Whether you"re angry the sunrise end the fairy chimneys of Turkey"s Cappadocia or zebras and also wildebeest migrating across the plains of the Serengeti in Tanzania, doing for this reason while talk in the basket the a warm air balloon takes the endure to a whole new level.

Most constantly experienced in ~ sunrise, although part ballooning companies also run sunset tours, hot air balloon rides room an enchanting and also exciting means to check out a new place. The view from above is so various than you"ll obtain adventuring ~ above foot, and also while rides deserve to be costly, the suffer is usually worth the price. Indigenous Utah"s Monument valley to the red sand dunes of Sossusvlei in Namibia, check out our perform of the best hot waiting balloon rides in the world.

Note: part businesses might be temporary closed due to recent global health and also safety issues.

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1. Cappadocia, Turkey

Balloons at Cappadocia, Turkey

Easily one of the world"s most renowned hot wait balloon rides is over Cappadocia"s fairy chimney rock formations. Just outside the town of Goreme in south main Turkey, the chimneys are otherworldly, cone-like rock formations and also caves that look specifically amazing once viewed native the basket the a warm air balloon at sunrise. Note, the see are likewise pretty cool native the ground, the town hall the balloons ascend over the whimsical landscape.

A number of ballooning carriers run hot air balloon rides v this region that commonly last in between 45 minutes and two hours. There space a few different trip options, and also what you pick will rely on her budget and how lot time you want to spend in the sky.

The many affordable balloon rides are group trips, however these additionally stay up much less time and also carry more people. For the endure of a lifetime, try a private tour that remains up much longer and enables for better Instagram selfies.

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2. Serengeti, Tanzania

Zebras and a warm air balloon top top the Serengeti

You understand the opened credits of The Lion King, where they provide you a bird"s-eye view across the savannah, and you view all the pets on the move? You deserve to have the visual in actual life as soon as you publication a hot air balloon ride end Tanzania"s Serengeti national Park with Serengeti Balloon Safaris.

From above, you"ll have an unobstructed check out of lions, elephants, hippos, and giraffes simply going about their lives. And from so far up, castle won"t notice you, for this reason you"ll be seeing Africa"s splendid wild animals in all their undisturbed beauty. This is truly a once in a lifetime experience.

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3. Sossusvlei, Namibia

Hot wait balloon over the dunes the the Namib Desert in ~ Sossusvlei

The changing red and also orange sands that the Namib Desert about Sossusvlei in still undiscovered Namibia are amazing as soon as seen indigenous the ground and also truly the end of this civilization when watched from above. Drifting end the dunes" constantly shifting designs under a cloudless, blue African sky is a soul soothing, once-in-a-lifetime adventure you won"t ever forget. You"ll happen over (or as close as the winds take it you to) the tallest and also oldest dune ~ above the planet.

Organize your warm air balloon safari with the Sossusvlei Lodge. Due to the fact that these dunes space so remote, girlfriend can"t simply visit ~ above a day trip, and also this is just one of the top areas to stay close to the NamibRand Nature Reserve. They execute sunrise balloon rides (truly significant as the light"s contrast on the sand is many intense throughout the very first hours the the day) as part of a 3.5-hour excursion that consists of an hour up in the air followed by one extravagant shrub breakfast offered al fresco at the landing spot.

4. Albuquerque, new Mexico

Colorful balloons in ~ the Albuquerque worldwide Balloon Fiesta

For ripe days in October, Albuquerque i do not care the epicenter of the warm air ballooning people when it hosts the Albuquerque worldwide Balloon Fiesta. The yearly event is the largest hot air balloon race and also festival on the planet and features mass ascents, with hundreds of balloons rising at once, and speed gyeongju competitions. The is fairly an experience.

But also if girlfriend don"t visit new Mexico"s biggest city throughout this fiesta, you have the right to still experience hot air balloon rides end the mountain-meets-high-desert landscape throughout the year. There are a number of ballooning companies, consisting of World Balloon, about town providing flights, and Albuquerque"s generally sunny weather renders it suitable climate as well.

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5. Luxor, Egypt

Hot air balloons over the Collosi that Memnon, Luxor

Seeing Egypt"s Valley of the Kings native the basket that a hot air balloon, together the sun rises and also turns the desert and lush green of the Nile river landscape golden, is a sight you won"t ever before forget. Luxor has a variety of ballooning companies offering girlfriend the chance to see the old tombs and also temples indigenous above, including Sindbad Balloons.

Trips depart in the early on morning, and the direction and also length the each trip is determined by the weather and also winds the day.

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On the Arizona-Utah border, Monument valley is another amazing location to take a warm air balloon ride. The scenery right here is straight out of an old western movie (in fact, it has played the backdrop to numerous a movie scene end the decades) v wide-open spaces filled with towering red rock formations, and mesas and gorges.

From a balloon"s basket, you gain a summary aerial see that renders you evaluate how huge and north this landscape yes, really is. This is a great sunrise balloon experience. A number of companies market tours, including Monument Valley warm Air Balloon Rides.

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Another that the world"s finest once-in-a-lifetime ballooning point out is the Bagan an ar of Myanmar, whereby thousands of old temples, monasteries, and also pagodas built between the 11th and also 13th century are spread across the plains. From the basket the a balloon, you deserve to really obtain a master of how huge this world was, and when the sun is just coming up, the ruins appear to bright orange and also gold through the very first rays. A variety of companies offer hot air balloon safaris end this world Heritage website in Bagan, including Oriental Ballooning.

New Zealand"s adventure sports capital of Queenstown is a popular place to spend some time flying through the air. Many pick to execute so through skydiving, bungee jumping, or cave gliding, yet for a tamer, and also often romantic, airborne experience, hop right into the basket that a warm air balloon.

Sunrise Balloons offers, friend guessed it, sunrise balloon safaris that display off the stunning natural beauty from an aerial perspective, yet one that is no dependent on publication massive amounts of adrenaline into your bloodstream. This permits you to evaluate the scenery a little more; to add at approximately an hour, warm air balloon rides critical a lot much longer than jumping out of an airplane.

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In summer, among the height outdoor adventures you can have in Park City, Utah"s renowned ski destination, is a warm air balloon ride.

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Park City Balloon Adventures runs sunrise trips that sell stunning views of the Kamas Valley and the historical streets of Park City, which become smaller and also smaller as you ascend. To the west, the rugged Wasatch mountains are set aglow with the rising sun, and also it is difficult to no feel relocated by every this herbal beauty.

Note, weather depending, friend can additionally book a hot air balloon ride in winter in Park City. While chilly at first, it is still a splendid experience, especially watching the sunrise over the snow-covered landscape. If you"re celebrate a honeymoon or anniversary through your significant other in Park City, a winter warm air balloon ride could feel much more romantic, together they"re usually much less crowded as well.

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Arizona"s out-of-this-world beautiful red-rock country roughly Sedona is one more of the world"s finest places to visit to take a warm air balloon ride. The larger-than-life see is finest appreciated in complete from over as the sunlight rises and makes the rocks bright crimson in a pink- and also purple-tinged sky. It"s a tranquil yet magnetic endure that works together with Sedona"s reputation together a residence to important energy fields in the Earth, well-known as vortexes. Recommended ballooning companies include Red absent Balloon Adventures.

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If you desire to go up in a hot air balloon, but the assumed of floating easily through the sky terrifies you, shot a tethered balloon ride at Aerophile in Walt Disney World"s Disney Springs. Because that this balloon trip, you"ll ascend around 400 feet right into the sky and take in 360-degree views of the park below during one eight-minute experience.

On a clear day, you can see as far away together 10 mile from this custom-built-for-Disney balloon through a 19-foot diameter basket that have the right to hold 30 people, consisting of the pilot. The various other cool thing around a tethered balloon flight is the cost. It"s simply $20 because that adults and $15 for children, i beg your pardon is a fraction of what you"d pay for an untethered adventure.

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With that is beautiful landscape of gold and green hills and medieval villages and also castles, drifting over Italy"s Tuscany an ar in a warm air balloon is just one of the many romantic points you deserve to do roughly here — that wouldn"t be a negative place to propose, honestly. The is precious waking up before dawn to take it a sunrise flight with Tuscany Ballooning to watch the see glow and also lighten with the increasing sun. After that you"ll be cure to a regional Tuscan breakfast with farm-fresh produce and fresh baked bread.

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Floating end chateaux and medieval towns in the ultra-picturesque Loire valley in France is a romantic experience. A UNESCO people Heritage website that is likewise home come a winding river and lush green countryside, the Loire valley is simply two hrs south of Paris however feels like civilizations away.

The finest time to walk for a hot air balloon journey is in ~ sunrise or sunset, as soon as the changing light to adjust the countryside on fire. Spring and also summer are particularly appealing, as the fields are brightened with whatever from sunflowers to rows that corn.

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In the Australian city the Melbourne, you deserve to have an urban warm air balloon experience, which is something different than most of the places listed here. Trade in historical landmarks and scenic landscapes because that skyscrapers and also city landmarks. You"ll float end the optimal of Melbourne sights like the royal Botanic Gardens, Shrine that Remembrance, Yarra River, and also even the cricket stadium together the sunlight comes up.

A number of ballooning companies run out the Melbourne, consisting of Picture This Ballooning and Global Ballooning Australia.

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In old times, Teotihuacan in Mexico to be the biggest pre-Columbian city in the Americas, with structures dating ago to 300 BC. Likewise known as the City that the Gods, it is house to huge pyramids the are extremely well preserved. See these holy places from above, floating over them looking the end from the basket of a balloon, is a surreal, once-in-a-lifetime suffer that need to be done if you make it to these ruins around 30 miles exterior of Mexico City. The means the pyramids are lit by the rising sun is truly stunning.

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Another warm air balloon drive over ancient ruins that should not be missed is Cambodia"s most popular landmark, Angkor Wat. Covering more than 500 acres, this UNESCO people Heritage site is the planet"s largest spiritual monument and also one of the height attractions in South eastern Asia.The temple complicated dates back to the at an early stage 12th century, as soon as it offered as the Khmer Empire"s capital, and remains really well kept today. See Angkor Wat indigenous above, either at sunrise or sunset, is an awe-inspiring experience sure to take her breath away.

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Drift end a drastically beautiful yet barren desert landscape of Wadi Rum, Jordan, our final choice for the world"s finest hot waiting balloon rides. The Zalabia Bedouin people have called this area house for millennia now, top a nomadic life in the copper-sand desert dusted with sandstone mountains and also wild absent formations, including one called after E.E. Lawrence"s autobiography the Seven Pillars the Wisdom. The landscape here is comparable to the fairy chimneys of Cappadocia to offer you part perspective. Walk at sunrise for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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