Epcot’s new nighttime spectacular, Harmonious, is one of the largest Disney fireworks spectaculars ever created. This present features four big “taco” barges and also one facility ring barge. These barges feature big LED screens, fountains, and also lights. While the is fairly easy to check out the fireworks native all approximately World Showcase, the center ring barge’s main display can only be seen from certain angles. So, whereby is the best spot to clock this brand brand-new fireworks, fountain, and also projection show? we took photos from each people Showcase country to discover out.

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An ideal place is located right in ~ the enntrance gate to civilization Showcase, at civilization Showcase Plaza. This area does obtain crowded really quickly, yet it offers minimal trees, lamps, or torches come block her view. It additionally has quicker access to leave the park ~ the show.


Walking right into Mexico, you will have another location v clear open views. The stand area is smaller though, so it will go from open up to very busy with just a couple of guests.


In Mexico, stand right beside La Cantina de san Angel, you will have this view. Looking in ~ the dead center of the image, you deserve to see among the smaller sized “taco” barges slightly covers your check out of the key ring barge. This area can be an excellent for girlfriend if you come early and also gets a seat in ~ the quick service location, because that dinner and a show.


In Norway, stand in former of Anna and Elsa’s royal Sommerhus, girlfriend will be able to see 3 “taco” barges and also a partial see of the key ring. This area has very few trees, which makes it much easier to clock the fireworks above, even if you room farther back in the crowd.

In in between China and also Norway, you will have lost visuals completely on the key ring barge. But, you can still see three of the “taco” barges. And, as showcased here, they do have differing visuals throughout the show, so its not always the very same footage on every screen.

Standing in the China pavilion, you will have smaller crowds, but likewise larger intuitive obstructions. The island will certainly block a majority of your watch of the barges, but the fireworks can still be seen from over the trees.

The station area does not offer great views. That is farther away kind the barges, making the harder to watch the screens. The display is likewise majorly blocked by the island. Yet crowds in this area are minimal. If you just want a less crowded spot and are yes sir with minimal visuals that the show and also fireworks, this might be a good location.

Entering the Germany pavilion, you will as soon as again have an excellent visuals the the “taco” barges, and can view a slight see of the key ring barge again. This area, as viewed above, does have some trees. But, if you arrive a little bit earlier, you will be in front of them, negating this intuitive barrier.

Standing in front of the Germany pavilion bathrooms opens up a tree-free viewing of the show. It also has clear visuals of 2 of the “taco” barges. But, the main ring barge is obstructed by a “taco” barge.

The Italy pavilion provides one of the many ideal areas for viewing Harmonious. But this spot, as seen above, is additionally rented out relatively often for dessert parties. There are still some minimal spots that will certainly be free, even throughout an event, yet be warned that some nights, this spot will have considerably less options up close. This location additionally gives a an excellent view the Spaceship Earth, which will certainly light up upon the present ending.

Standing external of the American Adventure pavilion has some spots, yet there are countless trees blocking the view. Those up-close can get a fairly an excellent view, and will have the ability to see lot of “taco” barges and also the main ring.

In between the American Adventure and also Japan pavilions uses a partly obstruction-free viewing. Indigenous here, you deserve to see plenty of “taco” barges and the main ring. There room usually considerably less guests in the backside of human being Showcase as contrasted to come the entrance near the Canada and Mexico pavilions.

While more limited in stand room, over there is second floor viewing in the Japan pavilion. You can head up the stairs, over the Mitsukoshi room Store, standing external of the Tokyo Dining restaurant. The red Torii gate structure will block some watch of the barges. Yet this area allows for seating top top the steps, and usually less crowding. It also offers terrific views of the fireworks.

Standing soil level in the Japan pavilion will ar the red Torii gate best in former of you. The is a gorgeous structure, yet some might not like it prevent the views. As checked out here, this check out will give partial views of the barges and fireworks.

The Morocco pavilion boat dock does not offer good views of the barges. But crowding is below is minimal, comparable to the station area. Firework the town hall is ample, but as whole this would certainly not be suitable spot if you wanted to clock every part of the show.

The France pavilion supplies viewing the the “taco” barges and also open see of the fireworks. A tiny island does block see of the main ring barge.

The water level viewing, right external of the France pavilion, also offers see of the “taco” barges and fireworks. The tiny island still partially blocks viewing. This area, on occasion, will certainly be rented the end for dessert parties. Yet its a fairly good view, and also is in ~ close proximity for those leaving Epcot afterwards on the Disney Skyliner or boats earlier to their will hotels.

The bridge in between the France and United Kingdom pavilion uses an elevated viewing of the show. This view supplies clear the town hall of at the very least one “taco” barge, but is straight to the next of the key ring barge. You will not be able to see the main visuals top top the huge ring barge. This area is usually one of the many crowded areas in civilization Showcase throughout the show.

Standing in the uk pavilion, right outside of the Rose and Crown restaurant, supplies views of many of the “taco” barges, and also a slight watch of the main ring barge. Tree block some firework viewing for those furthermore back. But those increase front will get obstruction free viewing of the show.

Canada offers mainly obstruction free viewing. But one the the “taco” barges block the key ring. Huge rock work along with fence heat will additionally take away part viewing locations.

The area between the Canada pavilion and the entrance to people Showcase provides partially clogged views. Yet this area has lots of room to relocate around. It additionally has extra tables during events, allowing for clues to conveniently snack and watch the show. This area likewise has fairly great views of the key ring barge.

Slightly furthermore down, close come the Starbucks, trees block more of the fireworks viewing, however it i do not care much much easier to check out the key ring barge and the “taco” barges.

The Canada and also World Showcase entrance watercraft dock offers fantastic viewing that the main ring barge and most of the “taco” barges. As checked out above, this area is very crowded, but is among the best possible spots come see every one of the impacts of the show.

Disney also offers first-come, first-served locations reserved because that guests in wheelchairs and also their families. These locations are located in the human being Showcase Plaza, in the Germany pavilion, and also in between the Canada and also United Kingdom pavilions. These locations offer an excellent viewing, but can fill up. Because the present features plenty of screens and also fountain effects that space at water level, the is necessary to acquire those in wheelchairs as close come railings as possible. The bridge in between the France and also United Kingdom pavilion, while not a designated area, walk offer good viewing also because that is elevated.

You can also watch the present in it’s whole from the lull of your home by exploring our video clip from the opening night.

Which locations have friend watched the show from? execute you have a favorite spot, or any type of tips because that watching it? let us recognize in the comment below.

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