Every two years, people are always eager to lớn flock khổng lồ the foggy thành phố to attend the most brilliant Dalat flower festival at the over of the year – Dalat Flower Festival.

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Being a đô thị with a humid, cold climate, da Lat is the land of many valuable plant species, in which flowers are the charm that makes many tourists eager khổng lồ leave. Dalat flowers bloom all year round, every spring, summer, autumn, and winter have specific species that adorn this city. Và every two years, the Flower Festival will be an opportunity for da Lat to lớn display the best of its quintessence, visitors will have the opportunity to admire many beautiful, unique, strange và fragrant flowers when attending.


With each passing year, this festival season becomes more và more attractive, the topics in the festival are also more professional, creating new vitality and charm, making the flower contest exciting. The atmosphere for the opening week of Dalat Flower Festival becomes an unforgettable impression in the hearts of flower growers, as well as in the hearts of ordinary people.The flower garden is becoming more và more attractive knowing that hundreds of flower companies at home and abroad have gathered here lớn bring with them many beautiful flowers lớn perform at the biggest flower festival of the city.All the way from the đô thị center to lớn the outskirts of Dalat, everywhere is full of flowers! Flowers filled the small parks of the big streets. Flowers shimmer on the balcony on the street.

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Flowers full of pavement.Visitors lớn Dalat will not be surprised when immersed in a space filled with flowers anytime, anywhere. Many domain authority Lat people are trying lớn join hands in the festival khổng lồ honor the mountain town. Da Lat đô thị government has provided funding to buy flowers, buy green plants of nearly VND 200 million, & people wear “flower jackets” for streets.Colorful flower gardens throughout the famous tourist destinations of domain authority Lat such as Minh Tam Flower Garden, Valley of Love, Lake of Sighs, Dormain de Maria Church, Golden Valley … are eagerly waiting lớn follow. Tourists’ feet during the festive season.Dalat Flower Festival – A cultural & tourist festival of national và international significance, is a unique festival brand of Dalat đô thị (Lam Dong). Dalat Flower Festival 2010 was put into one of the typical national events by the Government to celebrate the 1000 year Thang Long – Hanoi. With the theme “Dalat – the thành phố of thousands of flowers”, Dalat is beautiful & dreamy with many rich và unique activities.With beautiful, romantic và romantic natural scenery, domain authority Lat is known as the đô thị of love. “Dalat – Love rendezvous” will be an attractive program for travelers, for those who love Dalat and those who are looking for “the other half” of their life.