Tipping in vietnam: who and how to tip

Tipping in Vietnam is by no means mandatory or even, at times, expected. However, you’ll find absolutely outstanding service in Vietnam và tipping is a nice way to lớn say “thanks”. Here’s your guide for how và how much lớn tip in Vietnam.

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Tipping is still a relatively new concept in Vietnam’s growing economy. However, in major tourist destinations and the big cities, it is quickly becoming the norm. Service in Vietnam tends to lớn be exceptional, & if you receive great service, a tip is highly appreciated & valued.

This is partly because wages in Vietnam tend khổng lồ be very low, even when compared with the low cost of living. A recent survey suggests that an average worker’s minimum monthly costs are VND 6.5 million ($280), which is more than their basic average salary of only VND 4.6 million ($198).

This means many workers bởi vì overtime or don’t take days off. Leaving a tip, even as little as $1, can make a big difference in a service worker’s day.

So if you want khổng lồ be able to tip appropriately in Vietnam, read on for our guide to…

Tipping in Vietnam

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Vietnam is not a tipping culture, & you’ll rarely find a service-provider with their hand out waiting for a gratuity lượt thích you do in some other countries. However, the service culture in Vietnam is exceptional. People will bend over backwards khổng lồ give you the best possible experience at their business.

Most service industry workers are paid very little & the bosses get the majority of any money you pay for a service, so it’s always nice to lớn tip when it is deserved. A dollar or two extra might seem like nothing to lớn you but it can make a big difference for the person who receives it.

We hope this guide to lớn tipping in Vietnam is useful for you. We’ve spent a lot of time in the country & absolutely love it there. So if you have any questions, feel không tính tiền to get in touch & we’ll try to lớn help you out.

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