal is recognized for the beaches, fishing villages, golf resorts and also waterparks. While it is an ext expensive to live in metros choose Lisbon, Porto or Cascais (at around $3,000, according to the report), there are more budget-friendly locations exterior its cities for less than $2,000 a month.

Since March, Portugal has actually had an ext than 436,000 confirmed Covid-19 cases.. U.S. Citizens are right now prohibited native entering Portugal for non-essential travel. Once travel resumes, Portugal has separate residency requirements.

6. Ecuador

Climate, society and affordability make Ecuador an attractive location for retirees. A couple can also live in Ecuador for around $1,650 come $1,825 a month, according to the international living report.

Since March, Ecuador has actually had much more than 215,000 confirmed Covid-19 cases. U.S. Citizens are allowed to get in Ecuador because that tourism if they meet specific requirements, and also it has separate residency requirements.

7. Malaysia

Low rent, affordable healthcare and also cheaper prescriptions attract a many retirees come Malaysia, according to worldwide Living. That is also known as an easier place come assimilate because that Americans, together English is the unofficial very first language, follow to global Living.

Since March, Malaysia has actually had much more than 120,000 evidenced Covid-19 cases. U.S. Citizens are at this time prohibited native entering Malaysia through very restricted exceptions. Once travel resumes, Malaysia has separate residency requirements.

8. France

While retiring in Paris would certainly be costly, France's countryside has actually affordable areas where a couple can live comfortably for $2,083 come $2,483 a month, according to international Living. Low health care costs are also a large draw to the country.

Since March, France has had an ext than 2.7 million shown Covid-19 cases. U.S. Citizen are at this time prohibited native entering France. When travel resumes, the nation has separate residency requirements.

9. Malta

While this island state in the Mediterranean Sea is small, Malta's selling point is the weather. According to international Living, the typical temperature is 72 degrees Fahrenheit. A pair can live fine in Malta for $2,331 a month, follow to the report.

Since March, Malta has had actually 13,612 shown Covid-19 cases. U.S. Citizens are at this time prohibited indigenous entering Malta. As soon as travel resumes, Malta has actually separate residency requirements.

10. Vietnam

Vietnam is just one of the least expensive countries to live in. Also in the costliest cities favor Hanoi and Dan Nang, a pair cab live comfortably on less than $1,500 a month, according to global Living.

What's more, Vietnam has emerged dramatically end the last couple of decades with new high-rise condos and gated neighborhoods with personal yacht clubs and also international clubs, follow to the report.

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Since March, Vietnam has had 1,505confirmed Covid-19 cases. U.S. Citizens are at this time prohibited native entering Vietnam. Once travel resumes, Vietnam has separate residency requirements.

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