If You’re Going to Go v the problem of moving 1000 Miles, Why resolve for something Less?

Here they Are, The 10 Absolute finest Places come Live in Florida in + Videos

You deserve to see the criteria I provided to select these particlular places, in ~ the bottom that the article.

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In alphabetical order…

1) Destin

Destin Florida is a little fishing/beach town of around 13,000 located on a peninsula in Florida’s northwest Panhandle area that the state. One next of town has actually beaches located right on the warmth clear waters the the Gulf the Mexico. The various other side of city is bordered through the Choctawhatchee bay. Every one of that water neighboring the city is one factor this an excellent little place is on ours best places to live because that boating and also fishing list too.

If there’s all over in the state wherein remnants of “old Florida’s” fishing villages and also beach communities still exist, it would be in the panhandle. This component of Florida is an ext “southern” and a world apart from locations like Orlando and also Miami. Many people here tend to it is in conservative, religious and patriotic. Over there is still a solid sense of neighborhood in Destin because it tho hasn’t skilled the huge influx of people from various other parts that the country and also world the constantly move in and also out of most of Florida today.

Both property and also violent crime prices in Destin are far lower 보다 the nationwide average. College student test scores in Destin are higher than the national average. As I write this, unemployment is low and also job options are surprisingly an excellent for a tiny town. Currently home prices here are considerably higher than Florida’s average, yet for a really safe tiny fishing village/beach town, you could argue it’s a bargain for the way of life that comes v living in Destin.

You deserve to see what Destin Florida looks choose in this video


2) medical professional Phillips

Doctor Phillips is just 15 minute southwest the Orlando. If friend love design template parks, this beautiful quiet town is surrounding by the property of Disney, Sea World and also Universal Studios, so you can beat the crowds and traffic (well, at the very least a tiny bit).

This is an additional place appropriate for civilization moving to Florida for full-time living. It’s good for those in search of a high high quality of life and also to be close to lots come do, but don’t desire to address high crime, website traffic congestion, and also tourist who had actually a tiny to lot to drink making noise right exterior their door in ~ 1am. Every night. What friend will find here space student check scores and also crime rates that area amongst the ideal in the US. Everyone can discover a project in adjacent Orlando throughout this financial expansion.

Video: Again, physician Phillips is great place to live but due to the fact that they don’t promote tourism here, there aren’t any promo videos. Here’s one wherein someone uses a drone to paris a camera end the place.



3) Marco Island

Marco Island is a half hour south of naples and around as much south together you can get by roadways in Southwest Florida there is no driving into the Gulf or the Everglades. Life on one island or an essential in Florida supplies a important distinctive lifestyle. Human being often dream of life on a beautiful tropic island. Moving to Marco will certainly make that dream a reality.

Marco Island and the amazing nature in and around the island is distinctive even to Florida. The so special it’s surrounded by many big parks to maintain it. Right here you’ll one amazing range of beautiful tropic vegetation friend won’t discover in central or northern Florida. Marco would certainly be perfect because that snowbirds or “sixers” as defined in the Florida relocate Guide but living here year-round would call for someone who won’t mental or can change to the high temps and humidity. If that’s you, this slice of heaven is worth investigation.


4) Niceville

Niceville is together a nice place to live the it has been on numerous of our best places to live in Florida lists over the years. While high quality of life scores have the right to sink in many Florida towns as the populace shoots up, often since of crime, this small northwest Florida town’s scores remain simply as high as ever. Niceville has actually 12,000 people and also is situated in Florida’s panhandle area top top a body of water referred to as Boggy Bayou. Boggy Bayou, i m sorry connects to Choctawhatchee Bay and Niceville, sits inland just across the just from Destin, which is ~ above this list also.

Niceville has actually a lower overall cost of living than the other fantastic places top top this list. Crime rates here are amongst the shortest in Florida. The schools are very rated. There are a most locally owned restaurants and shops. Niceville is located near Eglin Air pressure Base so aircraft noise should be taken right into consideration.

There is a strong sense of ar in Niceville. It’s not all that far from the Georgia and Alabama borders and the neighboring area is mainly rural. If you’re looking for a great little location to live near fishing, boating and beaches, Niceville just could just it is in your best place to live in Florida.

There weren’t a lot of videos of Niceville yet this one may be helpful.


5) Oviedo

Oviedo is a 20-30 minute drive northeast the Orlando, depending upon whether you take it the quicker toll roads. It boundaries the college of main Florida. The town uses parks, baseball leagues, gymnatics, scouting and an ext for youngsters making this a an excellent place come raise a family. There are several bike routes throughout the area.

Violent crime here is half the national average and also property crime prices according to FBI statistics are amongst the lowest I’ve seen all over in the US. Student test scores for kids in Oviedo room far higher than the nationwide or Florida’s average.

Oviedo has actually it’s own places to shop and also dine yet you can find an endless an option just 30 minutes away in Orlando. The airport, theme parks and also Orlando’s major employment sector are the close too. The beaches are simply 45 minute away. Trying to find a an excellent place come live in Florida close to everything yet away from the straight effect the 110+ million tourist annually?


6) Palm Beach

Lets acquire this out of the method right off: This selection refers just to the city of Palm Beach that is situated on the island, across the bay from West Palm Beach and also most the Palm coast County. What’s the difference? The town of Palm coast (the island town) has actually one of the shortest crime prices in the country. Unfortunately, the other locations mentioned endure from high crime areas common to much of Florida.

If you’re rich and famous (or desire to meet someone who is) Palm beach is probably the best place in Florida to move to. Countless of the wealthiest civilization who own houses in Florida, likewise own numerous other houses in other states. They just “winter” in Florida. Palm Beach just has approximately 14,000 residents however the population swells come a couple of times the number during the winter as soon as the heat and also humidity gives way to several of the best weather in the country.

Crime prices are around as low together you can discover anywhere in the unified States. The schools are among the best in the country also. The easily accessible shopping, dining and recreation is world class. Yes, all quality of components are excellent in Palm Bay, other than the most important one for many Americans. That element is affordability. The cost of living below is rather high and it begins with the price of housing. However, if you’re moving to Florida or simply want a top ar to own a winter home, this playground the old and new money alike, might be the right location for you.

Here’s a quick video look at Palm coast Florida


7) Palm Valley

If you’re looking for the best place come live in phibìc Florida, this might well it is in it. You’ll discover the headquarters that the PGA tour as well as the football player Champonship Golf food in this area.

Crime prices are for this reason low below it’s among the safest areas to live in the US. Local student test scores are among the highest possible in the country and Florida. The beaches space are just a short drive away. If you can afford the high cost of real estate here, this is definitely one that the ideal places come live in Florida today.


8) Satellite Beach

How can you make the folks earlier home eco-friendly with envy once you relocate to Florida? Move come a city with the word beach appropriate in the name. Satellite coast is located right on the Atlantic s of Florida’s eastern coast and also is bordered top top the west by the Indian river Lagoon.

Only about 10,000 residents contact this beach city home. However, there are much more shops and also restaurants in town 보다 you’ll discover in other locations of the same size. You’ll also likely feel really safe life in Satellite Beach due to the fact that the property and violent crime rates below are therefore low, they’re simply a small portion of the nationwide average.

Student check scores below are considerably higher than the nationwide average. Unemployment is short currently and employment options in the area are far better than average. When this was written, residence prices in Satellite beach were rather a bit greater than in most of Florida. However, you’re not simply buying genuine estate in Satellite beach, you’re buying an island way of life that most civilization will only ever dream about.

Yes, here’s a Satellite Beach video for you


9) Venice

Venice has made the cut to be on our ideal places to live in Florida list every year due to the fact that this website to be started. It’s quality of life scores have actually boosted slightly end the years and also are now around as high as you can gain in Florida.

Too often, people select a place to live in Florida based on what that looks like as soon as they visit. However, explosive growth can do your new place virtually unrecognizable simply 5 year latter. Unfortunately many places become an ext crowded, polluted, experience increased crime, web traffic congestion and also other high quality of life lowering problems. Venice grows however manages to continue to stay a much better place come live in Florida.

Venice has actually a tiny historical downtown that’s simply blocks away from the beaches. It’s a really safe place to live. It’s located in Sarasota County where the average period of residents is among the greatest in the US. If you’re searching for a safe small beach city in Southwest Florida, Venice must be on your list. And also don’t worry, there space young people and also families right here too and more are relocating in every month.


10) Westchase Florida

Westchase Florida is a fifty percent hour northwest from Tampa as you head toward the Gulf beaches, i beg your pardon are just a quick drive far from this beautiful area. What? You never heard the Westchase in Florida? the usually means it might be a great place to live in Florida for full time residents because it’s no a location that traveler overtake in the winter months and also make local resident’s lives much more challenging.

Student check scores here are far higher than Florida’s or the national average. Crime rates are much lower. The significant employment markets of Tampa and St Petersburg space close. So room white sand Gulf beaches. Like most locations in Florida this particular day that sell the ideal quality of life, housing is no cheap here. Yet if girlfriend you want to relocate to one of the best of the finest places come live in Florida, Westchase is precious visiting.


Most cities and towns in Florida do no qualify as finest for ours lists. Why?

Because of low high quality of life scores…

We don’t take into consideration places the are located within the 10 and 50 mile radius warning area of Florida nuclear plants, situated right top top the beach breakable to direct hurricane and storm surge hits, together “best”.We don’t consider places that don’t have sufficient restaurants, shopping, to chat or recreation together best areas to live. Room you relocating 1000 miles to Florida simply to sit outside sweating in the humidity swatting mosquito (the state bird) for something come do?Crime! Florida has a greater overall crime price than many other states. The very an initial criteria any place in Florida must accomplish to be considered as best on this website, is lower crime prices (both property and violent crime) than the national average (according come FBI reporting). This disqualifies many cities and towns in Florida form our lists. However, the ideal of the best places listed below have actually crime rates so short they’re not only the safest areas to live in Florida, lock are additionally some of the safest places to live in the whole United claims today.

More High quality of Life Factors

Better Schools. The areas on this list likewise have students that have greater test scores and/or high high institution graduation prices than many other areas in Florida. Personally, I believe that everyone, consisting of retirees should take into consideration school rankings when choosing a brand-new place come live. Why? due to the fact that kids through a much better education are better prepared because that college or gainful employment, and also that will help to maintain the area’s low crime rate that everyone desires. You’ll additionally be paying to assistance your brand-new local schools through genuine estate count if you’ll very own your house or v your rental payment since your landlord has to pay actual estate taxes that goes towards colleges too.

These finest of the finest places also enjoy higher than mean median household incomes, reduced poverty rates and fewer inhabitants without wellness insurance, 보다 in many of Florida.

Better employed staff Availability. The complying with places have much more jobs available per capita 보다 other locations in Florida. They might be located in the city itself or in mix with a nearby major employment market that have the right to be accessed v a reasonable commute. We feel much better job options also helps to maintain low crime rates into the future.

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More Fun! These cities/towns have actually an overall greater combined number of…

Restaurants, pubs and places to dine or reap some fluid refreshment.Places come shop for groceries, clothes and also other item you require right in the community.Establishments for entertainment or enjoying art and culture.Recreation or areas to be sure such as beaches, boating, fishing, golfing and virtually everything that civilization move to Florida for. We all need recreation, and these places have it or it’s simply a brief drive away.

So the towns noted above aren’t just safe locations to live, they’re safe areas where you can enjoy your life!

_____Ron ridge “That best Places Guy”