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Thanks to technologies in the bottled water world, there space dozens of types of bottled waters, from mineral and distilled to boxed or bubbly. This can be confusing; often, the difference between bottles is nuanced or filled through romanticized story of wherein it come from. There"s water from the verdant Fiji mountains, a little lake in the French mountains, and even part distilled v rare metals or volcanic rock.“Natural spring water or artisan water has actually been shown to be fantastic choice in water. Unlike reverse osmosis, feather water retains lot of the original trace minerals,” saysDr. Sarah Hung, a naturopathic physician.

Of course, water in single-use plastic bottles no the best an option for the environment. If girlfriend are searching for an different for tap water at home, us recommend looking in ~ water filters or make the efforts a water shipment service; because that water top top the go, shot using rechargeable bottles. But if bottled water is the finest option for you, we researched to find you the best choices.

With the help of a registered dietitian nutritionist, us navigated the surprisingly facility world the bottled water to carry you every little thing from the ideal spring waters to the finest alkaline bottles.

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Mountain Valley spring Water at Amazon
The brand bottles fresh-tasting spring water favored by everyone from Elvis Presley to Dwight Eisenhower.