It’s definitely not a one-size-fits-all kinda world.You can think you’ll reap dinner in ~ Chef Mickey’s with just your far-reaching other.

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Chef Mickey!

After all, you’re youngsters at heart! yet are friend really reasoning through the reality of that — finish with twirling napkins, blaring music, and also loads and loads (and loads!) that kiddos everywhere?

Today, I thought we could break down some that the groups of guest who might want to take it special treatment in deciding i m sorry character meal is ideal for them. Due to the fact that when it pertains to dining with your favorite Disney characters, no one should be left out!

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Even an ext Top Disney Dining advice from the Experts!

By AJ 5 comments

We are earlier with some an excellent advice some of the finest experts approximately when it involves planning her Disney Dining — DFB Readers!


Seriously, you guys are the best, and I’malways excited come learn new things from your experiences! So as soon as it come time recently to update our optimal Tips because that Disney Dining, we turned come you because that input and advice. And also you responded with lots of an excellent suggestions.

Check out just a few of castle below, together we market you even more Top Disney Dining advice from the Experts!

Have a Plan…and Don’t blow Those Snack Credits on things You Can obtain at Home!

It was important enough for several various DFB reader to mention — and also expound on! perform not waste those priceless Disney Dining plan snack credits on something together ho hum and also common together a piece of fruit or a bottle of water.

And…I need to agree here. Girlfriend can obtain a banana and also a Dasani in her supermarket at home. However when to be the last time you waltzed right into Kroger and also picked increase aCarrot Cake CookieorSchoolbread?

Yep, they have the right to sometimes pile up on you toward the finish of the trip. So invest a small time planning beforehand so friend don’t waste a single one. Here’s a TIP:DFB Snack Guidescan come in handy for this endeavor; we have actually one for every park at Walt Disney civilization with our references for the ideal snacks!


Make Those Snack Credits Count through a Carrot Cake Cookie

Get the Dining Plan…And Don’t.

One that the most exciting suggestions for extending your Disney Food spending plan came indigenous
Greg_Crowder: he suggested that you go halfsies top top the Disney Dining Plan. That writes: “2 that us had the totally free plan a couple of years earlier and 2 didn’t. The snacks and also counter meals were plenty for every 4 people.


Butterfinger Cupcake at starring Rolls cafe in Disney’s Hollywood Studios Are entirely Shareable!

It’s true the Disney portions deserve to be pretty big, and eating too many of big meals and also rich snacks and also then walking 100 mile a job may be a tall order. So if you’re ready to share, this have the right to be terrific way come keep prices down. It also means that you pre-pay, so her spending money walk a little further.

Just note that if you’re all remaining in the exact same room, you all have to be top top the very same plan; so this tip only works if her compadres are in a various room.

Don’t Forget around Resort Restaurants.

Many readers chimed in the visitors need to never forget to inspect out will dining options, saying the you should definitely venture the end of the Park for tremendous food. Resort restaurants sell some that the most amazing dining top top property.


Slow-cooked in Gravy, straightforward and Well-seasoned Butter Chicken and Chicken Vindaloo at Sanaa — Be certain to Schedule a meal Here

Sanaa in ~ Disney’s pet Kingdom Lodge was mentioned many times. For instance, leader David Mendoza says: “Whether you are remaining at Disney’s pet Kingdom Lodge or not, make the trip to the Sanaa restaurant. Exorbitant food and also such a picturesque setting, the town hall the beautiful pets as friend dine on some of the most awesome food in Disney World! A real should see! and when you room done you can take a stroll and also get even closer to the animals. Important a wondrous place.”

I couldn’t agree more! (Read my recent Sanaa testimonial here.)

Allergies and also Food Sensitivities? No problem.

We’ve written about it numerous times — Disney is tops once it comes to serving guests through allergies, food sensitivities, and special diets. And our readers room eager come agreethat Disney frequently goes over and past to ensure their guests have actually the best experience possible, regardless of their dietary limitations.


Example the Jiko’s Allergy-Friendly Appetizer Menu

Ann Hooghuis Dealy weighs in through saying, “If you have food allergy or sensitivities

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Tips from the DFB Guide: best Character Dining for YOU!

By AJ 10 comments

Character Dining

! What’s a trip to Walt Disney people without at least one meal shared with her favorite Disney Characters?

There’s merely no far better way come kill 2 birds through one stone at Disney. You enjoy a hearty meal — oftentimes, it’s all-you-care-to-enjoy — and you obtain to interact with her favorite characters. Finest of all — they come to you! There’s no waiting in line for hrs to watch them.

But you may think that a character dining experience isn’t for you if girlfriend don’t have youngsters in your party, or if her kiddos are as tall as you now. Or maybe you are afraid that the excitement and stimulation — no to cite all those trips back and forth to the buffet — will leave you and also your toddler exhausted before you also get to the Parks.

Well, I happen to think that there’s a personality dining experience just right for you, nevertheless of who provides up your distinct party. For this reason today, let’s look at a couple of tips that I’ve placed together from many Character Dining Meals — courtesy of the DFB guide to Walt Disney world Dining 2017!

And if you prefer what you view here, there are a lot more where these came from! To see every one of our advice for choosing just the right Character Dining Experience,pick up her copy of the guide today!

Character Dining through a Toddler: ‘Ohana ideal Friends Breakfast

You’ve made decision that the moment is best for your pre-schooler to reap breakfast with Character Appeal because that the first time. Now, just how in the people do you pick the enjoy the meal that’s right for you?

Well, one point to keep in mind is that most of the personality dining experiences sell a buffet spread. This is an excellent news when it pertains to value. However juggling trips to the buffet, photo ops with characters, and also a toddler who is engendered to the max have the right to be a challenge. So among my favourite tips is to reap character dining that provides a sit-down…and remain down…meal. And one of the best is the best Friends Breakfast in ~ ‘Ohana in ~ Disney’s Polynesian town Resort.

To begin, well. Mickey in a Hawaiian Shirt. Best.


Say Aloha come Mickey and Friends in ~ ‘Ohana

But then, you have actually platters that Pastry and Bread, new Fruit, and a Bountiful Breakfast Skillet lugged to your table! and also it’s as much as friend want. And you don’t have to get up a solitary time to get any of it!


Family Breakfast platter at ‘Ohana

Friendly servers likewise roam the dining area v Mickey Waffles! and also you deserve to ask because that seconds. And also thirds.


Mickey Waffles


Stitch Waffles because that the Littles

Mickey, Lilo, and Stitch share serene times through you and also pose for lots of pictures. And there’s no end to the smiles throughout the Coconut Races. It’s one of my favorite ways to kick turn off a Disney Day!

Character Dining for Grownups: Garden Grill

You may have actually witnessed the — shall us say, exuberant — heart that pervades cook Mickey’s at breakfast and dinner time. This personality dining suffer at Disney’s contemporary is among the Resort’s many popular and also can be perceived from over as girlfriend whirlby ~ above the Monorail. It can acquire downright raucous through excited children and also loud music and the unpreventable napkin twirling.

And that’s completely fine, if you’re up because that it. However if friend aren’t, you may leave v a dividing headache.

If you’re an adults-only group, there’s more than likely a good chance you’d choose to keep it top top the quiet side. You know what? You have the right to still enjoy character dining and also all the an excellent photo ops. And Garden Grill in Epcot’s Future civilization is a an excellent spot for it.

Garden Grill is located in The Land building. And while the personality dining is supervisor fun, the restaurant has an additional unique attribute: it revolves!

Not in ~ supersonic speed, the course. Friend won’t be getting motion sickness while you dine. But you will enjoy an ever-changing see of the Living with the Land attraction as you enjoy your dinner. And in in between the changing tableaus, expect a few fun visitors!

As for eats, over there isn’t a lot of traipsing about, as the Garden Grill is afamily style meal. You’ll enjoy Chip ‘n’ Dale’s Harvest Feast, an all-you-care-to-enjoy meal of

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Tips from the DFB Guide: ideal Spots because that Dining with a Toddler

By AJ 4 comments

Many that us have actually been there. We’re all set to go to Walt Disney people for the trip of a lifetime, and we can’t wait come share this experience with ours kiddos!


But also though Disney is the Happiest location on Earth, navigating that is vastness with a toddler can be daunting at best, and also a nightmare in ~ worst.

And couple of parts that the pilgrimage are more difficult than meal times.

While we all agree that particular spots room inappropriate for small children — Victoria and Albert’s restricts patrons come the end 10 group — there are some choices that are better than others.

And you might be surprised come know…it doesn’t all come down to characters.

Below, we market you a couple of choices native our picks forBest Spots to Eat with a Toddler —a brand brand-new section in our just-releasedDFB guide to Walt Disney World® Dining 2015. Pick upyours now for$4 off utilizing code 2015 ideal here!

Sanaa in ~ Disney’s pet Kingdom Lodge

One the my favorite spots to dine no matter who’s with me is Sanaa. Situated in Kidani village at Disney’s pet Kingdom Lodge, the restaurant is recognized for the exotic food selection of African and Indian Fusion. And when ns dine here, you know you’re gonna spy some remarkable Butter Chicken top top the table!

While the food selection makes it a must-visit spot because that guests who reap out the the simple cuisine, the restaurant is likewise quiet and also rarely overfilled — good features for guests who have actually a small fry in tow.

But the real attraction for toddlers is the view! Forget animatronics ~ above the jungle Cruise — look the end the home windows at Sanaa’s scan vistas and you’ll check out the actual deal!

Sanaa overlooks Sunset Savanna and also spying a zebra, giraffe, or other exotic animalis nearly guaranteed!

Here’s one more TIP: save in mind once you make your advancement dining reservation the the animals tend to retire early, and also it may acquire dark top top the savanna earlier than girlfriend think. Planning having lunch or an early dinner in ~ Sanaa throughout daylight hours is your best bet because that seeing the wild side of the restaurant.

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Play ‘n Dine at Hollywood and also Vine Restaurant in ~ Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Although there space puh-lenty of personality Dining alternatives at Disney, some are better than others as soon as it comes to entertaining babies and toddlers. We’ve chosen two in the DFB overview to Walt Disney World® Dining 2015, and also Play ‘n Dine in ~ Hollywood and Vine Restaurant is one of them.

So, what set Hollywood and Vine’s pat ‘n Dine apart? The characters! While virtually all various other Character Dining choices at Disney indicate either some subset the the Fab five or Disney Princesses, Hollywood and also Vine’s beat ‘n Dine functions the original personalities from the Disney Junior lineup! That method that your kiddo will certainly come confront to challenge with friends choose Pirate Jake, Doc McStuffins, and Princess Sophia!

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